Re: [DNS] Change of Registrant issues (resend)

Re: [DNS] Change of Registrant issues (resend)

From: Brenden Cruikshank &#167; Spirit Communications Pty. Ltd. <brenden.cruikshank§>
Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 13:55:25 +1000
I agree with you 100% it's a big problem!



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Subject: [DNS] Change of Registrant issues (resend)

| I think there is a problem with the Change of Registrant policy,
| the end result of which is that many .au domains have incorrect
| ownership (Registrant) information - which due to said policy
| remains incorrect indefinitely.
| I have a customer (A) who had us register a domain for their
| customer (B) under the ABN and Name of (A).
| The reason for this was that (B) hadn't finished incorporating
| yet, and both (A) and (B) were extremely anxious to get a site
| live, and hence a domain registered.
| Now this is not an uncommon situation.  In several years of
| managing domains and the hosting thereof, I have come up against
| incorrect Registrant details many times - typically where the
| hosting company or web design company is the registrant - and
| at one time or another the practice has been encountered with
| ALL tiers of registrars and resellers, big and small.
| Usually I do what I have to do to get things running, advise
| the customer of the problem, and move on, the customer either
| sees how much the Change process costs, or forgets abou it, and
| things run fine.
| In this case though, one partner bought out the other partner
| in the business, and has been particularly vigilant about
| ensuring that the domain details are corrected.
| I worked with my customer (B), his customer (A) and my registrar
| to file a Change of Registrant - we all spent a significant
| amount of time on it, the customer (A) shelled out a rather
| large sum of money (imho) - only to have auDA reject the Change
| of Registrant request because it didn't fit into any policy.
| Now I've been advised that the only course of action is to
| delete the domain and re-register it under the updated details.
| I am puzzled that this is the only option available to us, and
| it makes me wonder how many hundreds (or thousands?) of .au
| domains are out there with incorrect or out-of-date Registrant
| information, because in this situation, keeping Registrant
| details current is actually _discouraged_ by auDA policy.
| Have I missed something, or is this just the way it has to be?
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| Chris Langlands
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