Re: [DNS] DNS list

Re: [DNS] DNS list

From: Kim Davies <kim§>
Date: Sun, 29 Feb 2004 09:15:07 +0800
Quoting Brad Norrish on Friday February 27, 2004:
| I agree. In addition auda should take the link off it's website to this list
| unless it is prepaired to link to other lists as well.

Because as we all know, auDA providing useful information on existing
grass roots DNS discussion is absurd.

| It should also inform people that these are not auda lists before they join.

For what its worth, the auDA website had such a warning up until a
couple of months ago, when I moved the list information page to, which is where the warning moved to:

    Importantly, the DNS list is not operated by auDA (the 
    organisation that manages .au), nor is it an official 
    communications channel of auDA. It is recommended if you seek 
    comment from auDA on particular issues in an official capacity, 
    you use these contact details. 

Anyway, that warning has been on the list page for several years.

| kim told he can run it as the fat cat and friends club if he likes.

Create a new list. Feel free to post an announcement on this list for
people to join. If what you say is true, then all the people who have
been tricked into joining this list would join yours instead. If it
proves to be useful and utilised like this one, auDA probably would link
to it too.

Why should auDA link to places with no track record, or indeed lists
that dont even exist? You are talking in complete hypotheticals.

| This is similar effect to the government only handing out 1 TV / media
| licence - to one of their mates

Wow, I've never seen an analogy stretched that far before...

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