domain name, WSIS & governance - January 13

domain name, WSIS & governance - January 13

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Mass. Republicans Launch Pre-Emptive Web Strike
Massachusetts Republicans have launched a pre-emptive
strike against Democratic Attorney General Tom Reilly
by snapping up online Internet addresses that would
have been obvious picks for him if he decides to run
for governor in 2006.;?storyID=7285348

ca: $10,000 donated from sale of website
A Canadian student dubbed the "wave rat" for offering
the domain name "" for $50,000 on the
online auction site eBay has sold it and donated the
money to relief efforts, the gaming company that
bought it said yesterday.

uk: Conservative Party website hijacked by porn
A local Conservative Party association in Wales was
trying to buy back its internet domain name on Tuesday
after its site was hijacked and filled with hardcore

Major Internet attack seen
A devastating attack will hit the Internet or
electrical grid in the next decade, a majority of
experts predicted in new report.,0,5489830.story

Survey Predicts Attacks on the Network Infrastructure
Within 10 Years
Pew Internet Project has released a report called "The
Future of the Internet" based on a recently conducted
survey where 1,286 internet experts are said to have
looked at the future impact of the internet and
assessed predictions about how technology and society
will unfold. The following is and excerpt from the
report predicting at least one devastating attack will
occur in the next 10 years on the networked
information infrastructure or the United States power

The Future of the Internet (Pew Internet Survey)
A wide-ranging survey of technology leaders, scholars,
industry officials, and interested members of the
public finds that most experts expect the internet to
be more deeply integrated in our physical environments
– with mixed results.

The Internet's Future? It Depends on Whom You Ask (reg
A new survey looks at what business leaders think of
the future of technology.

ICANN Needs to Listen and Learn
Since its inception in 1998, the ICANN has come under
fire for its lack of openness and accountability to
Internet users. On Dec. 10, ICANN tossed fresh fuel on
that fire with its release of a ".NET Request for
Proposals" that proposed a 75-cent annual levy for
.net domain-name registrations, beginning next year.

Who will rule the Net?
A fierce battle is underway for “control” of the
Internet. On one side is ICANN, whose current mandate
runs out in 2006; on the other is the ITU, whose
supporters insist governments have the sovereign right
to rule cyberspace

OMB Focuses On Cybersecurity
Ensuring federal cybersecurity is essential to
protecting national security. According to some media
reports, recommendations have been made to the Bush
Administration to "create a distinct administrative
cybersecurity position within the Homeland Security
Department to oversee progress in the federal
government and act as a liaison with private
industry." However, before new bureaucracy is created,
it is important to recognize the practical
cybersecurity policies and projects that are already
being undertaken by the Administration. ... In
addition to the federal government, all other
stakeholders including industry, State and local
governments, and international organizations will also
need to take pro-active measures to enhance
cybersecurity. ICANN's draft Strategic Plan
appropriately lists internet security and stability as
their first strategic priority.

China is rolling out the first network based on IPv6
China is rolling out the first network based on IPv6
technology. Officials claim top transmission speeds of
2.5 to 10 gigabits per second, with a trial connecting
schools in Beijing and Tianjin reaching 40 gigabits
per second. Coverage is expected to expand to 100
universities in the near future.

ca: No Internet for you!
Okay business owners around Canada - and you know who
you are - answer this: Who legally owns the domain
name of your corporate web site?

us: ICANN: Citizen Journalism Publisher Can Keep
Domain Name (news release)
ICANN has determined that does not
have to relinquish the domain to
the company that runs the weekly Iowa newspaper the
Bettendorf News, partly because the web site name is
"merely a combination of the geographically
descriptive term 'Bettendorf' and the generic term

us: On the Record: Stratton Sclavos
In 1995, Stratton Sclavos and RSA founder Jim Bidzos
created VeriSign as a spin-off that issued digital
certificates, acting as an Internet notary public.
Today, VeriSign secures online transactions and is
branching out into handheld entertainment, radio
frequency ID tags and other up-and- coming
technologies. As VeriSign's chief executive officer,
Sclavos has an unparalleled view of the Internet, its
strengths and weaknesses. We talked with Sclavos about
the rising sophistication of online crime, his
company's squabbles with the Internet oversight
authority and the challenges of being a parent in the
digital age.

Discussion Forum on Priorities in Internet Governance
for the Asia-Pacific Region
For information on the forum and how to participate,
complete and submit the information requested via the
link below. The forum will enable stakeholders from
the Asia and Pacific region to express and discuss
their views and concerns on a broad range of Internet
governance issues, and will contribute to the global
discussion underway in the WSIS and WGIG. ORDIG will
also look beyond the WSIS process and develop a
long-term platform for the exchange of ideas and
concerns about ICT policy issues among stakeholders
from the region.

za: Africans Meet in Ghana in February On UN
Information Summit
With the second stage of the United Nations World
Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) set to be
held in November in North Africa, a three-day African
preparatory meeting next month in Ghana is to
negotiate an action plan on achieving continent-wide
distribution of communications technologies.

World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) calls for
SAARC regional ICT Forum
A three-day regional meeting of WSIS called for
setting up a SAARC Regional ICT Forum to monitor the
e-strategy of the member countries and help resolve
the problems of implementation of ICT policy in the
region, reports UNB.

Africa convenes regional forum ahead of 2nd WSIS
About 1,000 representatives of private sector, civil
society, media, government and international bodies
will converge February in Ghana to discuss an Action
Plan on Africa and the Knowledge Economy (APAKE)
geared towards expanding access to and use of
information and communications technologies in Africa.

Summit aims to bring about a common plan of action for
a GCC wide Information Society
Representatives from the six GCC governments and
international experts will outline a master plan for
building a regional information society during the
10th Dubtech Summit in Dubai.

Sources include Quicklinks <> and
BNA Internet Law News <>.


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