domain name news - November 15

domain name news - November 15

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ICANN moves to move VeriSign lawsuit to Paris
The Internet's governing body is trying to reroute a
lawsuit that VeriSign, which has a monopoly on the
master .com database, filed against it in February.
ICANN said Friday that it has requested that the
lawsuit be moved from California state court to the
International Chamber of Commerce in Paris.

ICANN domain transfer policy takes effect
ICANN's new transfer policy for inter-registrar domain
names went into effect on Friday.

Is Your Domain Locked Down?
ICANN's new domain transfer policy that starts Friday
is intended to provide greater security and
portability to the domain transfer process and protect
against "domain slamming."

ICANN changes .com, .net domain name transfer rules
The rules for transfers of US-based top level domain
names have changed today. The changes are aimed at
making the transfer of domains between registrars
easier, but fears have been raised that it is also
easier to hijack them as well.

New domain rules 'will make hijacking easier'
New rules for domain transfers will come into effect
on Friday, making it easier for people to hijack
domains, according to the security and network
services company Netcraft.

NetSol Locks Domains, But Others Say Concerns Are
Network Solutions is among a number of domain
registrars who have automatically locked down all
domain names registered by its customers to prevent
errant transfers under new ICANN guidelines on domain
transfers, which take effect Friday.

ICANN Domain Name Transfer Policy Becomes Effective
(news release)
ICANN announced that its new inter-registrar domain
name transfer policy has gone into effect.

Denic Plans .net Bid
Denic eG, the non-profit cooperative that runs
Germanys .de internet domain, is considering
submitting a bid to take over the running of the .net
domain registry, member support permitting, the
organization has confirmed.

Internet's .Net Goes Out For Bid
With management responsibilities of the .net domain
soon to be up for grabs, several groups are
positioning themselves to snatch the domain from its
current steward, VeriSign Inc. The Internet
Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, a
non-profit corporation that manages the Internet
Domain Name System, Friday will issue a formal request
for proposals in its quest to ensure .net's smooth
operation for years to come.

ICANN Releases .NET RFP for Public Comment (news
ICANN has released for public comment a draft of the
.NET Request for Proposals (RFP). The public comment
period will commence today and will end in two weeks
on 26 November 2004 at 17:00 UTC.

National Arbitration Forum Named Dispute Resolution
Provider for Internet Domain Registrar Disputes (news
The National Arbitration Forum and the Asian Domain
Name Dispute Resolution Centre (ADNDRC) have been
approved as independent dispute resolution providers
for the Transfer Dispute Resolution Policy (TDRP) as
announced today by the Internet Corporation for
Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). This policy is
part of the Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy, which
will go into effect on November 12, 2004.

ICANN Takes Steps to Move VeriSign Contract Dispute
from Litigation to Arbitration
ICANN has initiated efforts to enforce the arbitration
clause of VeriSign’s .net Registry Agreement and move
the VeriSign lawsuit into an international arbitration
forum. ICANN has filed its demand for arbitration
pursuant to the terms of the current .NET Registry
Agreement and in response to litigation VeriSign
re-initiated in a California state court following the
US Federal District Court’s dismissal of its
anti-trust allegations earlier this year. ICANN is
hopeful that the arbitration proceeding will provide a
quick and efficient resolution to the outstanding
dispute between the parties. ICANN sent its
arbitration demand to the International Chamber of
Commerce in Paris which is designated within the
current .NET agreement as the arbitration forum for
disputes arising relating to the terms of that

ICANN Approves Dispute Resolution Providers for TDRP
ICANN announced yesterday that the Asian Domain Name
Dispute Resolution Centre (ADNDRC) and the National
Arbitration Forum (NAF) have been approved as
independent dispute resolution providers for the
Transfer Dispute Resolution Policy (TDRP). This policy
is part of the Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy, which
will go into effect on 12 November 2004.

Owner of Emerges from Scrum $350,000 Richer!

We've only seen a couple of brief lulls in the bull
market that domains are enjoying this year. One was
last week when overall sales were solid but there were
no high flyers. The previous time that happened the
following week was a monster and it just happened
again. led the rebound with a whopping
$350,000 price tag, placing it among the top 5 sales
this year.

E-government and IP Symposium for the Arab Region,
Dubai (UAE), 22-25 November 2004
The symposium will focus on e-government for the Arab
region and therefore will be an opportunity to address
practical issues aimed at fostering the development of
e-government in the region and also provide a forum
where participants will share experiences and discuss
policy aspects of the management of DNS (Internet
Domain Names) and IP Addresses.

nz: InternetNZ appointed as the next APTLD Secretariat
(no link)
"On behalf of the board and members of APTLD, my
congratulations to Peter Macaulay, Gale Blikshavn and
everyone involved in the InternetNZ bid. APTLD
welcomes the opportunity to work with InternetNZ
during its coming term as the APTLD secretariat."
Peter Dengate-Thrush (Chair, Asia Pacific Top Level
Domain Association)

ca: New Policy to Set Standard for Internet Domain
Name Privacy:
CIRA launches open consultation on proposed new WHOIS
policy. Comments due by January 12, 2005.

ICANN, the ITU and WSIS and Internet Governance by
Geoff Huston
In the previous article we looked at ICANN, its brief
history, and its achievements. IN this article I'd
like to cast the net a bit wider and look at the
concept of "Internet Governance" in the context of the
ITU and the World Summit on the Information Society
(WSIS). One of ICANN's major achievements has been the
restructuring of the generic top level domain name
business, where it has been able replace a single
monopoly operator with a system of registry operators
and registrars. The registry operators are constrained
not by regulatory fiat by under the terms of formal
contracts with ICANN, so that regulatory constraint is
replaced by contractual obligation. Registrars operate
under a lighter set of strictures, and the major
constraining factor is the competitive market for
registrar services. In general, the outcomes of these
restructuring measures have been positive, in that the
price to consumers had fallen, the market has, to some
extent stabilised, and the privileged monopoly
position enjoyed by a single operator has been, to
some extent, diluted. This has not happened easily,
and it could be argued that the price paid for ICANN
to achieve this positive outcome has been very high.

ICANN and Internet Governance by Geoff Huston
It may have taken some three decades to get here, but
there's now no doubt that the Internet is now a major
public communications utility. That's hardly the most
important piece of news you are likely to read today,
but the implication of this public role is that there
are legitimate issues of public policy to consider
when looking at the broad topic of coordination of
various aspects of Internet infrastructure. In other
words, "Internet Governance" is a matter of
significant concern to many. In this column we will
look at the various range of views about ICANN and its
rationale and role over its brief history. Of course
no look at Internet Governance would be complete
without also looking at the role of the International
Telecommunications Union (ITU) as well as the broader
background to this topic. It is a large topic and its
already been the catalyst for numerous articles. Here
I'll try to be as succinct as I can!

Internationalizing Top-Level Domain Names: Another
Look - ISOC member briefing #18
Abstract: Over the last few years, rising interest in
internationalized domain names has been accompanied by
interest in using those names at the top level and, in
particular, replacing or supplementing country-code
based domain names with names in the language of the
relevant countries. This memo suggests that actually
creating such names in the DNS is undesirable from
both a user-interface and DNS management standpoint.
It then proposes the alternative of translating the
names so that every TLD name is available to users in
their own languages. An observation is made in many
cultures that one should understand the problem one is
trying to solve before solving it. The conventional
wisdom is usually that this produces better results
and a solution that is a better match to the actual
problem than a "solution first" approach. This article
examines the question of top level DNS names that are
expected to reflect the language of the user from that
user standpoint and suggests a way to approach the
problem that may be better – and serve a wider range
of users – than the perhaps more obvious approach.

Why is SCTP needed given TCP and UDP are widely
available? - ISOC member briefing #17
Definition: Stream Control Transmission Protocol
(SCTP) [RFC2960] is an end-to-end transport protocol
that provides services heretofore unavailable from
either of the workhorse transport protocols that have
supported the Internet for more than twenty years:
reliable, connection-oriented TCP [RFC793], or
unreliable, connectionless UDP [RFC768].

Online Crooks Stealing Trademarks, Domain Names Can Be
Thwarted, Wolf Greenfield Lawyer Says
Cyberpirates don't fly the Jolly Roger when ripping
off trademarks and domain names. They work in secret,
but if you don't catch them early, they can scuttle
your ship of commerce.

Backordering Expired Domain Names
To increase a customer’s chance of registering the
domain name, the service is based on placing multiple
backorders through complementary independent backorder
service providers.

us: Are they Nuts? Web site gives clue
The Internet domain name was the first
one to be registered by the minor league baseball
franchise formerly known as the Modesto Athletics,
giving a strong clue as to the new name of the
California League team. Now introducing … your Modesto

ICANN Expected to OK .travel
According to reports, the Internet Corporation for
Assigned Names and Numbers ( has entered
into negotiations with Tralliance Corporation for
administrative control over the .travel sponsored
top-level domain. Tralliance, based in New York, is an
organization developed to enhance online commerce
between travelers and the travel and tourism

Is Your Domain Name Being Hijacked?
If you own a domain name for your business or personal
use, run, don't walk, to the phone, call the company
you registered the name with, and make sure that name
is "locked down.",aid,118589,00.asp

WIPO: Conference on Dispute Resolution in
International Science and Technology Collaboration
Research increasingly involves complex international
collaboration between public and private research
institutions, universities, industry, start-up
companies, venture capital providers as well as
entities involved in the commercialization of
intellectual property and technology. Such
relationships can give rise to equally complex
intellectual property and technology disputes.

Backordering Expired Domain Names (news release)
DomainMart today announced that it has introduced an
enhanced domain name backorder service. To increase a
customer’s chance of registering the domain name, the
service is based on placing multiple backorders
through complementary independent backorder service

UN establishes Working Group on Internet Governance
(news release)
Secretary-General Kofi Annan announced today the
establishment of the Working Group on Internet
Governance.  The Working Group will prepare the ground
for a decision on this issue by the second phase of
the World Summit on the Information Society, to be
held in Tunis in November 2005.

U.N. creates Internet governance working group
Preparations are in full swing for the second phase of
the World Summit on the Information Society, or WSIS,
later next year.

United Nations Establishes Working Group on Internet
Secretary-General Kofi Annan announced today the
members of the United Nations Working Group on
Internet Governance, which is to prepare the ground
for a decision on this contentious issue by the second
phase of the World Summit on the Information Society
in 2005. The establishment of the Working Group was
requested by the first phase of the Summit, held in
Geneva last December. At that time, countries agreed
to continue the dialogue on the management of the
Internet, at both the technical and policy levels.

Africa: Etisalat to host ITU symposium in Dubai
Etisalat has teamed up with the International
Telecommunications Union (ITU) to jointly host a
region-wide e-Government and Internet Protocol (IP)
symposium. The top-level meeting, to be held in
Etisalat Academy in Dubai from November 22-25, 2004,
will look at the practical issues involved in
implementing e-Government and discuss policy aspects
of the management of DNS and IP addresses.

ITU: Presentation on Internet Analysis Report 2004 -
Protocol and Governance
As part of the SPU lunch seminar series, Ian Peter,
Internet Mark 2 Project, gave a presentation to ITU
staff on Internet Governance entitled Internet
Analysis Report  2004 - Protocols and Governance

Sources include Quicklinks <> and
BNA Internet Law News <>.


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