domain name news - 25 June

domain name news - 25 June

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uk: Rooney sparks net names scramble
Wayne Rooney may be hitting the back of the net on the
field in Euro 2004, but he is also hammering it home
when it comes to domain name registrations.

Wayne Rooney strikes glory online
There’s only one name on the lips of England fans
today and 18-year-old genius Wayne Rooney is fast
becoming one of the most popular football players on
the net too.

au: Pair jailed for Net name sale scheme
Two businessmen involved in a "sham" contract to sell
Internet domain names, which would have reaped them
more than $800,000 in GST payments, were jailed

us: Heavy Betting on Election Domains 
Brian Rodgers has no idea why the Bush campaign would
let a domain as potentially valuable as
slip out of its grasp.,1367,63878,00.html

Google Loses Gmail’s UK Domain
Google may be defensive of its brand, but, it appears
that Google is not has driven to protect its Gmail
brand. Recently, the search engine went on a buying
binge for domains that resembled the Google brand
name. However, it appears that they forgot, or didn't
care, to do the same for Gmail.

vn: 4,000 Vietnamese domain names snapped up in
two-month trial
More than 4,000 Vietnamese domain names have been
registered in a two-month trial free-registration
period by the Viet Nam Network Information Centre,
which said however that only 200 of them have actually
been used.

in: Trademark, Internet domain name distinct: SC
In the era of emerging dominance of Internet in the
modern day life, the Supreme Court in an important
ruling has held that there is a distinction between a
trademark used by a firm in the course of its normal
business and it being used as domain name by the
Internet service providers.

Vote for who should run the UK's Internet
Two spaces on the board of the UK's Internet registry
are up for grabs - and three horses are in the
running. Every year, two of Nominet's four
non-executives on the six-person board are put up for

Internet Meltdown?
Is the internet on the verge of a meltdown? A
non-profit organization, People For Internet
Responsibility (PFIR), is concerned that there is the
risk of "imminent disruption, degradation, unfair
manipulation, and other negative impacts on critical
Internet services..." PFIR believes that the "red
flag" warning signs of a potential meltdown include
"attempts to manipulate key network infrastructures
such as the domain name system; lawsuits over Internet
regulatory issues... ever-increasing spam, virus, and
related problems.

Vietnam trademark and opportunity for domain names
Vietnam has attended the International Import and
Export Fair held in Conmin with the participation of
enterprises from ASEAN, South Asia.

IANA Report on Redelegation of the .ps Top-Level
IANA, as part of the administrative functions
associated with management of the domain-name system
root, is responsible for receiving requests for
delegation and redelegation of top-level domains,
investigating the circumstances pertinent to those
requests, and reporting on the requests. This report
gives the findings and conclusions of the IANA on its
investigation of various requests for the redelegation
of the .ps (Palestinian Territory, Occupied) ccTLD.

Domain names come of age
We are still in the Bronze Age of the Internet,
according to the man who created the Domain Name
System 21 years ago. and Launch $3.99 Domain
Registrations (news release), a leading value Web hosting provider,
today announced a partnership with
( to offer registration
of .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, and .us domain names
for a revolutionary $3.99 per year flat fee. As of
June 2004, most registrars are charging between $7.99
and $35.00 for a single year of domain registration,
making Globat’s pricing the most attractive in this
highly competitive industry.

uk: Sentiro Claims ENUM First (news release)
Shortly after announcing the first ever-commercial
Voice over broadband service using ENUM technology and
the +87810 number range
( )
Sentiro have successfully completed calls between its
own network and the free world dialup domain
( using ENUM ( as the
peering protocol.

$23,000 Sale of Provides the Perfect
Blend for Pool's Bottom Line
You think gourmet coffee costs too much at $14 a
pound? How about $1400 a letter for the domain name!
Of course, that includes the extension but that's
always the most expensive part! brewed up
that tasty $23,000 sale to trigger a caffeine rush
that propelled them to the top of our new weekly sales

A Selective Guide to Online International Arbitration
Resources By Gloria Miccioli
Gloria Miccioli has been a law librarian for 22 years.
Her specialty is research.  She has worked as
Government Documents/Reference Librarian at the Jacob
Burns Law Library of the George Washington University
Law School; as Senior Research Librarian for Williams
& Connolly; and is currently International Librarian
for the Jones Day D.C. office, where she provides
expert research services for the firm's overseas

Internet inventor Vint Cerf vows to network chickens
You can't blame the famed co-developer of the TCP/IP
protocol for loving the Internet. Cerf, however,
appears to have crossed from having a healthy interest
in IP technology to developing a damaging
techno-utopian style lust, if an evening speech at
today's SuperComm event can serve as a Cerfian mental

Africa: Civil Society Participation at Tunisia
PrepCom1 Critically Low
Civil Society Organizations (CSO) attending the First
Preparatory Committee (PrepCom1) meeting of the Tunis
Phase of the World Summit on Information Society
(WSIS) expressed today a deep concern over the low
level of African participation in the meeting.

WSIS Prep Com And Pan African Postal Meetings Hosted
By Tunisia This Week
A high number of participants representing
governments, international organizations, civil
society and the private sector of 125 countries is
expected at the first preparatory meeting (PrepCom1)
of the second phase of the World Summit on the
Information Society (WSIS), said Monday Tunisian
minister of communication technologies and
transportation Sodok Rabah.

Internet Governance -- What Does it Mean and What Can
We Do?
Eighteen experts from various fields gathered at the
Berkman Center last week for a summit on the thorny
and elusive subject of International Internet
Governance. Led by Berkman Fellow Colin Maclay
(pictured right), discussion included a wide range of
perspectives about the role of the United Nations, the
private sector, and national governments. But there
was consensus around several themes: education and
dialogue are essential. To that end, Susan Crawford,
Professor at Cardozo School of Law, will host a
conference -- The FCC Takes On the Internet -- to
promote debate on governance issues. A report on the
summit's decisions will follow in the coming weeks.

UN favours change in Internet governance
Moves are afoot at the United Nations (UN) that could
decide the way the Internet is run worldwide in the
future. The secretary of the UN's new working group on
Internet governance, Markus Kummer, made a
presentation during the International
Telecommunications Union (ITU) Telecom Africa 2004
conference in Cairo earlier this month detailing its

ITU-T and Internet Governance
The Address on Internet Governance, Telecom
Africa-2004, given by Houlin Zhao, ITU Standardization
Bureau Director at ITU Telecom Africa is available on
the ITU website.

ITU and Republic of Korea Build Digital Bridges
ITU and MIC Korea have formed a new partnership to
help achieve the internationally agreed upon goals of
the first phase of the World Summit on the Information
Society (WSIS).

PrepCom 1: Expectations
Improved access to Information Communication
Technologies (ICTs), more discussion on Internet
governance, financing, and strengthening of African
civil society are some of the objectives that
organisations attending WSIS preparatory committee are
hoping to achieve.,2172,82293,00.html

African civil society participation at PrepComl low
Civil Society Organisations (CSO) attending the First
Preparatory Committee (PrepCom1) meeting of the Tunis
Phase of the World Summit on Information Society
(WSIS) expressed today a deep concern over the low
level of African participation in the meeting.,2172,82285,00.html

Opening session of civil society at PreCom1
Civil society appears to be upbeat, if slightly
disorganised ahead of tomorrow's preparatory meeting
(Prepcom) for the second phase of the World Summit on
the Information Society (WSIS). The loose grouping of
non-governmental organisations (NGOs) is meeting at
the Yasmine Hamamet conference centre to decide on
strategies and positions to adopt during the official
meeting on the Tunisian coast.,2172,82286,00.html


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Internet Law News (".


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