Re: [DNS] Name History ...

Re: [DNS] Name History ...

From: Jason Trickey <jason§>
Date: Mon, 01 Nov 2004 23:18:11 +1100
Hi Tony,

You have no obligation to hand the domain back anyway one would think. 
Domains which have expired are available for the taking in 99.9% of cases, 
no matter what the history. Love it all you like Tony, and use it. Be sure 
to renew it on time.

I'd like to trust you with a list of my expiring domains. I've never 
witnessed such fair play before :)~



>Thanks Kim,
>You may know the answer to this, he claims seven years .. has 
>always been two year increments, so he would have had it for 6 or 8 ?
>I am hoping it is a scam, because I really wanted the name lol
>Cheers Tony
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