Namescout and GST

Namescout and GST

From: Phillip Parker <domains§>
Date: Sat, 15 May 2004 15:26:58 +1000

I am a very curious about how the whole sale pricing works. Based on, I have observed there is AusReg fees/auDA
fees at the bottom of the chart.

Would anyone be able to confirm if the Ausregistry Fee payable by .au
registrars is GST inclusive? (or attracts GST)

If so, are Namescout exempt from paying the GST on this fee because
they're an "overseas" company?

I am under the assumption that Namescout can trade more competitively
because they may be exempt from GST on .au purchases to Ausregistry, and
they also do not need to include GST for domain name registration sales.

I may be incorrect in assuming this, however can someone please confirm
or deny this assumption?



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Im not saying that a select few arent getting rich, but what i AM saying
that the current pricing is just-about-right.

As for the Namescout issue, im not aware of whats going on there, been
flat out actually doing business, however it would also seem fair that
should be looked at, and if some sort of original deal was struck back
the good old days, 2 years ago is an eternity in I.T.

Chris, if this is the case, then it might be beneficial to shake up
NameScout a bit to pull their finger out and get on-par with everyone
by end of july or there abouts.

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