RE: [DNS] Cat got your tongue Chris?

RE: [DNS] Cat got your tongue Chris?

From: Sean Finn <sean.finn§>
Date: Sat, 15 May 2004 15:02:56 +1000

Please dont treat this reply as personal, im just attacking the topic, not
(I needed to qualify that since 80%+ of posts on this list are targeted at
individuals / groups rather than issues).

The answer has to lie with Economies of Scale..

US populate is 260 Million+, i couldnt be bothered checking exactly, maybe
even 300 million.
Aus population hit 20 Mill the other day.

13 - 15 times as many people.

you can get a TLD domain for what, 5, 6 bucks?

5x13 = Gosh. ~65 - 75 bucks.

Au Domains wholesale for around that mark, just as TLD's can wholesale
around the 5-6 buck mark.

Companies need to pay for a certain minimum amount of infrastructure to keep
it from falling in on itself.

The de-regulation a cuppla yrs ago was kind enough to take a large chunk out
of the price, and bring it it back down to reasonable levels.

Im not saying that a select few arent getting rich, but what i AM saying is
that the current pricing is just-about-right.

As for the Namescout issue, im not aware of whats going on there, been too
flat out actually doing business, however it would also seem fair that it
should be looked at, and if some sort of original deal was struck back in
the good old days, 2 years ago is an eternity in I.T.

Chris, if this is the case, then it might be beneficial to shake up
NameScout a bit to pull their finger out and get on-par with everyone else
by end of july or there abouts.

Best regards to all,
Sean Finn

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On 14 May 2004 at 9:17, Craig Oehlers wrote:

> Is there something you're not telling us Chris?

Heaps. Why for example is Namescout is allowed to get away with all sorts
things in
direct contravention of auDA's own rules, why .au domains are so vastly
and where the money is going to and to what purpose it is being put other
than the
vast enrichment of a lucky, maybe even "select" few. I am not courageous
enough to
call any of this corruption or grand larceny on a gobsmacking scale but a
disinterested observer might be - especially in absence of any coherent


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