Re: [DNS] Rafferty's Outcome

Re: [DNS] Rafferty's Outcome

From: <magic2147§>
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004 21:30:06 +1000
On 16 Apr 2004 at 20:22, Chesley Rafferty wrote:

> Whilst I agree with most of your observations,
> especially those regarding our continued ability to
> mail out after certain adjustments have been made,
> there is another factor on which I must comment.
> After seeking senior counsel advice, myself and DNA
> believe that there are grounds for appeal. As such the
> appeal process has begun.
> A media release will be issued shortly.
> Enjoy the weekend everyone!

And in the meantime in the between time... something that auDA could do something 
about remains unaddressed...

Domain Name  	Expiry Date  	August 3, 2004


72 hours and counting.

Do I have to start publishing other domains and expiry dates here to get action? I 
have about 20 so far.

Is this failure to take action or even comment on Namescout's apparent breaches of 
auDA rules in some way related to the fact that Ms Liz Williams, a mate (ie.a former 
director of that cosy Melbourne club auDA, solicitor) also "advised Momentous 
Corporation (ie. Namescout") on its entry into the Australian domain name market?  I 
think we should be told. 

I would not be courageous enough to suggest that this might be the case but you 

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