Re: NETREGISTRY - Re your fax regarding

Re: NETREGISTRY - Re your fax regarding

From: Jason Allen <jallen§>
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 23:07:23 +1000
You keep missing the point Brian.

It is not a change of ownership on the domain, as Netrider is the legal 
leasee of the domain despite the malicious domain record change that was 
made since 16:26 this afternoon after NetRegistry contacted the 
incorrect contact name on the domain record.

It is obvious that I have wasted enough of my time with NetRegistry and 
that your mannerism now lacks professionalism.

Jason Allen
... connecting riders!

Brian McCormack wrote:

 > Jason,
 > The policy I have outlined for changing the ownership of a domain name is
 > mandated by AUDA, as such we have no option to change the ownership 
on the
 > basis of your email(s) or fax(es). AUDA will confirm this. It's probably
 > fairly clearly stated on there website if you care to look.
 > You've been given all of your options, if and when you decide to use 
them I
 > look forward to further communications. Till then stop annoying me 
with your
 > incessant emails.
 > Brian McCormack
 > Sales Manager
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 > NetRegistry |
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 > From: Jason Allen [mailto:jason&#167;] Sent: Wednesday, 30 
March 2005 8:49 PM
 > To: Brian Mccormack
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 > Subject: Re: NETREGISTRY - Re your fax regarding
 > Brian Mccormack wrote:
 >> If you'd like this changed then you need to complete our Registrant name
 >> change forms (which require the consent of both parties) or go through
 >> AUDA's dispute resolution process to sort out ownership of the name.
 >> Our Registrant Name Change from is located on the following page:
 >> I hope you'll appreciate that all I am doing is following set 
 > in
 >> order to protect all parties.
 > Brian,
 > You are not following auDA policy. As I have previously outlined, 
"Netriders Australia" is the registrant on the domain with "Netriders 
Australia" being a trading name of Netrider. I'll agree that I did not 
make the specific trading name clear on the fax earlier today, but any 
reasonable person will have been able to confirm via freely available 
online ASIC ABN search that Netrider is the legal organisation and 
leasee of, or at the very least query it with us before 
denying the request.
 > auDRP is not required as Netrider (, Netriders 
Australia, Netrider,, is the 
legal leasee of If Jason Fearon wishes to challenge 
this, then he can undertake auDRP policy.
 > After having demonstrated to you that Netriders Australia, Netrider, 
and is the same legal entity under ASIC ABN, Victorian 
Business Registration, and Australian Trademark, NetRegistry still fails 
to follow auDA policy and modify the domain record as requested.
 > You leave us no choice other than to make a formal complaint with 
auDA against NetRegistry's refusal to recognise Netrider as the 
registrant and legal leasee.
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