domain name news - 27 July

domain name news - 27 July

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us: Kerry Edwards Seeks Big Payout for Web Address
Things are looking up for 34-year-old bail bondsman
Kerry Edwards, who two years ago staked out his own
patch of online real estate by purchasing the Web

az: Google Loses Domain Name In Azerbaijan
Last year Google started the "Google Azerbaijan
Project", Google was translated into Azerbaijani and was used for all local Azerbaijani

Google's Challenge of 'Froogles' Rejected
Google Inc.'s right to use the name "Froogle" for its
online shopping service came into question Friday when
an arbitration panel rejected the company's challenge
of a Web site named,1,7829883.story

RIPE NCC Remote Route Collector Deployed at German
Internet Exchange (DE-CIX)
RRC12 is located at the German Internet Exchange
(DE-CIX) It is the thirteenth RRC to come on line and
has been operational since July 2004. RRC12 has an
interface on the shared DE-CIX medium (running both
IPv4 and IPv6) and collects routing information from
all DE-CIX members willing to peer.

The Site Finder Reprise
I have been attending the Icann conference in Malaysia
this week. One of the key events was the submission of
the report from the Security & Stability Advisory
Committee regarding Site Finder. In reading the
committee's report I discovered what I believe is an
incredible breakdown in logic and as a consequence, a
very mistaken, or at least confused, set of
conclusions. So, why do I say that?

Will's Web Watch: Do firms still know 'squat' about
The issue of domain names is a thorny one. From
celebrities to major companies there have been
countless incidences of cybersquatting in recent

The Insider: Domain sale promotion drives Web site
Local business owner John Hynds failed earlier this
summer to sell the domain name on eBay for

Secret Services Likely to Grab .UA Domain - Hostmaster
Director Mostovy
The international community is concerned about the
government decision to attribute the management of the
.UA domain name to security services. The government
and secret services may grab .UA ccTLD to receive a
"magic button", which can allow them to shut down any
offensive Ukrainian web-site in minutes, and give them
full control on the Ukrainian Internet content and,
consequently, the control on the Ukrainian Internet
community as whole, according to the letter of
B.Mostovy, director general of Hostmaster Ltd., the
current administrator of the .UA domain.

VeriSign: E-commerce doing well
The registration of .com and .net domain names has
grown at least 20 percent in the last year, indicating
that companies are continuing to put their businesses
online at a healthy pace, stated online infrastructure
services provider VeriSign in its Internet Security
and Intelligence Briefing report. The report, which
will be released on Monday, finds that the number of
domain lookups have also jumped nearly 12 times,
indicating that more people are online as well.

VeriSign Reports Second Quarter 2004 Results (news
VeriSign reported its results for the second quarter
ended June 30, 2004.

ICANN Launches New Initiatives to Steward a Stable
Global Internet
ICANN wrapped up its week-long meetings in KL during
which the world-wide Internet community moved forward
on a number of significant new initiatives directed at
further stewarding a stable global Internet. The
meeting was attended by more than 700 participants
from over 50 countries from all regions of the world.

Resolutions Adopted at Kuala Lumpur ICANN Board
Adoption of ICANN Budget for Fiscal Year 2004-2005;
Board Committee Assignments; Registry/Registrar
Request for Extension to Implement of Extensible
Provisioning Protocol; WIPO II President's Working
Group Recommendation; SSAC Report on Redirection in
the COM and NET Domains; World Summit on the
Information Society; Internationalized Domain Names;
Designation of Cape Town as the 2004 Annual Meeting;
Congratulations on the Inaugural Meeting of the ccNSO
Council; Acknowledgement of AfriNIC Application.

Joint ICANN/ITU-T ccTLD Workshop in Kuala Lumpur on 24
July, 2004
ICANN and ITU will be jointly hosting a workshop on
ccTLDs, in Kuala Lumpur on 24 July, 2004. It will be
webcast live, and the webcast can be viewed at:

The Internet - cheap at twice the price
ICANN has just finished its bi-annual five-day meeting
in Kuala Lumpur and it's feeling pretty good about

ICANN ends Malaysia meeting with budget approval
ICANN Friday wrapped up its board meeting in Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia, and took pains to promote its
resulting accomplishments as it seeks to refine its
role in Internet governance and become a
self-governing entity.

Internationalized Domain Names Open Obligation,
Much of the discussion at ICANN's recent meetings in
Kuala Lumpur focused on Internationalized Domain Names
and the use of local languages and characters,
promoting the addition of a range of character sets
without damaging the end-to-end interworking of
today's Internet, which is limited mainly to
specifically coded Latin characters.

IPv6 domains primed for launch
ICANN will start giving out domain names based on the
next-generation of Internet Protocol, with Japan and
Korea the first to benefit.,39020369,39161602,00.htm

ICANN begins IPv6 switch in Japan, Korea
ICANN has thrown its weight behind the shift to IPv6,
in what it claims is a "significant first step" in the
transition to the next generation protocol. The
organization said the IPv6 AAAA records for .jp
(Japan) and .kr (Korean) became visible on July 20.

GNSO Council Report by Dr. Bruce Tonkin, Presented at
the ICANN Public Forum in Kuala Lumpur

Research project - Papers towards WSIS II
APC member, the Third World Institute (Instituto del
Tercer Mundo, ITeM) is seeking scholars and activists
to participate in a research project intended to
contribute to the second phase of the World Summit on
the Information (WSIS) decision-making process.

ITU pushing to deliver on next generation network
China's largest telecommunications equipment maker,
ZTE Corporation, was chosen at this week's Focus Group
meeting in Geneva of the Next Generation Networks
standardization effort within the ITU-T to draft two
of the most important aspects of the NGN.

ZTE In Key Next Generation Network Development With
ITU In Geneva
ZTE Corporation, China's largest listed
telecommunications equipment provider, has been chosen
by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) to
draft two important international standards that will
help to shape the future of the world's next
generation networks (NGN).


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