domain name news - 22 June

domain name news - 22 June

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Web outage blamed on zombies
Akamai has blamed a 'bot net' of zombified PCs for the
Internet downtime that affected sites such as Yahoo
this week.,39020345,39157876,00.htm

Akamai: Internet Attack Had Little Impact
A purported Internet attack that affected some of the
world's most popular Web sites was "large scale" and
"sophisticated" yet had only minimal impact, according
to the targeted company.

Akamai investigates denial of service attack
Web infrastructure technology provider Akamai is
co-operating with US law enforcement agencies after it
was hit with a distributed denial of service attack
that slowed some of its customers' sites for over two

A quick chat with Akamai's chief scientist
Akamai Technologies said Wednesday that the Domain
Name System problems it encountered the day before
were the result of a sophisticated and targeted
distributed denial-of-service attack against the
company. Tom Leighton, the company's chief scientist,
talks about what happened.

VeriSign Files First Amended Complaint

fr: French Senate to discuss a statute concerning
domain names
Since 1998, the French NIC had a very restrictive
registration policy for the ".fr" domain, (and for the
".re" - Reunion Island - since 2001). On May 11, its
new policy went into effect, and opened the ".fr" and
".re" domains up. According to the French Nic, more
than 50,000 requests were made in the first three
weeks [a success if you look at the figures, but now
wait for the number of disputes!].

uk: Nominet legal battle starts next week
UK domain name registry Nominet will begin giving
evidence on Monday in its Australian legal action
against two businessmen over an alleged data mining
attack on its WHOIS database.

.ro TLD (Rumänien) ist ab sofort bei EuroDNS
Rumänien ein Land am östlichen Rande der Europäischen
Union hat auf einmal einen ganz neuen Stellenwert in

us: Village, Cunningham clash over Web domain name
The Internet domain names and have become the focus of
controversy in the Village of Pawling.

Perú va bien....y crece como la espuma
Despues de varios meses sin que aparecieran las
estadísticas del 2004, el NIC .PE ha colocado las
estadísticas de registro de nombres de dominio desde
1996 hasta la fecha de manera completa. Y entre los
primeros datos que se extraen, es que el registro de
nombres de dominio bajo .PE ya tiene casi 10 000
nombres de dominio registrados.

Verisign erhebt neue Vorwürfe gegen ICANN
Der Registrar wittert eine Verschwörung gegen seinen
SiteFinder-Dienst, der auf Bestreben der ICANN nach
nur zwei Wochen Laufzeit wieder eingestellt wurde.

au: Domain name fees cut
The administrator of domain names, auDA, is reducing
registration fees by 25 percent effective from August
1, 2004.;1775059427;fp;2;fpid;1

Domain Name Proxy Service Not Inherently Evil
In the recent court decision of CyBerCorp Holding v.
Allman case, although the registrant of the domain
name '' did lose the Uniform Domain
Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) case and was
found to have acted in bad faith (having been a former
customer of complainant), the decision is noteworthy
as it finds that registrant's use of proxy service to
keep contact information private, in and of itself is
not evidence of bad faith, given that there are good
faith reasons for wanting to keep one's 'Whois' data

Verisign wittert Anti-Site-Finder-Verschwörung
Verisign hat seine Klage gegen die ICANN in dieser
Woche erweitert. Eine Reihe von der ICANN als
technische Experten zur Analyse von Site Finder
herangezogenen Fachleute seien in Wahrheit
Wettbewerber von Verisign und hätten sich verschworen,
um Site Finder verbieten zu lassen. Verisign hatte
gehofft, über den Dienst in diesem Jahr rund 13
Millionen Dollar einzunehmen.

Vint Cerf: Net's moving into Iron Age
ICANN chairman and MCI Senior Vice President Vint Cerf
shares his hopes for the Internet's future.

Web Addresses Extending Their Global Domain
Much has changed since the dot-com boom ended abruptly
in the stock market wipeout of 2000. But one aspect of
the Internet that has remained constant is growth in
Internet traffic, which continued with nary a hiccup
even as millions of Web sites were dying.

Network Solutions Gains, Netcraft Says
According to data published by research and analysis
firm Netcraft (, domain registrar Network
Solutions ( recorded a net gain
of 15,766 domains last month.

NxGn i2 Solution's New Top Level Domains Protect
Established Brands and Intellectual Property (news
NxGn i2 Solutions Inc., the worldwide exclusive broker
of top-level domains (TLDs) for the new internet now
protects customers' brands by allowing top-level
domain names, such as "www.saab" (no ".com" needed) to
be registered and used throughout the internet. This
allows more complete exploitation of established
brands and promotion of new brands. The new domains,
available immediately, do not require the typical .com
or .net suffixes, but allow for branding of the top
level domains themselves. Numerous companies such as
the automobile manufacturer Kia have already purchased
their top level domain.

What is a Domain Name & Why Do I Need Domain Names?
A domain name is a company's unique identifier on the
Internet. Internet computers know how to transmit
information with Internet protocol (IP) numbers.
However IP numbers are rather long and do not make
sense to individuals surfing the Web. Domain name
service (DNS) that Internet providers offer invisibly
turn these long and difficult to remember IP numbers
into easy to remember, brandable domain names. This
same unique domain name can be used with a company's
Web address and their email addresses.

WSIS II: Verbreiterung oder Vertiefung?
Schon vor dem Beginn der Vorbereitungskonfernz in
Tunesien für den Weltgipfel zur
Informationsgesellschaft II gibt es Uneinigkeit, wie
weiter verfahren werden soll; die Bundesregierung will
sich stärker beim WSIS-Prozess engagieren.


Sources include Quicklinks ( and BNA
Internet Law News (".


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