domain name news - September 30

domain name news - September 30

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us: CONFERENCE: World Association of Domain Name
Developers and 2004
in Delray Beach, Florida - 20-23 Oct
Just like fuel runs a car....TRAFFIC is the fuel that
runs the net. Just like in real life there are many
grades to choose from crude oil to rocket fuel. The
same is also true of the net. Traffic comes in various
grades but only the sophisticated traffic buyer
understands the difference and buys the most potent
traffic. If you are not KEENLY aware of the subtle
differences in other info is more
valuable if you have a website and plan to make a
PROFIT on the net.

nz: Whois Policy Review
Call for Public Comment: InternetNZ, through the
Office of the Domain Name Commissioner, is reviewing
the existing Whois Server Policy
( A Working Group
has been established by the .nz Oversight Committee to
conduct the review. The Working Group seeks public
input to assist in developing a revised draft policy,
which will also be subject to public consultation. All
aspects of the current policy are subject to this
review and a consultation paper has been prepared.
This paper provides some information and context for
the current review of the Whois policy and raises
three key areas for discussion. The paper also poses
some specific questions on which comment is sought, as
well as any general comments that people may have. The
paper is available at: whois_paper_1.html

uk: Tories accuse Labour over Howard web sites
Shadow Industry and Technology Minister Michael
Fabricant has accused Labour of planning a 'desperate
dirty tricks campaign', claiming the party has
registered three web sites in the name of opposition
leader Michael Howard.

uk: BAA accused in net 'dirty tricks' campaign
Analysis An attempt to take over the domain has sparked accusations of a dirty tricks
campaign, bias at the very heart of the internet and a
call for urgent reform of the international rules for
domain disputes.

ICANN Oversight and Security of Internet Root Servers
and the Domain Name System (DNS) Communications
Members will hear testimony examining ICANN,
international cooperation in management and governance
of the Domain Name Syatem (DNS), and the security of
the Internet's root servers and the DNS.

IPv6 expert sees adoption growing . . . slowly
For a decade, network executives have been awaiting
the arrival of IPv6, an upgrade to the current version
of the Internet Protocol, IPv4. IPv6 promises a
dramatically larger addressing scheme as well as
enhanced security and easier administration. Senior
Editor Carolyn Duffy Marsan recently interviewedJim
Bound, chair of the North American IPv6 Task Force and
CTO of the IPv6 Forum, about the status of IPv6
deployment. A Hewlett-Packard Fellow, Bound is a
contributor to the IPv6 specifications and an early
implementer of the technology.

WHOIS Protocol Specification (Sept04)
Status of this Memo: This document specifies an
Internet standards track protocol for the Internet
community, and requests discussion and suggestions for
improvements. Please refer to the current edition of
the "Internet Official Protocol Standards" (STD 1) for
the standardization state and status of this protocol.
 Distribution of this memo is unlimited.

Afilias Announces 3-Year Analysis of the .INFO Domain
(news release)
Afilias, a global provider of domain name registry
services, today released a three year analysis of the
.INFO domain in preparation for the third anniversary
of live, real-time registrations on October 1. The
domain, which is the most popular of the new TLDs that
were launched in 2001, now has over 1,500,000
registrations, 71% of which are active sites, and over
460,000 dedicated INFO sites.

tn: President Ben Ali Receives Secretary General of
Itu, Wsis Discussed
President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali received Friday Mr
Yoshio Utsumi, secretary-general of the International
telecommunication (ITU).

Fifth Publication of the UN ICT Task Force Series
The following is the introductory excerpt from the
United Nations ICT Task Force's recently published
"Internet Governance: A Grand Collaboration". This
publication offers a collection of works from the
March 2004 meeting.

Pan Asia ICT R&D Grants Programme - October 2004
Competition Round
The Pan Asia ICT R&D Grants Programme is pleased to
announce the October 2004 Competition round for ICT
R&D grant applicants from the Asia Pacific region.
This open-theme competition welcomes proposals in the
following areas:
*       Research and development into innovative ICT
applications, with a clear focus on practical and
replicable approaches and techniques;
*       Research on Internet infrastructure design,
performance, management policy and related topics;
*       Development of practical solutions based on
the application of proven and readily available
Internet technologies with minimum basic    research;
*       Research on the outcomes and social impacts of
specific ICT policies and interventions and
application of Internet technologies;
*       Research on policy matters affecting Internet
networking in the Asia Pacific region, especially
where linked to areas such as the impact of policies,
gender equity, social equity, sustainable communities,
and technology diffusion/transfer and benefits to
rural areas;
*       Technology related issues such as Broadband
Connectivity, Last mile innovation, Mobile and
Wireless technologies for the developing world and
Increasing the capacity/efficiency of existing network
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Sources include Quicklinks ( and BNA
Internet Law News (".


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