domain name news - November 18

domain name news - November 18

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No role for UN in ICANN
THE global domain name governing body has warned off
the UN, saying it will operate as a private
organisation when its agreement with the US Department
of Commerce expires in 2006.,4057,11393890%255E15318,00.html,7204,11393890%5E15306%5E%5Enbv%5E,00.html

ICANN Commences DNT Policy
ICANN at the weekend announced the commencement of its
new inter-registrar domain name transfer (DNT) policy,
just as it has settled over 10,000 domain name
disputes through its UDRP.

Transferts – les nouvelles règles expliquées

ICANN to Operate Privately, Report Says
According to reports, the Internet Corporation for
Assigned Names and Numbers ( says it will
operate as a private entity after its agreement with
the United States Department of Commerce expires in

ICANN Gets Tough on VeriSign Site Finder Case
ICANN is seeking court rulings that would put VeriSign
Incs rights to run the .com and .net domain names into

ICANN Takes Steps to Move VeriSign Contract Dispute
from Litigation to Arbitration
ICANN has initiated efforts to enforce the arbitration
clause of VeriSign’s .net Registry Agreement and move
the VeriSign lawsuit into an international arbitration
forum. ICANN has filed its demand for arbitration
pursuant to the terms of the current .NET Registry
Agreement and in response to litigation VeriSign
re-initiated in a California state court following the
US Federal District Court’s dismissal of its
anti-trust allegations earlier this year. ICANN is
hopeful that the arbitration proceeding will provide a
quick and efficient resolution to the outstanding
dispute between the parties. ICANN sent its
arbitration demand to the International Chamber of
Commerce in Paris which is designated within the
current .NET agreement as the arbitration forum for
disputes arising relating to the terms of that

ICANN Releases Strategic Plan for Public Comment
ICANN has released for public comment a draft of the
three year ICANN Strategic Plan. The public comment
period will commence today and will end on 15 January
2005 at 17:00 UTC.

Domain Name News: ICANN Releases .NET RFP for Public
ICANN recently released for public comment a draft of
the .NET Request for Proposals (RFP). The public
comment period will commence today and will end in two
weeks on 26 November 2004 at 17:00 UTC.

ICANN Accepting .net Proposals
ICANN is expected to formally request proposals for
the management of the .net domain framework Friday.
Currently overseen by VeriSign Inc., which also
controls the .com framework, the contract for .net
management will expire on June 30 and several
companies are rushing to compete for future contracts.

ICANN moves to move VeriSign lawsuit to Paris
The Internet's governing body is trying to reroute a
lawsuit that VeriSign, which has a monopoly on the
master .com database, filed against it in February.
ICANN said Friday that it has requested that the
lawsuit be moved from California state court to the
International Chamber of Commerce in Paris.

ICANN, VeriSign, and the Swamp
ICANN has initiated arbitration (before the ICC's
International Court of Arbitration) against VeriSign
under the .net Registry Agreement, seeking declaratory
judgments that many things VeriSign has done or
attempted to do over the years (Sitefinder,
ConsoliDate, IDN, WLS, and stemming the abusive
actions of shell registrars when they destructively
query the registry for secondary market purposes)
violate that agreement

GNSO Council Teleconference Agenda 18 November 2004

IPv6 Shooting For The Moon
IPv6, the next generation Internet protocol, has
successfully undergone the third phase of a test
regimen across a test network known as Moonv6.

Nokia demos first mobile call using IPv6
Nokia has developed a prototype handset that supports
Mobile IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6), a version
of the protocol that will help to improve the quality
of VOIP (voice over IP), streaming video and other
applications delivered to wireless devices, the
company said Tuesday.

Is your domain name being hijacked?
If you own a domain name for your business or personal
use, you should get up immediately and run, don't
walk, to the phone, then call the company you
registered the name with, and make sure that name is
"locked down".

What's in a domain name? Hijackers answer back
To demonstrate how easy it is to hijack an online
brand, last week Asa Bailey decided to take on one of
the biggest advertising agencies in the world, Ogilvy
and Mather.

ICANN rule change prompts domain hijacking scare
ICANN is set to implement new rules this Friday that
affect domain name transfers between registrars. Some
are scared these changes will open a new avenue for
domain hijacking, but their fears seem to be a tad
overblown. The concerns center around transfer
obligations from registrars that stand to lose the
domain, specifically:

dotMP - Mobile Internet Domain Extends Sunrise
Registration Period
Saipan DataCom has extended Sunrise Registration
through November 30, 2004. During Sunrise
Registration, .mp domain names and the accompanying
dotMP CS (Commercial Site) are available only to
trademark and service mark owners. Open registration
for dotMP CS and dotMP PS (Personal Site) will begin
December 1, 2004. Releases New IP-DOMAIN Database to
Identify Internet Domain Name by using Internet
Address (news release) announced the release of two new
databases, DB7 and DB8, into the IP2Location's
award-winning product series.

Oxford Institute Conference on Internet Governance
The conference entitled "The Debate on Internet
Governance: What's at Stake?" was held in September
2004. Speakers included Speakers: Markus Kummer,
Executive Coordinator Working Group on Internet
Governance, Esther Dyson, Founding Chair of ICANN,
Adam Peake, Glocom, Karen Banks, Association for
Progressive Communication, Richard Collins, Open
University. The keynote speech, Esther Dyson's weblog
and other documents are available at:

UN creates internet governance working group
Preparations are in full swing for the second phase of
the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)
later next year.

UN creates Internet governance working group
The row between UN countries over the management of
the Internet is set to move into next phase. The
organisation has selected members for the Working
Group on Internet Governance (WGIG) who will be
meeting in Geneva at the end of next year.


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BNA Internet Law News <>.


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