domain name news - 1 June

domain name news - 1 June

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Africa's Own Net Registry On Track
The good news for the African Internet community is that
the continent is on track to get its own Regional Internet
Registry (RIR), but this will mean higher input costs for
southern African Internet service providers (ISPs).

Algerian Mokhtar Hamidi Appointed Member of AFRINIC Board
of Trustees 	
The African Network Information Centre (AFRINIC), the
organisation responsible for the distribution and
administration of African domain names, appointed the
Algerian Mokhtar Hamidi as member of AFRINIC Board of
Trustees, which constitution took place following a meeting
held on 23-24 May in Dakar.

gh: Pink Aviation's Illegal Website Still Operative
The fraudulent website "" which was set
up by the Pink Aviation to state its case on the
transaction it had with the Ghana Air force and was
considered by the government and the Ghana Armed Forces as
illegal is still the world wide web.

Some 10,000 Belarusian websites now exist
Exactly 10221 websites with specific domain names have been
indexed by Belarusian search engine Akavita in the whole of
the Belarusian internet, or "Belnet".

Dot-xxx could help to filter porn spam
A new batch of proposed Internet domains could make it
easier to fight spam and filter out smut, but the head of
the regulatory body that will usher them sees even broader

APT-ITU Joint Workshop on ENUM and IDN in Brunei Darussalam
The Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (APT) and the ITU organized
a joint workshop on ENUM and Internationalized Domain Names
(IDN) from 21-22 May, 2004 in Brunei Darussalam. All
materials are posted on the workshop web site including the
workshop programme.

Europe sticks up two fingers at ICANN budget
The proposed 2004-5 budget for ICANN has hit a snag - the
rest of the world is refusing to pay its share of the bill.
CENTR Members’ response to ICANN 2004 Budget Budget.pdf

ICANN Proposes Fee Hike for Registrars
According to a report by research and analysis firm
Netcraft (, ICANN has proposed raising the
fees it charges domain registrars.

ICANN GNSO: Whois Task Force 1 Preliminary Report TF 1 -
Preliminary Report V2. 1.0.pdf
ICANN GNSO: Whois Task Force 2 Preliminary Report Initial
ICANN GNSO: Whois Task Force 3 Preliminary Report

First Public Comment Period begins on draft .net
re-assignment criteria
The GNSO has completed initial work to provide the ICANN
Board with guidance on the criteria for designating a
successor operator for the .net registry. The public is
invited to submit comments on the initial draft report from
the GNSO.

ICANN GNSO: DRAFT report from the .net sub-committee in
preparation for submission to the GNSO Council

An Economic Analysis of Domain Name Policy - Part II
"Comparisons with Telecommunications Policy" is the focus
of part two of a three-part series based on a study
prepared by Karl M. Manheim, Professor of Law at Loyola Law
School and Lawrence B. Solum, Professor of Law at
University of San Diego. Special thanks and credit to
Hastings Communications and Entertainment Law Journal, Vol.
25, p. 317, 2004. ...In the United States, an independent
federal agency, under the direction of Congress, is charged
with developing and implementing policies governing the
major telecommunications industries. These include
broadcast radio and television, wireline and wireless
telephony, and video distribution via cable, wireless, and
satellite. One might wonder why the Federal Communications
Commission ("FCC") does not likewise have jurisdiction, at
least in the US, over perhaps the most significant
telecommunications industry -- the Internet.

Keep An Eye On Precious Domain Names
The flower shop down the road run by a 60-year-old couple
doesn’t have to renew its street address. People have been
going to the shop for years, and as long as they’re in
business, everybody will know where to go.

Big Possibilities in Proposed New Internet Domains
A new batch of proposed Internet domains could make it
easier to fight spam and filter out smut, but the head of
the regulatory body that will usher them sees even broader

us: GM Sues LendingTree Over Domain Name Use
General Motors has filed suit against mortgage firm
LendingTree of North Carolina in U.S. District Court in
Flint, Mich., to keep the mortgage firm from promoting its
services on a domain name nearly identical to one owned by
GM mortgage-lending subsidiary General Motors Acceptance,
which uses the acronym GMAC.

Six Questions To Spur Web Success
A site name in one country can mean something entirely
different when it circumnavigates the globe. How do you
tackle such language issues? The answer is to acquire
skills and a deeper understanding of global communications.
Even if you're a regional player, your sites are still
visible and exposed to the entire world.

Web Hosting News: Netidentity Announces the Largest
Collection of Email Domain Names on the Internet
Netidentity, an email and web domain services company, has
impressively amassed the Internet's most comprehensive,
surname-based collection of domain names, from to

CENTR appoints new General Manager
Giovanni Seppia is the new General Manager of CENTR as from
20th June 2004.


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