Re: [DNS] auDRP interesting situation

Re: [DNS] auDRP interesting situation

From: Kim Davies <kim§>
Date: Wed, 19 May 2004 10:46:03 +0800
Quoting Craig Oehlers on Wednesday May 19, 2004:
| 1. The complaintant is planning to have deleted altogether 
| and become unavailable by any applicant;
| 2. The complaintant is under the impression auDA will sacrifice the 
| integrity of the auDA policy under the weight of probably a very large 
| company; or
| 3. The complaintant is making the complaint without understanding auDA 
| allocation and eligibility policy
| Any thoughts on this situation?

I would have to say 1 or 3. You are correct that if they succeed, the
domain in question should effectively be locked up, as it is no longer
grandfathered. #1 could be possible if they want to stop people going to
it for confusions sake.

I am not sure whoever the complainant is, but I doubt they can asset
they have sole rights to "BT". Both Bankers Trust and British Telecom
spring to mind when I hear BT.

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