domain name news - November 8

domain name news - November 8

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Virtual Countries: Internet Domain Names and
Geographical Terms by MATTHEW RIMMER (Media
International Australia incorporating Culture and
This paper examines the dispute between the Seattle
company Virtual Countries Inc. and the Republic of
South Africa over the ownership of the domain name
address The first part of the paper
deals with the pre-emptive litigation taken by Virtual
Countries Inc. in a District Court of the United
States. The second part considers the possible
arbitration of the dispute under the Uniform Domain
Name Dispute Resolution Process of the Internet
Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and
examines the wider implications of this dispute for
the jurisdiction and the governance of ICANN. The
final section of the paper evaluates the Final Report
of the Second WIPO Internet Domain Name Process.

Crippled domain hits websites (sub req'd)
Thousands of Hong Kong-based websites were down for
almost seven hours yesterday because of problems with
one of the city's main internet domain name

HKIRC promises won't crash (sub req'd)
A general shutdown that paralysed hundreds, possibly
thousands, of Hong Kong-based websites on Monday
morning will never happen again, the head of the
domain name registrar responsible for the blunder
guaranteed on Tuesday.

German domain firm in running for .net
Denic, the operator of the German Internet domain .de,
has confirmed that it is to bid to take over the
running of .net when VeriSign Inc's contract with the
Internet Corp for Assigned Names and Numbers lapses
next June.

ICANN accepts Philippine ‘.ph’ domain rules
AN international policymaking body regulating the
global Internet domain system has accepted the
Philippine rules for the administration of the “.ph”
domain, a government official told

Translation of "JP Domain Name Registry Report (July
2004)" Posted
JPRS posted English translation of "JP Domain Name
Registry Report (July 2004)." The report is the first
annual publication briefing the activities carried out
by JPRS in relation to its management and
administration of .JP top-level domain.

Sipence Grabs 1 Million .info Domains, Sparking
Domain owners are protesting a move by domain
registrar eNom to register the .info equivalents of
nearly a million .com domains owned by eNom customers.
Domain name statistics show that eNom registered
950,000 domain names between Sept. 27 and Oct. 4.

Conference on Dispute Resolution in International
Science and Technology Collaboration (April 25-26,
2005) (now available: updated program and
To help parties obtain a better understanding of the
issues that might give rise to disputes and to address
the various options for resolving them, the WIPO
Arbitration and Mediation Center is organizing a
Conference on Dispute Resolution in International
Science and Technology Collaboration in Geneva on
Monday, April 25 and on the morning of Tuesday, April
26, 2005.

Forman Leaves
One of's founding fathers resigned from
his board of directors seat Wednesday, ending a
10-year stint at the helm of one of the biggest
registrars in the world.

New Instance of RIPE NCC Operated K-root Server
Deployed in Helsinki, Finland
On Thursday 28, October 2004, The RIPE NCC (Réseaux IP
Européens Network Coordination Centre) deployed a new
mirror instance of the K-root Internet root name
server at the Finnish Internet Exchange (FICIX ry) in
Helsinki, Finland. FICIX has also hosted i.root-server
since 2003.

Architecture of the World Wide Web, First Edition -
W3C Proposed Recommendation 5 November 2004
The World Wide Web uses relatively simple technologies
with sufficient scalability, efficiency and utility
that they have resulted in a remarkable information
space of interrelated resources, growing across
languages, cultures, and media. In an effort to
preserve these properties of the information space as
the technologies evolve, this architecture document
discusses the core design components of the Web. They
are identification of resources, representation of
resource state, and the protocols that support the
interaction between agents and resources in the space.
We relate core design components, constraints, and
good practices to the principles and properties they
Dispute Resolution and Trust Building in Virtual
A workshop on Dispute Resolution and Trust Building in
Virtual Worlds was held at the second State of Play
conference at New York Law School October 30, 2004.
Several cases taken from Second Life were shared,
including transaction disputes, zoning/neighbor
matters, and public protests. The conversation covered
wide ground, including online contracts, the role of
mediation in online communities, democracy and voting,
public vs. private disputes, and customer service vs.
member-to-member dispute resolution. All in all it was
a very interesting discussion, and one that began to
raise the complex matters we will all have to deal
with in the future of ODR.

WebServe Canada Certified by CIRA
Web hosting and domain registrar WebServe Canada
( announced on Thursday that it is now
offering .ca domain registrations directly as a
Canadian Internet Registration Authority certified

.MP Mobile Internet Domain Focuses on Customer Privacy
(news release)
Saipan DataCom, Inc., the registry for the newly
available .mp top-level domain (TLD), today announced
that they will limit access to the .mp WHOIS data thus
providing customers with privacy. Unlike TLD
registries that provide publicly available WHOIS data
searches, .mp WHOIS data will be available only with
documentation indicating possible rights to a
particular .mp domain name.

dotMP(TM) - The Complete Mobile Content Platform
Launched (news release)
Sunrise Registration Is Now Open for the Newly
Available '.mp' Internet Top-Level Mobile Domain and
dotMP Mobile Sites

Choosing An Effective Domain Name
Choosing an effective domain name is important to
increase visibility, attract buyers, and inspire

dotMP Mobile Internet Domain Focuses on Customer
Privacy (news release)
Newly Available .mp Top-Level Domain and Mobile
Content Platform Makes Privacy a Priority

RegistryPro Doubles Service to Professionals (news
.Pro Domain Expands to Provide Secure and Confidential
Internet Communication to Experts Who Seek the Highest
Assurance in a Registry

Six Ways To Create a Keyword-Rich Domain Name
An effective domain name can help to brand your site.
It can also communicate to your customers the types of
products you sell online. An easy to remember domain
that describes your services should be the goal of
every site owner. Here are some techniques that you
can use to create the best domain name for your

The Domain Name You Want May Be Available For Less
Than You Think (news release)
When Mission Viejo, California based LifeScript wanted
to launch a new low carbohydrate meal replacement
shake they searched high and low for a name they could
trademark and get a .com domain name. "We tried over a
hundred names and we were getting frustrated." said
LifeScript CEO Ron Caporale "A consultant put us in
touch with and they helped us acquire
www.revitalize.comfor a reasonable price." LifeScript
has launched their new product with the domain name
they purchased and sales are well ahead of


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BNA Internet Law News <>.


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