Re: [DNS] INTRAS NetSecurity (Brad Norrish)

Re: [DNS] INTRAS NetSecurity (Brad Norrish)

From: Ian Smith <smithi§>
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 18:14:02 +1100 (EST)
It's hardly AuDA's actions that need defending on this list in reference
to these matters.

Can everyone say 'smokescreen'?


On Fri, 27 Feb 2004, Brad Norrish wrote:

 > Go to the "Contact Auda" section from the top of the auda site
 > Auda has solely directed people to this list from it's website - under the
 > Contact Auda section
 > Nothing is mentioned on the site about it "not being an auda list??" Auda
 > get's the whole industry on board and then says it can be run by Kim as the
 > fat cat and friends club
 > How the list started is irrelevant in defending Auda's actions.
 > Brad

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