RE: [DNS] Still at it, eh Chesley?

RE: [DNS] Still at it, eh Chesley?

From: Ron Stark <ronstark§>
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005 16:37:10 +1100
Thanks Tony - however the issue lies with DNA's usual level of "service".
With DNA as the sole point of contact for the domain names, the registrant
cannot even get to their *own* domain name information.

DNA could well authorise the transfer of any of their registrants' domain
names to any registrar - if only they would.

Enom as the registrar won't override DNA as their reseller.


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:   the only password that is available is Chesley's master reseller
:  > password, so transfers to another registrar are not 
:  possible.  This is 
:  > particularly frustrated by the fact that registrant 
:  contact details 
:  > refer back to Domain Names Australia, even the phone and 
:  fax numbers.
:  Hi,
:  If the name is with Enom, your client could create a free 
:  enom account and then 'request' the name be 'pushed' to that account.
:  This does not cost anything, all that DNA need is the enom 
:  account name your client created, the process takes only seconds.
:  Good Luck
:  Cheers Tony
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