RE: [DNS] Chesley's protestations

RE: [DNS] Chesley's protestations

From: Greg Tenni <greg§>
Date: Sat, 5 Mar 2005 15:15:00 +1000
I fully agree. There must have been some harvesting going on.
I was offered the same deal, but my site has only ever been registered with
MelbourneIT and now since recently, Netregistry.
Judging by the address to which the letter was sent, it looks like it was
harvested from some very old info, perhaps when the re-structuring away from
MelbourneIT occurred.
If that is true, his return-to-sender rate must be heading north quickly. It
looks like expensive printing, too - I guess he has to justify the rip-off
fee somehow.

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Subject: [DNS] Chesley's protestations

Chesley hath protested that his latest mailout contained some inadvertent
errors allegedly introduced by his mailing company.

Unfortunately this does not pass the "smell" test.

Some of my clients received solicitations to buy their corresponding
.com name.  Leaving aside Chesley's exorbitant price of $225, the question
that should be asked is how Chesley has harvested the names in order
to even find the corresponding .com name.  Given the wording on his mailout,
without harvesting it would unlikely have been possible.

As regards the drug charges laid against Chesley, I suggest that we play the
ball, not the man, despite what we may think of him as a person.

Ron Stark
Snapsite Pty Ltd
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