domain name news - 24 May

domain name news - 24 May

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Web creator slams ICANN proposal for more top-level domains
Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the World Wide Web, has
launched an attack on the ICANN proposal to introduce a new
series of top level domains. He argues that other
expansions such as .info and .biz have only boosted the
profits of the registries as speculators tried to cash in
on potentially lucrative domain names and major companies
sought to protect their brands by buying up new versions of
their brand names alongside the .com, .net and .org they
might already own.,1995,1595458,00.asp

New Top Level Domains Considered Harmful by Tim Berners-Lee

Padre del Internet (Vint Cerf - ICANN- ) contra el Padre
del Web (TIm Berners-Lee), quién ganará?
Durante la inauguración de la 13ava. Conferencia Anual
sobre la "World Wide Web", Tim Berners-Lee (quien creará la
Web hace 15 años) fue bastante enfático en sus
declaraciones: "No estoy en contra de nuevos TLD's, pero
estos deben darle un valor social y tecnológico a la Web,
no en devaluarla".

ICANN to double budget, raise fees
The nonprofit body that oversees Internet domain names and
addresses anticipates a near-doubling of its budget for the
next year, with spending leaping from $8.3 million to $15.8
million. In its proposed 2004-2005 budget released this
week, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and
Numbers (ICANN) said the huge increase was necessary
because of international travel and "political,
governmental and environmental factors such as litigation."
That would include a lawsuit filed by VeriSign being heard
in federal court in Los Angeles.
Internet-Verwaltung ICANN will mehr Geld

ICANN's Picture of Itself
ICANN has released its draft new budget. The document gives
us a good look at how ICANN sees itself. It's arguably an
internally inconsistent view. ...This budget calls for
ICANN to have almost 60 staff members by the end of the
next fiscal year. Expenses under this budget are predicted
to be twice those of last year ($16 million v. $8 million).

U.S. Federal Court Dismisses VeriSign's Anti-trust Claim
On 18 May 2004, a U.S. Federal Judge dismissed VeriSign's
anti-trust claim without prejudice. Accordingly, VeriSign
has until 7 June 2004 to file an amended complaint. A copy
of the court's order is available at:

au: Melbourne IT expects strong first half
Melbourne IT expects expects its first half to be at least
15 per cent better than the second half of 2003 when it
achieved earnings before interest and tax of $1.5 million.,7204,9612284%5e16123%5e%5enbv%5e,00.html

West urged to share Internet governance by Michael Geist
Last December, thousands of politicians and technology
experts converged on Geneva for the first of two World
Summits on the Information Society (WSIS). Several years in
the making, the WSIS was envisioned as a new forum for the
digital age.

Internet governance: change
Moves are afoot at the United Nations that could decide the
way the internet is run worldwide in the future.

Resolution on WSIS II (Tunisia)
Meeting at its Annual General Assembly on 17 May 2004 in
Warsaw, Poland, the IPI members unanimously called for
plans to hold the second World Summit on the Information
Society (WSIS) in Tunisia in November 2005 to be abandoned
unless that country demonstrates its respect for human
rights, notably freedom of expression and press freedom.

AfriNIC Transition: IPv4 Allocation Policy Change for
African LIRs
On Friday 14 May 2004, Hans Petter Holen, Address Policy
Working Group Chair, confirmed the consensus on the
proposal to change the minimum IPv4 allocation size to /22
in the African countries in the RIPE NCC service region.

Exclusive Address Not That Expensive
Dozens of registrars exist; the confusing part is that
their prices vary from $5 to $35 a year for the same basic

us: domain sold to South Carolina company
The domain name, which once sent Web browsers
to the city's newspaper, will soon link to a site featuring
advertisements plugging services for visitors to Portland,

Brunei Holds Domain Name Meet
Bandar Seri Begawan – Representatives from the Asia-Pacific
Telecommunity and the International Telecommunication Union
are gathering in Bandar Seri Begawan to attend a Workshop
on Electronic Numbering (ENUM) and International Domain
Names (IDN).

An Economic Analysis of Domain Name Policy - Part I
"The Root Server is a Scarce Resource" is the focus of part
one of a three-part series based on a study prepared by
Karl M. Manheim, Professor of Law at Loyola Law School and
Lawrence B. Solum, Professor of Law at University of San

Techies Wanna Do Policy By Karl Auerbach
I'm sure we have all heard a techie or standards body tell
legislatures, courts, and business groups to keep their
mits off of the internet; that such groups are "clueless"
and that they will damage some noumenon or other
indistinct, but critical, principle of the internet.
Consider, for example, the condemnation of competing DNS
roots by ICANN and the IAB. What makes today so interesting
is that two well respected techies have stepped forth and
made strong social/economic/business policy statements.

Stealth Communications Announces Official Launch of VPF
ENUM Registry (news release)
Stealth Communications, Inc., which owns and operates the
Voice Peering Fabric, the World's first and only VoIP
minutes exchange to provide complete transparency between
buyers and sellers of VoIP routes, today announces the
official launch of the VPF ENUM Registry.

Domain error leaves merchants without ad info
A failure to renew a domain name at Affiliate Window has
today left retailers without access to information on their
online advertising.

Planning a domain switch
The internet is a rapidly growing medium, which means that
anyone intending to move a web site from one provider to
another should allow plenty of time.

Domain Names And Anchor Text
Many people say that the name of a website should be
original. It should convey some sense of branding unlike
any other site. They say your name should not be generic.
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