domain name news - October 4

domain name news - October 4

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China's domain name .CN tops 402,000
China's domain name ".CN" had hit 402,291 by the end
of August, according to the China Internet Network
Information Center (CNNIC).

au: Fan seeks cash for players' Internet names
A MAN could face legal action after registering
internet domain names of dozens of AFL stars and

au: Labour squats Howard domains
A Conservative MP has written to the Electoral
Commission complaining about the Labour party
cyber-squatting on domain names using the name of
Michael Howard, the leader of the opposition.

UAE working with other countries to develop Arabic
domain names  	
UAEnic, the entity which oversees domain name issues
in the country, is working with counterparts in Saudi
Arabia and Qatar to develop domain names in the Arabic
language, confirmed a top official.

us: Abandoned campaign Web sites go X-rated
Do political candidates know where their cast-off
campaign Web addresses are? If they don't, they had
better check and see. The sites may have been taken
over by online pornographers.

us: Supreme Court to decide dispute on eminent domain
The Supreme Court agreed Tuesday to decide when local
governments may seize people's homes and businesses
against their will to make way for projects such as
shopping malls and hotel complexes that produce more
tax revenue.,1413,36~11676~2433664,00.html

uk: Online presence for all UK schools
Some 30,000 schools in England, Scotland and Wales -
representing every standard curriculum primary and
secondary - now have their own registered ''
internet domain.

us: Candidates' abandoned Web sites awash in porn
Click Here If they don't, they had better check and
see. The sites may have been taken over by online
pornographers. ... Those old addresses went into a
pool where they were snatched up by a domain reseller.
That reseller is offering to sell them again for $500.
In the meantime, the addresses are parked at a porn
site. This happens to a lot of expired Web addresses,
and candidates shouldn't take it personally, said
Kieran Baker, spokesman for Internet Corporation for
Assigned Names and Numbers, a nonprofit organization
that manages the domain name system.

ICANN Publishes Initial Version of New gTLD
Implementation Strategy for Public Comment
ICANN is committed to develop and implement a
comprehensive strategy for selecting new gTLDs using
predictable, straightforward, transparent, and
objective procedures that preserve the stability and
security of the Internet. In furtherance of that goal,
ICANN staff have prepared a report, Strategy:
Introduction of New Generic Top-Level Domains. A 15
day public comment forum on this report will commence
on 1 October, and close at 17:00 PDT on 15 October.

Update: ICANN Preparing .NET Redelegation RFP
The current Registry Agreement between ICANN and
VeriSign, Inc. which was signed in May 2001 will
expire on June 30, 2005. The agreement provides that
ICANN, must adopt an open and transparent procedure
for designating a "successor" Registry Operator. In
June of this year the ICANN's Board adopted a
procedure for the designation of a "successor"
registry, which is currently underway. ICANN's Generic
Names Supporting Organization, has adopted
recommendations regarding criteria for ICANN in the
selection of the "successor" .NET registry operator.

The Wal-Martization of E-Commerce
Widespread online commerce is not a fiction; it's a
reality at, the fastest growing
domain registrar in the world. CEO Bob Parsons, the
boy wonder among Internet Corporation for Assigned
Names and Numbers (ICANN) domain registrars, is very
aggressive and very business savvy: "if you don't have
a Web site, then obviously there is something
seriously wrong with you."

Semantic Web: Funding Nascent Democracy
In March 2003, when I wrote about Afghanistan
rejoining the Internet, I was (jokingly) skeptical
that they could attract English-speaking vanity domain
seekers. The .af domain registry is now open for
business, so perhaps I can be proven wrong.

US Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and
Transportation: ICANN Oversight and Security of
Internet Root Servers and the Domain Name System (DNS)
Communications Hearing
Members will hear testimony examining the Internet
Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN),
international cooperation in management and governance
of the Domain Name Syatem (DNS), and the security of
the Internet's root servers and the DNS.

Testimony of Dr. Paul Twomey before the US Senate
Committee On Commerce, Science, and Transportation
The US Senate's Subcommittee on Communications of the
Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and
Transportation will hold a hearing on oversight of
ICANN and the security of the Internet's root servers
and the DNS.

RIPE NCC Announces Selected Member for the Address
Council of the ICANN ASO
The RIPE NCC is pleased to announce the new
representative selected from the RIPE NCC service
region to serve on the ICANN ASO Address Council.

3M and Host Corporate Domain Name
Seminar; Leading Global Brand Owners Discuss Domain
Name Strategies and Internet Policies (news release)
3M and announced they will be hosting a
corporate domain name seminar for some of the world's
most valuable brands. The one-day seminar will be held
today at 3M's corporate headquarters in St. Paul,
Minnesota and will feature presentations from leading
industry experts on corporate domain name issues,
Internet policies and domain name dispute resolution.


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Internet Law News (".


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