domain name news - Mar 21

domain name news - Mar 21

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Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 23:48:35 +1100 (EST)
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au: ICANN asked to probe all transfer problems
Domain name registrar Melbourne IT says it hopes the
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers,
the arbiter of domain-related issues, will investigate
all registrars who do not adhere to its domain
transfer policy with the same zeal it has shown in
investigating the hijacking of the domain of New York
ISP, Panix.

au: Get set for the great domain sale of '05
Want to be master of your domain? Well, Web master,
anyway. In six weeks you can, thanks to a landmark
decision to release 20,000 geographic domain names for
public sale.;1387640429;fp;2;fpid;1

Proposed Change to ICANN Bylaws Regarding Number of
GNSO Council Representatives – Public Comment Forum

us: Domain Names: A Sneaky Attempt To Take My Name
If you have a domain name(s) that you’ve registered
how much thought have you given to who else might want
the name? That question crossed my mind only in the
context of - do I have a name that others might like
to buy or one that could potentially drive traffic to
a website. I was registering many domain names. Some
names I wanted to use myself, some to keep, hoping
they would go up in value, and others to sell as soon
as I could find a buyer. Most of the names I had made
up - until it had become difficult to think of new
names that had meaning and were not very long. When
that happened I started registering expired domain

IDN Parody on
Guilllaume Rischard setup a parody on
using the IDN spoofing trick. He managed to get one
registrar to register with a cyrillic S
(U+0405) (ie :-) This actually
started in #joiito a couple of weeks ago after the
Eric published the spoofing attack paper. A joke was
made that it would be funny if someone did it to and so he did. I suppose I could rant why
VeriSign should adopt the JET Guideline (or ICANN
Guidelines) but this parody would send a louder

nz: Anycast DNS server mirror set up in Wellington
Wellington DNS server to help reduce network resource
usage and balance loads

Are you master of your own domain?
The hottest commodity in Cyberspace is the domain
name. Between 1996 and 1999, the number of domain
names registered in the United States exploded from 1
million to more than 6 million.[4] As a result, more
than 97% of the words in Webster's Dictionary have
been registered.[5] Given the critical importance that
a catchy, memorable domain name has for the success of
a website, some people have been able to make
significant sums of money by selling domain names. For
example, the domain name "" sold for $7.5
million in 1999, and "" is currently on the
auction block for a minimum bid of $10 million.

us: A hypocritical plea for a clean campaign
Northampton County executive candidate Peg Ferraro has
challenged one of her opponents in the Republican
primary to sign a positive campaign pledge. In a
letter Monday to Bob Nyce, Ms. Ferraro said candidates
in the race — Wilson Councilman Douglas Dodge also is
on the ballot — should give voters "our views as they
relate to our vision for the future of Northampton
County." That's a good goal for all candidates,
Republican and Democratic. But Ms. Ferraro's letter is
odd and hypocritical. As soon as Mr. Nyce, a former
state lawmaker, announced his run, she bought Internet
domain names for him and the Democratic incumbent,
Glenn Reibman.,0,641752.story

at: Starting now domain disputes concerning .at can be
settled out of court (news release)
As of immediately, there is an alternative to the
drawn-out and expensive legal proceedings concerning
domains such as "" – the arbitration office
for .at domains. This service provides quick,
cost-effective, and competent dispute resolution.

jp: IIJ Introduces Sender Authentication Technology;
Installation in IIJ Services to Follow Installation at
IIJ Headquarters (news release)
Internet Initiative Japan Inc. announced it will
introduce sender authentication as part of its
countermeasures to the increasingly serious problem of
spam email. IIJ will introduce the system for the
Company's internal use by the end of March 2005 and
then install it to the mail outsourcing service for
corporate customers and the mail service for consumer

RIPE 50 Meeting: Registration Open


Sources include Quicklinks <> and
BNA Internet Law News <>.


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