domain name news - 17 May

domain name news - 17 May

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.eu domain name scramble timetable unveiled
There will be three stages in the registration process for
the new European .eu domain names, it has been announced;
member states, followed by trademark holders, will get
their pick of URLs. The domain name free-for-all will kick
off in earnest in April 2005.

nz: Maori TV names protected by unusual legislation
Owners of domain names that use the words "Maori" or
"television" could be in for a nasty surprise - unless
they're used by the Maori Television service, the names are
potentially illegal.

us: House panel OKs identity-theft bill
Registering an Internet domain name under a false identity
while committing a copyright felony could bring an
additional seven-year prison sentence under legislation
passed Wednesday by the House Judiciary Committee.,1413,200~20954~2144559,00.html

ICANN: DRAFT report from the .net sub-committee in
preparation for submission to the GNSO Council

Global Forum on Internet Governance: Not everyone agrees on
what is broken nor on what fixing might involve
A global forum on internet governance organised under the
auspices of the United Nations Information and
Communication Technologies Task Force (UNICTTF) was held at
the UN Headquarters in New York, March 25-27, to bring
together leading actors and all relevant stakeholders,
including Member States, civil society and the private
sector, interested in internet governance issues. APC was
involved in planning the forum in its capacity as
coordinator of the UNICTTF working group on ICT policy.

The complicated world of ICANN – part one
From March 2 to 6, the Council of ICANN, met in Rome with
the different committees of the so-called support
organisations. It was the largest meeting to date, with
more than 600 delegates from dozens of countries, meeting
in over 27 fora.

The Regional Internet Registries, IPv6 Task Forces and IPv6
Forum Pledge Co-operative Support of Global IPv6 Deployment
The Regional Internet Registries (RIRs), the IPv6 Task
Forces and the IPv6 Forum are working in co-operation to
support global IPv6 deployment.

Indian firm wins domain name suit against UK firm
Weborcus Software Systems, a Delhi-based company, has
succeeded in retaining the domain name:

uk: Leave callers out in the cold
Businesses are being warned by the Office of Fair Trading
about the sales tactics of some internet domain name
registration agents.

Civil Liberties Groups Raise Privacy and Speech Concerns
with Domain Name Registration Legislation - Five civil
liberties groups, including CDT, sent a letter asking the
House Judiciary Committee to consider the privacy and civil
liberties impacts of a bill that would expand penalties in
copyright, trademark, and criminal suits against Internet
users who included false information in domain name
registrations. The groups asked the Committee to put off
approval of the bill until a hearing on its impacts on
private domain name holders and on protected speech online
could be held. May 4, 2004<BR>
Civil liberty groups letter on HR 3754, "The Fraudulent
Online Identity Sanctions Act"

ITU and its Activities Related to Internet-Protocol (IP)
Networks (Version 1.1)
A revised report, ITU and its Activities Related to
Internet-Protocol (IP) Networks (Version 1.1), gives a
snapshot view (April 2004) of how Internet Protocol (IP)
networks and the Internet, as well as their convergence
with other kinds of networks, have impacted on ITU’s
activities. The report provides a simple overview of the
ITU for the uninitiated, a review of recent
telecommunication network trends, as well as an overview of
the wide scope of the ITU’s activities related to IP
networks and the Internet—ranging from technical standards
to regulatory and policy matters to development

Las Políticas Generales de Nombres de Dominio han sido
modificadas (NIC .MX)
Modificación a Políticas Generales de Nombres de Dominio;
entrarán en vigor el 1ro. de Junio de 2004.

How Agreements for Sale or Purchase of a Domain Name
Protect You and Your Business By Judith Silver,
When purchasing or selling a domain name, the proper
agreement can help ensure that both parties get what they
expect from the sale.

ICANN's latest challenge tests new Internet services
When the company under contract to run much of the
Internet’s core decided last fall to launch a new online
search service, it saw an opportunity to help lost Web
surfers find their way. But critics saw it as a bald grab
for dollars and worried that the Site Finder search system
could cause Internet instability. The Internet’s key
oversight agency responded by pressuring the company,
VeriSign Inc., to pull it.,1759,1592941,00.asp?kc=EWRSS03119TX1K0000594

Safeguarding Web should be voluntary
The Internet, with its vast amounts of data, can be a
wonderful resource for families, especially children. Where
else can you find reference material that is always up to
date, or read newspapers from around the world? But not
everything is sweetness in cyberspace, as we all know.
There are sites that contain pornography, racist material
and other stuff unacceptable for children. Sometimes, these
sites have addresses that give a clue about their content.
But there are others that have misleading URLs. For
example, was once a portal to Internet
pornography until someone bought the domain name and turned
it into an LDS Web site.

Bogus 'Consumer' Group Stripped Of Domain Names
A trade association representing chain restaurants and
taverns has surrendered the domain names of two sites
designed to hijack web traffic away from the Center for
Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), the pro-nutrition
advocacy group. The trade association, the Center for
Consumer Freedom (CCF), had registered, where
it attacked CSPI and it's web site, CCF had
also purchased, a domain name almost
identical to that of, where CSPI provides
information for children about nutrition and food

Cybersquatting Ain’t What It Used To Be Part 1: Trademark
Holders and the Future By Judith Silver (2001)
In November, 1999, two big things happened in the domain
name world. The first was that the ICANN domain name
dispute resolution process which had begun formation in
1998 was finalized. At approximately the same time, the
Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA), part of
the Trademark Act under 15 USC 1125, went into effect in
the United States.

"Domain Wizardry"
So who's the real "domain wizard" in that deal? The seller
or the buyer? Believe it or not you'd get conflicting
opinions from most online business experts.

Station moves against 'Net casino operators
"Cybersquatting" -- the hijacking of company trademarks by
entrepreneurs looking to profit by selling those trademarks
back to their rightful owners -- continues to victimize
local companies five years after Congress outlawed the

Will DNS Rescue the Future of Search?
Researchers from Huazhong University of Science and
Technology in China have started work on a project based on
a distributed information retrieval system that promises to
address future search engine scalability issues that are
believed to be inevitable as the Internet continues to

us: Privacy jam on California highway - [site taken
The pictures show a driver peering angrily out his window
at the photographer. In one, his middle finger is raised at
the camera. In the last, his license plate is captured on
digital film as he drives away. These are the kinds of
photos that until a few weeks ago made up the front page of
a Web site called, where a pair of
frustrated San Jose, Calif., commuters posted photos of
single drivers who they spotted using the carpool lanes.

us: Developer pulls disputed Web site
A project developer has decided to stop directing people to
the developer's Web site through a Web address that's
almost exactly the same name as Smart Growth 4 Hudson -- a
citizens group that opposes the project.

ENUM Convergence - CircleID articles on ENUM
The first and most notable convergence protocol developed
to make telephone numbers recognizable by the Domain Name
System (DNS). ENUM or Electronic Number Mapping offers the
potential for people to be contacted through multiple media
channels such as email, fax and mobile phones. While many
see ENUM convergence as a significant progress, others have
raised questions concerning the types of services to be
offered, privacy and security issues. So what are the
future implications? Welcome to the technological,
commercial, and regulatory world of ENUM convergence.

The Mysteries And Future Of Websites
Websites have just completed a full circle of a hard
struggle, and somehow survived where other traditional
marketing tools and old principals failed big time. Now the
same sites and domain names must face harsher realities
once again, all to ensure high visibility and exposure they
so provide. Today without visibility, on e-commerce,
websites are simply doomed. While billions of webpages
poised for the right match, only clashing into billions of
surfing customers are simply flooding each other. Millions
of splashy logos with billions of expensive web pages are
all deeply submerged in this ocean of e-commerce. Customers
all over the world are only amused as they watch the
websites struggle to gain attention at a zillion choices
per second. Their mysterious behavior on search engines and
the role of alpha-structures of each and every domain name
is now a very big question. Why?

New ".USA" Domain Names Released on to the Internet - The
Rush Begins Again (news release)
It isn't just the new ".USA" domain names that are being
snapped up, suddenly, domain names like ".MUSIC" and
".SEXY" are also proving extremely popular. Now, websites
such as "www . frustrated.genius", www. anti.aging, www.
laser.laser and www. mini.mi are springing up across the
world. A new dimension has been added to the Internet that
anyone can use virtually without restriction. Its not ICANN
(news - web sites) nor its alternative, instead think of a
conjunction with the current domain name system.

How to choose a domain name for your Website
The idea of having an Internet presence on the Web for your
business as being a novelty is so last century. A Website
is like having a shop on every corner in the world and your
customers may live in its furthest reaches.


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