Capital Networks Pty Ltd aka Totalnic aka Pacnames

Capital Networks Pty Ltd aka Totalnic aka Pacnames

From: <magic2147§>
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 20:57:37 +1100
If you have a gTLD domain registered with the above you should check to see who the 
registrant currently is. It might not be what it was the lst time you looked.

Recently this registrar has unilaterally changed both the registrant email and the registrant 
name on many domains.

Subsequent to this they have sent registrants the following email:

------ Start of message ----------

From: PacNames Support <support&#167;>
To: enquiries&#167;
Date sent: xxxx Nov 2004 xx:xx:xx -0700

Subject: Domain name: xxxxxxxxxxxx.COM


Our information is that you are or may be associated with the domain name: 

Currently the administrative contact for xxxxxxxxxxxx.COM is: yyyyyyy zzzzzzzz 

The listed registrant for xxxxxxxxxxxx.COM is: 

yyyyyyy zzzzzzzz

The purpose of this email is to explain to you what the role of the administrative contact and 
the registrant is and who should be listed here. This is of great importance since your domain 
name is probably an important business asset and the continued safety of that asset 
depends in large part upon the accuracy of these details.

If this domain name is owned by a company then that company should be listed as the 
REGISTRANT. The registrant is the licensee of the domain name - ie the closest possible 
thing to "owning" the domain name.

In addition the ADMINISTRATIVE CONTACT should be a director of the company. That is a 
person authorised to deal with the companys assets and a person who in a relationship of 
trust and bound to protect such assets in the interests of the company and its shareholders. 

If the domain name is owned by a natural person then that person should be both the 
administrative contact and the registrant of the domain name.

Both the administrative contact and the registrant details must be accurate. These people 
have authority to sell, transfer or delete a domain name. 

They can in a matter of moments give away your valuable domain name to another person. 
Therefore they must be absolutely trustworthy and guaranteed in this way to act in the best 
interests of the domain name holder who should always be listed as the registrant.

If your domain name shows a computer consultant, member of staff other than a director of 
your company or if it lists a representative of your internet service company or webhosting 
company as either or both of these roles then you need to fix this IMMEDIATELY to 
guarantee the ongoing security of your domain.

Were concerned about the security of your domain name and you should be too.

Contact support&#167; or ring us on (USA) +1.303.302.1400 to get these details 
fixed. Do not delay or you could lose any rights you have in this domain and we will be 
virtually powerless to help you.


Remember that PACNAMES offers domain names from only $9.99 per year. 

PACNAMES is offering free web hosting (including WEB BASED EMAIL) when you establish 
hosting accounts for any new or existing domain name in our system before 30 December 
2004 This has to be the worlds best hosting deal and you can set up as many accounts as 
you have domains in our system 

Check in next week for more hosting plans including forwarding only plans (to make it easier 
for you to setup your domain name & email address to forward to your existing site &/or email 
account) as well as the ability to transfer domains into our system from your previous 

Email: support&#167;
Tel: +1.303.302.1400 


------- End of message ----------

Obviously this is likely to alarm an alert recipient, especially if the recipient is a person who 
has entrusted you to manage the registration of their domain names over many years.

Given that Capital Networks claims to have passed their gTLD databse to 
notwithstanding that ICANN have not authorised anyone to take over the registry and the 
registrant of whence the above email emanates is a non-existent entity the 
email is rich with irony.

If anyone has gTLD domains registered with Capital Networks Pty Ltd and has been 
confronted with this situation would you please contact me off list.
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