auDRP interesting situation

auDRP interesting situation

From: Craig Oehlers <info§>
Date: Wed, 19 May 2004 08:26:44 +0800
A very intersting situation at the auDRP at the moment: - a domain on the auDA reserved list (country code)

If the action is successful then the complaintant has 2 remedies under 

.au Dispute Resolution Policy (2002-22) 


6.1 A complainant may seek to have the domain name licence: 

a) cancelled, in which case the domain name will become available for 
registration in the normal way; or 

b) transferred to themselves, but only if the registrar determines that 
they are eligible to hold the domain name under the relevant policy 

but under the eligibility and allocation rules is not an 
acceptable domain as it is classed as a reserved word (country code)

This would suggest:

1. The complaintant is planning to have deleted altogether 
and become unavailable by any applicant;
2. The complaintant is under the impression auDA will sacrifice the 
integrity of the auDA policy under the weight of probably a very large 
company; or
3. The complaintant is making the complaint without understanding auDA 
allocation and eligibility policy

Any thoughts on this situation?

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