domain name, WSIS & governance news - January 24

domain name, WSIS & governance news - January 24

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ICANN accepts bids to operate .net registry
The contest to operate the Internet's .net domain has
begun, with four leading domain name service providers
submitting bids to the ICANN by the midnight Tuesday
Rivals in battle over internet domain
An international challenge has been mounted to US
domination of a key part of the internet that ensures
the smooth running of e-commerce and the transport of
billions of e-mails.

ICANN Weighs Up Candidates for .Net Job
German domain name registrar Denic, holder of the .de
domain, is among the leading candidates to operate the
.net domain. It believes that its record of running
.de, which has some 8 million registered domains, will
help it to make a successful bid. VeriSign currently
holds the .net domain, and is seeking to continue its

ICANN Receives Five Applications to Operate .NET
ICANN today announced that in response to a request
for proposals (RFP), it has received five applications
to operate the .NET Top-Level Domain for a term no
less than six years. The current .NET Registry
Agreement between ICANN and VeriSign, Inc. was signed
in May 2001 and will expire on 30 June 2005. VeriSign
is eligible to be considered for designation as the
successor registry operator.

ICANN is seeking Public Comments for DotNet RFP

The .net Top Level Domain and Cross-Coupled Failures
The .net Top Level Domain (TLD) contains the names of
the main group of DNS root servers as well as the
names of the servers for several other large TLDs,
such as .com, .org, .arpa and .mil. Most of the focus
about the .net redelegation has concerned the quality
of the registration systems. But that is a minor
matter next to the quality of the name server

.NET Bid Contenders
Yesterday was the deadline for the submissions of
responses to the .NET re-bid RFP. As of my last count,
there are five companies that I am aware of that
submitted proposals for the .NET rebid. Three of these
were quite publicly announced, Afilias, Denic, and
Verisign. The other two bidders are Multi-Stakeholder
groups. Sentan and Core++. Sentan appears to be a
Joint Venture between .jp and Neulevel, and Core++ is
ISC, Telfonica, and .br, with participation from Core,
Nida (.kr), and .zaDNA (.za).

Irish firm aims to take over 'dot-net'
All submissions to be the next operator of dot-net,
the world's fourth largest internet domain, are now
in, with Irish-based Afilias named among the bidders.

PRS applied for candidacy in the next registry
operator for ".NET" jointly with NeuLevel (news
Japan Registry Services announced that it had
established a joint venture called Sentan Registry
Services with NeuLevel, and this joint venture had
submitted an application to ICANN to become the next
registry operator of ".NET" on January 18, 2005. The
next registry will be determined at the end of March.
If the company is selected, it will start operation as
a new registry of ".NET" beginning July 1, 2005.

VeriSign Submits Proposal to ICANN to Retain
Administration of .Net (news release)
VeriSign announced it has submitted a formal proposal
to the ICANN to retain the administration and
operation of the .net Top-Level Domain (TLD).

The aftermath of a domain name hijack
The industry needs to find a way to establish stronger
trust in registrars if it is to avoid a repeat of last
weekend's hijacking of the domain name, says
Alexis Rosen, Panix president.

Lock your domain name to avoid Panix
Most domain registrars do give the option to 'Lock'
your domain name. This is highly recommended to avoid
any potential fraudulent transfers of domains, as
Panix found out. Equally as, if not more important,
keep the domain registrant and in particular the
administrative contact details up to date, especially
the email address where correspondence about your
domain name and it’s management is sent to.

Closer Look at Domain Name Transfer Policy and the
Hijacking of
Given the recent hijacking, I will give an
outline of the current ICANN transfers process for

ph: Gov’t to ‘.ph’ administrator: ‘We can’t wait
THE PATIENCE of the Commission on Information and
Communications Technology (CICT) regarding the
administration of the “.ph” domain seems to be running

us: Bill Would Create 'Dot-Sex' To Filter Porn Web
Despite the best filters, pornography could still find
its way onto children's computer screens -- but
perhaps not for long.

cn: Initiates Domain Name Price Battle, the largest domain name registration and
virtual host service provider in China, has announced
that it will reduce the price of many domain name and
web hosting services. This move is expected to
increase demand in the purchase of domain names and
also signal to competitors a new price battle.

Upgrade of .ORG TLD
.ORG logoThe Public Interest Registry (PIR), operator
of the .ORG genTLD, announced that it has upgraded its
system to protocol EPP 1.0 for exclusive use in
support of RFCs 3730, 3731, 3732, 3733, 3734 and 3735,
which outline the approved standard version of the
VeriSign's Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP).
Earlier versions of EPP have been used by many of the
world's most advanced registries to transact with
registrars, the commercial retailers of domain names.

au: Supre wins domain from Paul King

Something's Cooking at IETF with Email Authentication
A few months ago, Ted Hardie (AD of Applications for
the IETF) informed the MARID WG in the closure
announcement as follows: "Given the importance of the
world-wide email and DNS systems, it is critical that
IETF-sponsored experimental proposals likely to see
broad deployment contain no mechanisms that would have
deleterious effects on the overall system. The Area
Directors intend, therefore, to request that the
experimental proposals be reviewed by a focused
technology directorate.

uk: Nominet finding it hard to replace Willie
UK registry Nominet is to re-advertise the post of
chairman this week after an initial recruitment drive
turned up no suitable replacements for Internet legend
Willie Black, who left officially on 8 December.

Call for Nominations: CENTR Executive Committee
The CENTR Secretariat is seeking nominations for
candidates to stand for the CENTR Executive Committee
for a two year term. Three positions are due to become
vacant at our 2005 AGM in February.

ICANN Meeting 2005 Set For Vancouver
Internet authorities worldwide will be converge on
Vancouver, BC later this year for the annual Internet
Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (
conference. The event, which will take place from Nov
30 to Dec 4, 2005 at the Westin Bayshore, will be
co-hosted by Leading Edge BC and CircleID.

ICANN January Board meeting agenda

ca: Leading Edge BC and CircleID to Host World
Internet Annual Meeting
Internet authorities from around the globe will gather
in Vancouver to attend the ICANN annual meeting at the
Westin Bayshore from Nov. 30 to Dec. 4, 2005. Leading
Edge BC and CircleID are co-hosting this meeting that
affects world-wide development of Internet governance
and management issues.

The Dot-Net Domain In An Uneasy Limbo
The future of what's probably the best-known Internet
domain after dot-com is in limbo -- a fact that
worries plenty of Internet executives and observers.

Net4India to offer .IN domain names
Indian ISP, Net4India is offering in-country domains
for an annual fee of Rs 800 per domain name.

India Business, Corporates, media houses rush for .IN
domain names
Within days after opening of the online registration
of .IN domain names, leading media as well as
corporates houses including Tata group have rushed to
get the .IN official internet domain names.

Future Media Architects Prevails Over Corporate Giant
Sara Lee in Domain Name Challenge (news release)
In a case heard by the WIPO, Future Media Architects
has successfully defended against a challenge from
Kiwi European Holdings B.V. over its ownership and use
of the domain name Future Media Architects
will retain full rights and ownership of the domain
name in accordance with the WIPO ruling.

WSIS thematic Meeting on Economic and Social
Implications of Information and Communication
Technology (ICT)
Organized by ILO/ITC/OECD/UNCTAD, the outcome of the
thematic meeting will feed into the preparatory
process for the Tunis phase of the World Summit on the
Information Society, which is being organized by the
International Telecommunication Union.

Bangladesh’s 14-pt suggestion on ICT for SAARC summit
Bangladesh working group on World Summit on
Information Society (WSIS) yesterday proposed a
14-point recommendation on ICT for inclusion into the
13th SAARC summit agenda.

Site Finder and Internet Governance by JONATHAN
WEINBERG (University of Ottawa Journal of Law and
Abstract: In this paper, I unpack the Site Finder
story. Site Finder was highly undesirable from a
technical standpoint; it contravened key elements of
Internet architecture. ICANN had power to force
VeriSign to withdraw it, though, only if VeriSign was
violating the terms of its registry contracts. The
arguments that Site Finder violated VeriSign's
contractual obligations are plausible, but they don't
derive their force from Site Finder's architectural or
stability consequences. The registry contracts gave
ICANN no hook to invoke those concerns; if VeriSign
was in breach, it was by happenstance. Part of the
lesson of Site Finder is that there needs to be an
effective institutional mechanism for protecting the
domain name space infrastructure from unilateral,
profit-driven change that bypasses the protections and
consensus mechanisms of the traditional Internet
standards process. Notwithstanding ICANN's flaws, it
may be better suited than any other existing
institution to protect against that threat. Yet ICANN
regulation is itself highly problematic, and so any
plan to expand its authority must be approached with

Deregulating Relevancy in Internet Trademark Law by
ERIC GOLDMAN, Marquette University Law School - Emory
Law Journal
Abstract: This Article examines the complex world of
Internet search. The Article seeks to ensure that
trademark law does not interfere with the free flow of
Internet content that consumers find relevant.


Sources include Quicklinks <> and
BNA Internet Law News <>.


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