domain name, WSIS & governance news - January 20

domain name, WSIS & governance news - January 20

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2005 15:53:25 +1100 (EST)
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us/au: ISP fights for return of hijacked domain
A New York Internet service provider is working to
recover its hijacked domain name and e-mail services,
according to a posting on its site Sunday in the US.,2000061744,39177546,00.htm

us/au: Purloined Domain Name Is an Unsolved Mystery
(reg req'd)
It was yet another reminder of how vulnerable a
company's brand name can be in the world of electronic
commerce. In the space of about 48 hours over the
weekend,, New York City's oldest commercial
Internet service provider, saw its name slip out of
its control and become the center of an international
cyberhunt to get it back. Whether maliciously or
inadvertently, the company's main domain name - - had somehow been transferred to a company
in Australia.

Customer Service is Law: The Panix Story
The NANOG list yesterday was the virtual equivalent of
a nearby nocturnal car alarm: " has been
hijacked!" (whoo-WEE, whoo-WEE); "those jerks at
VeriSign!" (duhhhhh-WHEEP, duhhhh-WHEEP); "no one's
home at Melbourne IT!" (HANK, HANK, HANK, HANK).

Hijacking of A Call for An Emergency
Rollback Procedure
There's a thread on NANOG to the effect that Panix,
the oldest commercial Internet provider in New York,
had its domain name '' hijacked from Dotster
over to MelbourneIT and it has pretty well taken and its customers offline. Looks like this
may be among the first high-profile unauthorized
transfer under the new transfer policy. It begs the
question, despite the existence of the dispute policy
under the new system, what provisions should there be
for a situation like this where every hour causes
untold damage to the party in question.

us/au: Melbourne IT accepts blame for domain hijack
Melbourne IT has acknowledged that it was partially
responsible for a Web domain hijacking that left a New
York Internet hosting company without an Internet
address over the weekend.;2003001350,aid,119337,pg,1,RSS,RSS,00.asp

us: Domain-Hijacking bei New Yorker ISP
Hacker haben sich vergangene Woche Zugriff auf den
DNS-Server des New Yorker ISP Panix verschafft. Noch
immer ist das Unternehmen damit beschäftigt, seine
Dienste wiederherzustellen.,39023151,39129449,00.htm

de: DENIC Submits Bid for Management of .net Top Level
Proven technical services, a strong orientation toward
the needs of the international Internet community, and
a business model that invests surplus profits in
infrastructure improvement: these are the foundational
concepts of the proposal submitted to ICANN today by
DENIC eG in the bidding race for the management of the
.net TLD.

DENIC Submits Bid for Management of .net Top Level
Domain (news release)
Proven technical services, a strong orientation toward
the needs of the international Internet community, and
a business model that invests surplus profits in
infrastructure improvement: these are the foundational
concepts of the proposal submitted to ICANN today by
DENIC eG in the bidding race for the management of the
.net Top Level Domain (TLD).

.Net Bids to Close at Midnight
The ICANN will announce in the next few days a list of
bidders vying to take over management of the .net TLD.

Verisign Faces a Fight to Keep Running .NET Internet
Domain Franchise Up for Grabs
As long as the Internet runs smoothly, few people
think too much about its workings. But this month, the
system's underpinnings will become a topic of debate
when rival companies publicly bid to run .net, one of
the Internet's most popular domains.

in: 350 applicants register for .IN domain name
As on 14th January, a total number of 350 applications
for domain name registrations have been received by
the .IN Registrars, an offcial release said here.,00020009.htm

.ph administrator seeks extension of government
THE ADMINISTRATOR of the ".ph" Internet country domain
has asked for an extension of a government-set January
15 deadline by which it must choose between accepting
registration requests for .ph domain names or being
the central repository of those domain names, a
government official told

.ORG domain names with umlauts get started
.ORG logoPublic Interest Registry (PIR) announces the
availability to register .ORG domain names containing
the umlauts ä, ö and ü. The technical systems
transition to the IDN standard went exactly according
to plan.

.Org Domain Names With German Umlauts Get off to a
Successful Start (news release)
Public Interest Registry (PIR) Rolls Out .ORG German
Language Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) and
Announces Plans for Other Languages to Benefit the
International Community

nz: Minutes of NZOC Meeting - 15 December 2004
The minutes of the NZOC meeting held on 15 December
2004 are available at:

How to defend domain name disputes
Circa 2002, I published an article in the CARDOZO
recently enacted Anticybersquatting Consumer
Protection Act and the ICANN anticybersquatting domain
name arbitration proceedings; as well as background
cases relating to both the Lanham Act and the Federal
Trademark Dilution Act, entitled The Young
Cybersquatter's Handbook.

The Young Cybersquatter's Handbook By: Kevin J. Heller

The e-commerce explosion of the late 20th Century has
created a rush on Internet domain names. More domain
names are being registered, and there are more
registrars to do it than ever before. In fact, the
Internet may be running out of space. In the most
popular top level domain, <.com>, it seems that almost
every recognizable word has been claimed. Whereas
trademark law permits multiple parties to use the same
mark for different classes of goods and services; the
current organization of the Internet permits only one
use of a domain name, regardless of the goods or
services offered. That is, although two or more
businesses can own the trademark "Acme," only one
business can operate on the Internet with the domain
name "" Such a limitation conflicts with
trademark principles and hinders the use the Internet
by businesses.

uk: Denial of Service prosecution in the UK
A man appeared in a Scottish court yesterday facing
charges under the Computer Misuse Act for launching
Denial of Service attacks. It is only the second time
that such attacks have been prosecuted in the UK; and
the last accused was acquitted.

Is Your Name Yours?
It's every company's nightmare: You own a trademark
and discover that someone else has purchased it as a
domain name. What's worse, the "cybersquatters" want
you to pay a large sum just to get the name back.
You're worried about what some strangers might do to
your company's good name.

us: World Association of Domain Name Developers
announces T.R.A.F.F.I.C. 2005 (news release)
The World Association of Domain Name Developers has
announced that T.R.A.F.F.I.C. 2005 will be held from
Tuesday, October 18th through Saturday, October 22nd
at the Delray Beach Marriott Resort.

Introduce Your Corporate Self to the Chinese Market:
.CN IDN Domain Names are Available Starting 17 January
2005 (news release), a trend-setting Digital Brand Management
(DBM) service provider, announced today that it will
offer Internationalized Domain Name (IDN)
registrations for the .CN extension. Offers Chinese Domains
Domain registrar (
announced on Monday that it will begin offering
internationalized domain name registration for the .CN

ICANN, the ITU and WSIS and Internet Governance by
Geoff Huston
It may have taken some three decades to get here, but
there's now no doubt that the Internet is now a major
public communications utility. That's hardly the most
important piece of news you are likely to read today,
but the implication of this public role is that there
are legitimate issues of public policy to consider
when looking at the broad topic of coordination of
various aspects of Internet infrastructure. In other
words, "Internet Governance" is a matter of
significant concern to many. (part 1) (part 2)

IP Addressing Schemes - A Comparison of Geographic and
Provider-based IP Address Schemes by Geoff Huston
Any identity scheme for a communications network must
achieve three quite fundamental functional objectives:
identity, location and reachability. In more informal
terms the network's identity scheme must be able to
identify who is attached to the network, where they
are located and how to pass a communication element
from one location to another. There are a number of
ways to do this.

Preventing A New World Internet Order
If anyone needs another reason why the UN should not
be in charge of the internet, they need look no
further than the upcoming UNESCO conference on
"Freedom of Expression in Cyberspace." The United
Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization
conference will discuss "whether universal free
expression standards should be applied to the Internet
and how free expression can be protected while
respecting individual privacy, national laws and
cultural differences." The conference is being held in
preparation for the second phase of the UN's World
Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)." The fact
that UNESCO is considering whether "universal free
expression standards" should be applied to the
internet speaks volumes.


Sources include Quicklinks <> and
BNA Internet Law News <>.


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