Re: [DNS] Still at it, eh Chesley?

Re: [DNS] Still at it, eh Chesley?

From: Tony Owen <tony§>
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005 15:45:03 +1030
 the only password that is available is Chesley's master reseller
> password, so transfers to another registrar are not possible.  This is
> particularly frustrated by the fact that registrant contact details refer
> back to Domain Names Australia, even the phone and fax numbers.


If the name is with Enom, your client could create a free enom account and 
then 'request' the name be 'pushed' to that account.

This does not cost anything, all that DNA need is the enom account name your 
client created, the process takes only seconds.

Good Luck

Cheers Tony
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