domain name, governance & WSIS news - January 10

domain name, governance & WSIS news - January 10

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uk: Misleading Domain Name Claims Stopped
A Swansea-based businessman has stopped making
misleading statements about internet domain name
registrations following OFT court action.

uk: Misleading domain name sales stopped
A businessman who called companies and told them that
someone was trying to register a domain name similar
to their own – but that he could register it for them
first, for a fee – has stopped making misleading
statements following High Court action.,39020651,39183172,00.htm

uk: Domain slammer promises to turn over new leaf
A Swansea-based businessman has agreed not to use
dodgy sales tactics to try and flog domain names to

NET RFP Application: Responses to Questions
These questions were submitted by prospective
applicants following the procedures described in the
.NET RFP. Some of the questions have been edited for
clarity and/or combined to avoid duplication.
Questions and responses are being posted online in
order to provide all prospective applicants with the
same information. The .NET RFP question period closed
on 6 January 2005.

kr: Samsung Wins Internet Domain Name Rights From
South Korean Man
Samsung Group, South Korea's biggest industrial
conglomerate, has won the rights to an Internet domain
name, according to a U.N. panel ruling released

be: Record year for Belgian internet name
The year 2004 was a record for new ".be" domain name
registrations, according to figures released by DNS
BE, the company in charge of registrations.

Barclays Bank warns of fraudulent website in Hong Kong
Barclays Bank Plc said it has no connection with a
fraudulent website with the domain name
',' which looks similar to the
official website of Barclays Bank.

ITU's Richard Hill on ICANN's $.75 fee and Net
Email from Richard Hill of the ITU to Declan McCullagh
responding to Declan's earlier article.

sg: Shorter Internet domain names launched
AFTER 15 weeks of registration and assessment, 5,923
second-level '.sg' domain names were launched on
Monday after they had been approved by the Singapore
Network Information Centre (SGNIC), according to the
Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore.

cn: Xinnet's Free Domain Names Violate Rules
In order to motivate college students to use the
Internet, recently gave 10000 ""
domain names to Chinese students, free of charge. But
this altruistic move appears to have landed the
company in trouble.

in: Now a domain of your own
The Union minister for communications and information
technology, Dayanidhi Maran, today presented
registration certificates to organisations, which have
registered with ‘dot in’ addresses.

in: Hindustan Times gets .IN registration
Hindustan Times on Thursday joined a select few from
India Inc to get .IN domain name registration, thus
furthering its Indian identity on the Internet.,0002.htm

Net4India offers domain name registration at Rs 800 a
Net 4 India Ltd, one of the registrar of .IN domain
names, is offering the in-country domain names at an
annual fee of Rs 800 per name.

"in" Internet domain launched
Indian identity in cyberspace got a major boost today
following the extension of the ".in" country code
Internet domain name registry, launched by the Union
Communications Minister, Dayanidhi Maran, in the
presence of eminent industrialists in the Capital.

in: first portal to receive .in domain name has become the first web portal to receive
India's top-level and official internet domain,
following the extension of the .in country code
registry services.

in: Big response for `.in' domain from India Inc
PROUD to be Indian — this message resonated loud and
clear today as India Inc including corporate
heavyweights like Tatas and Bharti queued up to
receive their new `.in' domain names - the official
Internet domain name of India.

ca: Tsunami cybersquatter exploiting disaster, or
raising funds?
A Canadian student was called a "wave rat" for
offering the domain name "" for
US$50,000 (RM190,000) on the online auction site eBay,
but his mother said he was only trying to raise money
for relief efforts.

No More Spam for Domain Name Owners (news release)
Domain name owners can now get off of email offer
lists by opting out all of their domain email
addresses at once. is the first and
only legitimate universal domain name opt out
registry. Violators of opt out requests are vigorously
pursued through the courts.

Global Domain International Launches New Domain Name
Plans (alomst a news release!)
News Global Domain International (GDI) offers the
global solution to registering Internet addresses with
the .ws "web site" top-level domain extension for
business and personal web sites. The company is
committed to offering an easy and affordable solution
to registering useful and memorable Internet

Register Now for Discussion Forum on Priorities in
Internet Governance for the Asia-Pacific Region
This initiative, the Open Regional Dialogue on
Internet Governance (ORDIG), will enable stakeholders
from the Asia and Pacific region to express and
discuss their views and concerns on a broad range of
Internet governance issues, and will contribute to the
global discussion underway in the WSIS and WGIG. ORDIG
will also look beyond the WSIS process and develop a
long-term platform for the exchange of ideas and
concerns about ICT policy issues among stakeholders
from the region.

A Guideline for NGOs for active participation in the
WSIS 2005 in Tunis
The diploma thesis available here studies the impact
of civil society on the World Summit on the
Information Society. Based on an analysis of the Youth
Caucus’ work it describes which practical steps are
necessary to feed NGO interests into global summit

WGIG turns out to be really bottom up
With the first year of the second phase of WSIS over,
the hot issue of internet governance is moving
forward. The multi-stakeholder Working Group on
Internet Governance (WGIG) is driven by civil society
expertise and engagement, it seems so far.


Sources include Quicklinks <> and
BNA Internet Law News <>.


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