RE: [DNS] Bottle Domains - transfer issues URGENT HELP PLease.

RE: [DNS] Bottle Domains - transfer issues URGENT HELP PLease.

From: Adam Matthews <adam§>
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 10:26:34 +1100
Thankyou Trent :)

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When I saw this section of a post on the list, I nearly applauded.
It seems odd that we are being subjected to becoming compulsory
witnesses in a badgering campaign.

Why speak of relevance and then continue the thread simply because you
disagree with the view of the person posting?
That's like saying arguments about colour should not occur on this list
and then purporting the pros of the colours blue and turquoise, simply
because the original poster said they have had bad experiences with
those colours.

By attacking and digging up articles on the poster and then trying to
rip that character to shreds, only makes the argument seem personal and
petty. But worse still, this makes his original complaint about the
people you wish to defend far more valid than his initial post (if
ignored) EVER could have.

Can we have this "as read" and drop it please?
One side is not happy with Planet Domain and Bottle Domains
The other side IS happy and wants to promote Planet Domain

info&#167; wrote:

>Its a little sad that this list often contains such a high volume of
>and often ignorant and vague comments that I, and I am fairly sure others,
>only find the time to read regularly the
>domain name, WSIS & governance news,

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