domain name news - 18 June

domain name news - 18 June

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ICANN GNSO Whois Task Force 3 Open Forum (16 June
Agenda: Whois task Force 3 Open Forum by telephone to
discuss Whois task Force 3 Preliminary report. Please
publisize this as widely as you can. All interested
participants are welcome. A MP3 recording will be made
of the call. The intention is to have the wisdest
possible particpation and the request comes from the
Whois task force 3 Chair Brian Darville.

ICANN GNSO Council Teleconference Agenda for 16 June

ICANN: Public Comment Period for GNSO Whois Task Force
Preliminary Reports Extended to Monday, 5 July 2004
Comments for the Whois Task Force 1 Preliminary Report
can be submitted to
whois-tf1-report-comments&#167;  The archive
of comments for this report is available at:

ICANN: Comments for the Whois Task Force 2 Preliminary
Report can be submitted to
The archive of comments for this report is available

ICANN: Comments for the Whois Task Force 3 Preliminary
Report can be submitted to
The archive of comments for this report is available

ICANN Meetings in Kuala Lumpur
ccNSO Meeting Agenda; 19th and 20th July 2004; Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia
Web Addresses Extending Their Global Domain
Europe's new ".eu" Internet domain names go on sale
next year. Internet addresses written in Chinese,
Japanese and Korean characters, meanwhile, recently
went live after years of technical work.

Web outage blamed on zombies
Akamai has blamed a 'bot net' of zombified PCs for the
Internet downtime that affected sites such as Yahoo
this week.,39020369,39157876,00.htm,7204,9869469%5e16123%5e%5enbv%5e,00.html

A quick chat with Akamai's chief scientist
Akamai Technologies said Wednesday that the Domain
Name System problems it encountered the day before
were the result of a sophisticated and targeted
distributed denial-of-service attack against the
company. Tom Leighton, the company's chief scientist,
talks about what happened.

Akamai hoses down cyber attack fallout
About 2 per cent of Akamai Technologies customers were
affected significantly by the internet attack on the
company's network on Tuesday morning.

VeriSign Amends ICANN Suit
VeriSign has filed an amended complaint in its lawsuit
against the Internet's main domain-name oversight

auDA Advisory Panels - call for nominations
auDA invites people with an interest in Australian
(.au) domain name issues to nominate for a position on
one of two Advisory Panels: 1. Name Policy Review
Panel; and 2. Registry Competition Review Panel.

.au domain registration fees drop
Australian businesses and consumers are increasing
their Web presence, with more than 433,000 .au domains
registered over the last year.,39023166,39150787,00.htm,7204,9870635%5e16123%5e%5enbv%5e,00.html

au: Demand for web delivers cost savings to consumers
(ministerial news release)
The rapidly increasing demand for web addresses is
pushing down the price of registering '.au' domain

za: User May Relinquish Anti-Sentech Sites
A Sentech user who launched the Web sites and
has agreed to give up ownership of the domain names,
if Sentech informs users why there was a problem.
Sentech is seeking legal advice.

fr: La paradoja francesa
El 11 de Mayo, el AFNIC, organismo que
regula los dominios .fr, equivalente al ESNIC español,
comenzó a aplicar las nuevas normas que regulan la
adjudicación de los dominios .fr.

at: Active ISP: sensationeller Preissturz bei Domains
und KMU-Webpaketen
Der Internet Service Provider-Markt startet mit einem
heißen Preiswettbewerb in den Sommer. Active ISP ( ) eröffnet ab sofort mit neuen
Domain- und Web-Angebotspaketen den Preiskampf um
Business- und Privatkunden.

Entrevista a Oscar Robles, sobre los nuevos servicios
del NIC .MX
Los nuevos servicios del ccTLD .MX revolucionarian la
forma como se delegan los nombres de dominio en
América Latina, para eso recurrimos a Oscar Robles,
para saber la motivación de estos nuevos servicios.

Doctrina Digital de Dominios: DNS de primer nivel en
Francisco Arias, nos presenta un interesante artículo
sobre el DNS en Mexico.

NIC México te ofrece nuevos servicios adicionales ¡SIN
NIC México te ofrece a partir del 9 de Junio, nuevos
servicios adicionales, con los cuales podrás tener
presencia en Internet, al registrar tu nombre de
dominio .MX.


Recent WHOIS Report Overlooking Fundamental Issue?
ICANN indirectly controls the mother-of-all personal
database systems. Never, before, has a world-wide
database exposed personally identifying information of
so many to so many. ... With this policy in place, it
is not unlikely that every Internet user one day may
have personal data recorded in ICANN's database as
result of owning a domain name. The management of this
scope of data collection, alone, should be a matter of
far-reaching public concern. Instead, few know about
ICANN, and fewer know what it does. Consequently, the
media has remained relatively mute about this growing
Internet privacy crisis.

ITU: Global Forum for Least Developed Countries
The First Global ICT Forum for Least Developed
Countries (LDCs), co-organized by ITU and the
Commonwealth Business Council will be held in
Mauritius from 7-9 July 2004. It will bring together
high-level decision makers to identify innovative
development solutions and practical strategies for
deploying Information and Communication Technologies
(ICTs) projects to help integrate the poorest
countries into the global economy.

Metro Ethernet cruises toward mainstream
The ITU has announced a set of new standards designed
to make it easier for telephone and Internet service
providers to offer Ethernet services over their
existing networks.

Sources include Quicklinks ( and BNA
Internet Law News (".


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