domain name news - 23 July

domain name news - 23 July

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UN 'off track on Internet ' - Cerf
ICANN's chairman has attacked the United Nations for
failing to fight electronic crime and develop best
practices for e-commerce.,39020369,39161304,00.htm;?storyID=5727969

Realtime Captioning of the GNSO Council Meeting in
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Held on 20 July 2004

Final Revised GNSO Report on Designating a Successor
Operator for the .net Registry (Version 9)

ICANN Posts Revised Proposed FY 2004-05 Budget
ICANN today posted its revised Proposed Budget for
fiscal year 2004-05. The proposed budget revisions
were developed through consultations with ICANN
constituencies (in particular the gTLD registrar and
ccTLD constituencies), the Budget Advisory Group, and
the ICANN Board Finance Committee. In addition to
adoption by the ICANN Board, aspects of the proposed
fee structure are subject to approval by the gTLD
registrars. To submit comments on the Proposed Budget,
please email <budget-comments&#167;> . Archives of
the public comments can be found at

Next-generation IPv6 Address Added to the Internet's
Root DNS Zone

ICANN Moves Closer to Independence
ICANN is moving closer to separating itself form the
US Department of Commerce and becoming a
self-governing entity, according to reports.

Internet Overseers Talk Power
Perhaps not surprising, power and money are high on
the agenda for the group that oversees Internet
technical matters as it conducts a thrice-yearly
meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.,aid,116970,00.asp

New technology heralds unlimited Web sites
ICANN, the U.S. body overseeing Web site allocations
globally, has launched a new technology that will
allow virtually unlimited Internet addresses, its
chairman has told Reuters.

ICANN Starts IPv6 Ball Rolling
IPv6 took a significant step forward this week with
ICANN's decision to officially add the next generation
protocol to its root server systems. The shift to IPv6
is perhaps the largest and most significant change to
the structure of the Internet in decades - ICANN's
move a signal that the revolution has officially
ICANN adds IPv6 to root servers
Relief is on the way for the Web-address crunch, in
the way of a technology that can provide every person
and just about every device on the planet with an IP
(Internet Protocol) address.

Internet Governance Takes Centre Stage At ICANN Confab
AS the ICANN conference opens in Malaysia this week,
the issue of Internet governance, which has pitched
developing countries against the United States, is
expected to take centre stage once again.

ICANN Preps for IPv6
The next generation of the Internet Protocol got a
boost this week as the overseer of the domain name
system took technical steps to support it.

Can India take advantage of the new generation
Internet protocol from ICANN?
ICANN announced the new IPv6 – the next generation
Internet protocol from IPv4. The Internet will explode
in the coming years with this protocol and technology.
The technology allows flexibility, speed and mobility.
According to experts, the mobile technology and the
new Internet technology will make today’s Internet
look primitive.

Domain name transfers to become easier
The transfer of domain names from one registrar to
another is set to become easier, ICANN announced last
week. The new policy, due to take effect from 12th
November, is intended to increase competition and
consumer choice.

Multi-lingual web addresses? Not very soon
Talks in Malaysia on ways to enable the writing of Web
addresses in non-Roman characters like Chinese and
Arabic have so far failed to produce a solution.
Internet experts say finding ways to allow
multi-lingual Web addresses presents enormous
technical challenges.

ITU/BDT Arab Regional Workshop on IPv6
ITU/BDT Arab Regional Workshop on Internet Protocol
Version-6 (IPv6) in Tunis 20-22 July 2004. Domain Name Sells for $2.75 Million
", the domain name, has been purchased
for $2.75 million by ClickSuccess, L.P., an Austin,
Texas-based firm specializing in marketing financial
products online. The purchase, announced yesterday
(July 20, 2004), represents the fifth highest selling
price for a domain name on record." I have to admit,
when I looked at those opening lines from a new press
release today I started trying to find out who was
behind the joke!

us: Bidding opens for domain
A part-time bail bondsman named Kerry Edwards who
registered a personal domain two years ago is now
sitting on a gold mine thanks to the Democrats'
recently announced US presidential ticket.

us: Court Rules Email Service Not Sufficient In Domain
Decision at:

us: School district changes to new Internet domain
Pittsburg Community Schools has changed its Internet
domain. will replace the old address of


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Internet Law News (".


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