Re: [DNS] domain names

Re: [DNS] domain names

From: Leefe Hicks <wyvern§>
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2004 09:17:52 +1000
At 17:55 +1000 7/6/04, Ron Stark wrote:
>Not having supplied any before, I'm curious as to the policy for qualifying
>for a domain name.  Is it an exact match of registrant's name, the
>registrant's contact name, or either.
>Can it also be like the domains, a derivative of either the
>registrant's or contact's name?
>Ron Stark

What do you need for a '' domain?

   * The registrant needs to be an Australian citizen or resident.
   * The domain is for private use and cannot be used for business.
   * The domain needs to be based on the name of the user.
     This could be their first, last or nick name (or a combination there of)
     If their name is not in English it can be based on the English 
version of their name.

Looks like for '' the tech contact registering the 
domain put their name in the wrong field.


What is ''?

.au Second Level Domains (2LDs)

Guidelines for Accredited Registrars on the Interpretation of Policy 
Rules for Open 2LDs (2003-07)

More about

Interesting still talks about etc.

Leefe Hicks
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