domain name news - 21 July

domain name news - 21 July

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 22:46:49 +1000 (EST)
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Date for .eu registrations set
Internet users will be able to register domain names
with the ending ".eu" by the end of this year, the
director of the Italian Institute for Information
Technology (IIT) has said.,39020372,39160928,00.htm

eu: Domain-Registrierung europäisiert sich
Die Registrierungsregeln für Domainname werden schon
bald für ganz Europa wesentlich vereinfacht. Mit der
Veröffentlichung der Details für die Sunrise-Periode“
öffnen sich die Tore für viele neue Möglichkeiten der
Domainregistrierung bei EuroDNS.

us: is fielding bids
An online bidder has offered $150,000 to buy the Web
address, according to a German firm
hired to sell the politically-charged domain name.

uk: Nominet board results in
The results of the board elections for the .uk domain
registrar are in - and it's out with the old and in
with the new.

Consultations on the Establishment of WGIG - September
20-21 2004
Markus Kummer, Executive Coordinator at the
Secretariat of the Working Group on the Internet
Governance (WGIG), has announced to members of the
Bureau of the Preparatory Committee of the Tunis phase
of the WSIS that the Secretariat on Internet
Governance (WGIG) is now set up and has begun to be

ICANN Meets in Kuala Lumpur
ICANN has released the following announcement today
for its upcoming meetings in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:
ICANN, the international organisation responsible for
managing and coordinating the Internet's Domain Name
System is meeting in Kuala Lumpur 19-24 July, amidst
reports that Internet usage in Asia is growing at an
increasing pace, and that ICANN's model of
public-private partnership is succeeding.

ICANN Meetings in KL now Underway

ICANN Statement: ICANN Has Successfully Completed All
Its Objectives under the MOU to Date
ICANN, the global public-benefit non-profit
organisation responsible for coordinating the
Internet's naming and numbering systems, announced
today that it has successfully completed all of its
objectives to date under its Memorandum of
Understanding (MOU) with the U.S. Department of
Commerce (DOC). ICANN has so far completed seven
independence enabling structural reforms from the MOU
on time, and is on or ahead of schedule to complete
all of the remaining key organisational tasks.

Web aims to standardise alphabets
A meeting is being held in Malaysia aimed at helping
web users who do not use the Western alphabet.

ICANN in KL to decide on major Net issues
ICANN the de facto "guardian" of the Internet, has
kicked off the second round of its thrice-yearly
meetings here, with several major issues up for

ICANN Is Responsible, Fair
ICANN was formed in September 1998 after intensive
discussions throughout the Internet community that
involved national governments, including the White
House. ICANN has policy development responsibilities
for the Internet's Domain Name System and Internet
address space. It also supports the development of
Internet standards by maintaining Internet protocol
reference tables.

ICANN to Divorce US Government
Executives from ICANN are inching closer to a new era
of self-government apart from the US Department of
Commerce (DoC).

ICANN crunch meeting begins
ICANN has completed the first day of its crunch
meeting in Kuala Lumpur that will decide the
overseeing organisation's fate.

ICANN Conference Kicks Off Next Week
The worldwide clout of domain name authority ICANN
will come under the spotlight in Kuala Lumpur,
Malaysia, next week.

ICANN talks money and power at Malaysia meeting
Perhaps not surprisingly, power and money are high on
the agenda for the group that oversees Internet
technical matters as it conducts a thrice-yearly
meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this week.

Time For ICANN to Reign In Out-of-Control Registrars
Reliable inexpensive registrars deserve a lot of
credit for the current record-breaking demand for new
registrations and the vibrant trade we’re seeing in
the domain aftermarket. Companies like Enom and
GoDaddy have made it easy and affordable for anyone to
acquire their own domain name and immediately manage
it through a consumer friendly control panel.

Final GNSO Report on Designating a Successor Operator
for the .net Registry (PDF) (16 July 2004)

GNSO Council Meeting (20 July 2004)
Agenda: GNSO Council Meeting (Grand Ballroom, Shangri
La hotel, Kuala Lumpur)

Draft Initial Report (Version 1) (PDF) (15 July 2004)
The draft procedure for use by ICANN in considering
requests for consent and related contractual
amendments to allow changes in the architecture or
operation of a gTLD registry has been posted.

ICANN, WSIS und die Selbstständigkeit der
Die private DNS-Verwaltung soll bald wirklich privat
sein. Der Geschäftsführer der Internet Corporation for
Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), der Australier
Paul Twomey, sagte beim Treffen in Kuala Lumpur, man
habe bereits sieben der vom US-Handelsministerium
vertraglich geforderten Bedingungen auf dem Weg in die
Unabhängigkeit geschafft. Bislang behält sich das
Department of Commerce noch die Oberaufsicht über die
Internet- und DNS-Verwalter vor. "Das laufende
Memorandum of Understanding," sagte Twomey, "wird das
letzte sein." Vorläufig müssen Veränderungen in der
Rootzone, damit auch die Einführung neuer Top Level
Domains, noch der US-Regierung zur Genehmigung
vorgelegt werden. ICANNs Führung wird aber nicht müde
zu betonen, dass das Handelsministerium nicht
interveniert und die Entscheidungen immer durchwinkt.

Vor dem ICANN-Meeting: Wie groß soll die
Netzverwaltung sein?
Die ICANN will beim bevorstehenden Treffen in Kuala
Lumpur ihr neues Budget beschließen. Der erste Entwurf
hatte für einige Diskussionen gesorgt. Aber wie groß
muss die Netzverwaltung sein, was darf sie kosten und
wer soll das bezahlen? Vor dem Treffen der Internet-
und DNS-Verwaltung, bei dem auch das weitere Verfahren
um neue Top Level Domains (TLD), das anstehende
Vergabeverfahren für .net und internationalisierte
Domains auf dem Programm stehen, gibt es dazu
unterschiedliche Ansichten und einen Reihe von
Forderungen an die ICANN-Büros in Marina und Brüssel.

Icann hält Konferenz zur Alphabet-Standardisierung ab
Mit der Veranstaltung in Malaysia will die
Organisation vor allem die Probleme angehen, die sich
dadurch ergeben, dass die Internet-Nutzung in Ländern
zunimmt, die eigene, zeichenbasierte Alphabete haben -
was vor allem in Asien der Fall ist.

Arabic Domain Names Progress
Among the contributions to the joint ICANN/ITU-T ccTLD
Workshop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is SaudiNIC's
Contributions and Experiences in Supporting Arabic
Domain Names provides an interesting background on
steps in Arabic states toward implementing Arabic
script domain names.

au: PR linked to Howard site
A SYDNEY public relations firm with links to the Labor
Party has taken responsibility for a contentious
website critical of Prime Minister John Howard.  The
website,, had been falsely
registered by a group or person going by the name "ABC
DEF", but has now been authorised by Manly-based
Springboard Australia Pty Ltd.,7204,10153577%5e16123%5e%5enbv%5e,00.html

NZ Domain Name Commissioner sanctions Registrar
The New Zealand Domain Name Commissioner, Debbie
Monahan, announced today that Actrix Networks Limited
would be the subject of a sanction.

PW ccTLD Opens 30-Day Public Comment Period; Newest
Top Level Domain Extension Geared for Consumer Email
(news release)
The PW Registry Corporation (
announced the start of a 30-day Public Comment Period
on its proposed policies for the PW top-level domain
(TLD). All interested parties are invited to review
the published policies for the PW TLD at

Domain Name Registration Rules Simplified Across
Europe (news release)
First it was Sweden, then came Spain, now France, and
soon Italy. More and more countries are opening up
their Registration rules to encourage companies - and
private individuals - to register their Domain Names.
Many of these changes have been influenced by the new
.eu domain name that will provide a European-wide
registration option. Companies and individuals need to
be aware of these changes and to secure their brand
and company names across Europe.

Google wins battle for '.no' domain
One of the world's most popular search engines won the
rights Thursday to the Norwegian domain ""
It's been held by a company using it to sell
sunglasses, and who won an earlier court round but has
now lost on appeal.

Lindows takes cash to change name
Microsoft will pay upstart Linux seller Lindows $20m
(£10.7m) to settle a long-running trademark dispute,
according to a regulatory document filed on Monday. In
exchange for the payment, Lindows -- which recently
renamed most of its products "Linspire" to work around
European trademark suits -- will give up the Lindows
name and assign related Web domains to Microsoft,
according to the registration statement Lindows filed
with the Securities and Exchange Commission.,39020330,39161037,00.htm

Consultations on the Establishment of WGIG
Markus Kummer, Executive Coordinator at the
Secretariat of the Working Group on the Internet
Governance (WGIG), has announced to members of the
Bureau of the Preparatory Committee of the Tunis phase
of the WSIS that the Secretariat on Internet
Governance (WGIG) is now set up and has begun to be

Microsoft awarded $4 million in spam suit
A federal court has ordered a California man to pay $4
million to Microsoft for allegedly using the software
giant's product names fraudulently as part of a spam
The messages allegedly directed people to a Web site
operated by Khoshnood,, that
informed visitors they should download the toolbar to
update their Microsoft security patches. As a result,
Microsoft sued Khoshnood for trademark infringement,
false advertising and "cybersquatting," the practice
of attempting to profit from the use of another
entity's trademark using an Internet domain name.;?storyID=5685779

Sistema de Nombres de Dominio (DNS)
CITEL publica documento de Oscar Messano (Relator
Cuestión de Estudio I: Asuntos relativos a los nombres
de dominio de Internet).

Los ccTLD's asiaticos impulsan estructuras At-Large
Durante la reunión del ALAC para la región Asia
Pacifico, la presencia y participación de los cctld's
locales se hace notoria.

ICANN a ritmo de Milonga y Tango
De acuerdo a lo que se ha podido escuchar en la
reunión del ICANN en Kuala Lumpur, la próxima reunión
del ICANN en Latinoamerica (programada para Abril del
2005), sería en Argentina.

Reunión ICANN en Kuala Lumpur: Notas del Taller sobre
Notas desde el Taller sobre WSIS.

Correction dans la charte de nommage ! (NIC .ht)
Le 7 juillet 2004, une correction a été portée à la
charte de nommage concernant la zone La
syntaxe correcte pour cette zone est

Reunión ICANN en Kuala Lumur: Taller sobre la WSIS
En instantes empezará el Taller sobre la WSIS en Kuala
Lumpur. Los dos expositores principales son Paul
Twomey (ICANN Ceo) y Markus Kummer (del WGIG)

Nuevos nombres de dominio... de que viene?
Segun lo escuchado en los pasillos de las reuniones..
al parecer el ICANN no ha dicho cuando estará el tema
de los nuevos gtld's. Se dieron respuestas por parte
de los postulantes que no se saben si llegaron. El
ICANN no sabe cuando dara resultados, nadie quiere

Internet Governance a la Malaya!
Markus Kummer, en su primera reunión dentro de la
reunión del ICANN en Kuala Lumpur (y dicen que tambien
su primera reunión ICANN) esta realizando una
presentación sobre su labor dirigiendo el grupo de
"Internet Governance"

Divulgado o resultado final homologado pelo CG - BR
O comitê Gestor da Internet no Brasil - CGIbr, reunido
no dia 15 de julho de 2004, homologou os resultados da
1a eleição para a escolha dos representantes da
Sociedade Civil, realizada no período de 31 de maio a
15 de julho de 2004.

Internet Governance Project
The Internet Governance Project (IGP) is an
interdisciplinary consortium of academics with
scholarly and practical expertise in international
governance, Internet policy, and information and
communication technology. The Project is conducting
research on and publishing analysis of Internet
governance. Some of the work is intended to contribute
to the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS),
and the United Nations Working Group on Internet
Governance, as well as related debates at the
international, regional and national levels.

Position Papers for the UN Working Group
* Mueller, Mathiason and McKnight: Paper for the
February 2004 ITU meeting "Making Sense of Internet
Governance: Public Policy Issues."
* Mueller, Mathiason and McKnight: Paper for the March
UN ICT TF Global Forum "Making Sense of Internet
Governance: Defining Principles and Norms."

Papers Related to WSIS
* Klein: "Understanding WSIS: An Institutional
Perspective on the UN World Summit on the Information

Policy Papers Related to ICANN
* Mueller and McKnight: New Top-Level Domain Additions
* Klein: "Global Democracy: Understanding ICANN's
At-large Elections"
* Mathiason and Kuhlman: "An International
Communication Policy: The Internet, International
Regulation and New Policy Structures"
* Holitscher, "Internet Governance Revisited: Think
* Mueller: "The Economics of DNS"
* Mueller: "Competing DNS roots: Creative Destruction
or Just Plain Destruction?"
* Mueller: "Success by Default: ICANN's Domain Name
Dispute Resolution"

Sources include Quicklinks ( and BNA
Internet Law News (".


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