domain name news - 16 July

domain name news - 16 July

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au: Anti-PM website faces legal action
A CONTROVERSIAL political website may be deregistered
if the group behind it does not properly identify
itself. The website, which was
temporarily taken down today to be revamped, publishes
what it claims are lies told by Prime Minister John
Howard and what it says are the facts about Mr
Howard's lies.,5744,10148078%255E1702,00.html

au: Capital Networks : Down but not (locked) out:
Domain owner fights for name
When Phillip Pudney chose to buy his domain name from
an internationally accredited registrar, he thought
he'd be safe from the scams and trickery suffered by
some domain name owners. He was wrong.;153637880;fp;2;fpid;1

au: Websites go off-line
Thousands of websites with domain names ending in and found themselves off-line this month
after their internet addresses expired. About 6000
websites are believed to have been affected when the
June 30 deadline passed.

au: Little guy win in big boy domain
A humble orchard owner has achieved something even the
big boys of business rarely manage – a win over
multi-national corporate giant Coca-Cola Amatil. In a
rare victory for the little guy, Cooroy orchardist and
consultant Patrick Nugent has been paid out by
Coca-Cola after beating it to the punch by unwittingly
registering the domain name of one of the company's
soft drinks.

nz: Maori Party's domain names linked to rivals
The Maori Party may have won the byelection, but their
website could do with some tinkering.

DNS changes to take minutes (instead of hours)
VeriSign is to rapidly update Domain Name System (DNS)
records every few minutes instead of only twice a day.
From 8 September changes in the .com and .net zones
will take an estimated five minutes to propagate
across all 13 .com/.net authoritative name servers.
The old systems will remain there for those who don't
want to make the leap forward.

Debate over auctions for Internet addresses
Should auctions determine who controls the rights to
oversee the Internet addressing system?

Medium-Term Plan For WIPO Program Activities - Vision
And Strategic Direction Of WIPO 
Every fourth year, the Director General is required to
present a "plan for the medium term" covering four
years following the biennial period for which he
presents, at the same time, a draft program and
budget. The last such plan was presented to Member
States in 1999. The current document presents a
Medium-term Plan for WIPO programs and activities
highlighting the vision and strategic direction of
WIPO for the four-year period from 2006 to 2009
following the 2004-2005 biennium.

Announcement of the Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy
The new transfer policy will provide for a smooth
transition of a domain name from one registrar to
another when such a change is requested by the domain
name holder. The policy will be in effect by 12
November, 2004.

ICANN panel condemns Site Finder
A long-awaited report evaluating the impact of
VeriSign's controversial Site Finder service concludes
that it had undesirable side effects, violated
commonly accepted codes of Internet conduct, and
should remain offline.

CDT Releases Report on ICANN and Internet Governance
In the context of ongoing global debates about
Internet governance, CDT has released a report calling
for continued reform at the Internet Corporation on
Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). The report calls
on ICANN to focus on its limited mission and
bottom-up, consensus-based approach, which remains the
best model for managing core Internet naming and
numbering functions.

Lord of the Rings domain fight enters realms of
The Lord of the Rings trilogy of films may have
appeared to have made the impossible real, but now its
backers want more. While there is no doubt they are
the masters of Middle Earth, and all the plastic
merchandise that can be forged in the Mountains of
Cashin, Warners Brothers, New Line Productions and The
Saul Zaentz Company are now determined to extend their

us: Department of Commerce to Consider Approving
Controversial Domain Name Wait-Listing Service (reg
Verisign, Inc., one of the largest domain name
registrars, is seeking to implement a "waiting list"
service for would-be domain name registrants looking
to register soon-to-expire .com domain names.

China masters IPv6 domain name stem server technology
for next Generation Internet
The "study based on IPv6 domain name stem server
technology", an important subject for knowledge
innovation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,
undertaken by the CNNIC has passed the approval and
acceptance of the experts team the other day. The
result has indicated that China has already mastered
the key technology for setting up, operating,
maintaining and guaranteeing the domain name stem
server for the next generation Internet. This has made
China possible to provide a strong technological
support to the large-scale disposition of the IPv6
network in providing the basic name service.

The Site Finder Report: Dr. Stephen Crocker, Chair of
the Committee
As an advisory committee, our focus is to give ICANN
and the community our best advice regarding security
and stability issues for the domain name system and
the addressing system. We are not a standards,
regulatory, judicial or enforcement body; those
functions belong elsewhere.

Auditing ICANN: An Essential Element for an
Alternative ICANN Budget Proposal
A coalition of over 50 domain Registrars from around
the world have recommended an alternative to ICANN's
proposed 2004-2005 budget. The alternative proposal
from the Registrars would cap
Registrar contributions at $11 million per year for
the next three years. Although this proposal
represents a significant expansion beyond ICANN's
2003-2004 budget of $8.6 million budget, it is still
slim compared with ICANN's own $15.8 million budget
proposal. Of potentially greater importance, the
alternative budget differs significantly from ICANN's
proposal in the structure of the Registrar fees.

Registrant Freedom Day
After almost four years, ICANN has announced that they
have adopted a new domain name transfer policy that
make it much easier for domain name registrants to do
business with the ICANN accredited Registrar of their
choosing. Highlights from this new policy include;
streamlined definition of responsibilities as it
relates to the management of the domain name. Under
the new policy, only the Administrative Contact or
Registrant can authorize a domain name transfer to a
new service provider.

DotComGuy Goes Bust and Changes Name
Call it the DotComGuy bust. The man who legally
changed his name to DotComGuy changed it back Tuesday
- to Mitch Maddox.

Go Daddy Group Announces Record Growth in Booming
Domain Registration Market
The Go Daddy Group, Inc., the parent company of three
ICANN Accredited Domain Registrars, including, and,
announces that as of June 30, 2004 they now have
5,436,329 total domains under management, an increase
of 95 percent over June 30, 2003.

Poor Human Rights Record Threatens WSIS Tunis
The poor human rights record of the host of WSIS 11,
Tunisia, threatens the conference, Vanguard can

Next WSIS Called 'Crucial Event' by Tunisian Leader
President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali called the World
Summit on the Information Society to be hosted by
Tunisia next year "an event of crucial importance that
confirms Tunisia's influence and the respect and
support with which its initiatives are met on the
international scene."

EU defines action to create a worldwide information
The European Commission’s view on how to translate
principles agreed by UN Member States in Geneva in
December 2003 into action to create a worldwide
information society are set out in a new Commission

eu: Towards a global partnership in the information
society: Translating principles into actions (RAPID)
The European Commission?s view on how to translate
principles agreed by UN Member States in Geneva in
December 2003 into action to create a worldwide
information society are set out in a Commission
Communication. This Communication outlines priorities
and proposes actions for the second phase of the World
Summit on Information Society (WSIS), which will flesh
out a plan of action agreed in Geneva and is to
culminate in a WSIS summit meeting in Tunis from 16 to
18 November 2005. Future WSIS work should focus on
creating the right policy environment for information
society technology applications to flourish,
accelerating the take-up of proven applications, e.g.
for e-government, e-health, and e-learning, and
promoting research in this area. Unfinished work from
Geneva on internet governance and financing measures
to bridge the digital divide must also be completed.


Sources include Quicklinks ( and BNA
Internet Law News (".


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