Re: [DNS] Re: NETREGISTRY - Re your fax regarding

Re: [DNS] Re: NETREGISTRY - Re your fax regarding

From: Brett Fenton <brettf§>
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 10:06:17 +1100
The typical distinction is does the registrant contact change. 

When your name was initially registered the rules were somewhat different. You 
were able to register the name without the requirement for a legal entity to 
be the registrant of the domain name as such this is why the original WHOIS 
showed NetRiders Australia to be the Registrant but no Registrant ID to be 

Bennett has suggested that all domains are grandfathered my 
understanding was that upon renewal all domains registered prior to August 
2002 would then become bound by both the current requirements and auDRP but 
none the less Bennett is more often than not correct in these matters. 
Irrespectively the registrant contact on the name requested that the 
Registrant be modified to reflect the current legal entity. We complied with 
this request. The fact you've had a falling out with your mate while 
unfortunate doesn't preclude us from taking instructions from the authorized 
contact on the domain, especially when in the first instance the name did not 
appear to be registered to a true legal entity, which is either a person or a 
registered business with an ABN or ACN. For what it's worth if your 
ex-partner was feeling particularly malicious they would make a complaint 
about the Registrant of the variation of your domain which currently 
appears to be outside the provisions of the domain allocation and eligibility 
criteria. In the same way we modified the Registrant to be compliant you 
would be required to update the Registrant of that name if you wished to 
retain it, the process is complaint driven only. 

With regards to the 'problem' of the last modified date not changing this is 
not a problem with NR. I'm not aware of an EPP process where we can make 
remote calls to the Registry to modify the Registrant. This can only be done 
by manually processing the request through AusRegistry support. This is what 
happened yesterday afternoon (without me being aware of it). AusRegistry 
staff then modify the Registrant of the domain. 

As I stated earlier. At this time the most sensible way for you to achieve any 
outcome in this matter is to discuss the matter thoroughly with auDA, 
probably Chris Disspain. auDA can then discuss the matter with me and point 
out any failings we have made in the process to date. If they make certain 
requests such as modifying the Registrant of the name or contacts associated 
with the name I'm happy to comply with the requests.

Brett Fenton

On Thursday 31 March 2005 08:31, Jason Allen wrote:
> brett fenton wrote:
> > My original posting last evening stated that the domain had not been
> > updated. This was not correct and I apologize for the inaccuracy.
> > NetRegistry spoke to the current Registrant contact of the domain and at
> > their request updated the Registrant details of the domain. This was
> > done not as a change of Registrant but an update to existing Registrant
> > details.
> >
> > Regards,
> > Brett Fenton
> How does changing a registrant from "Netriders Australia" to "LS1 Owners
> Club of Australia" on a domain account constitute an
> update to existing Registrant details?
> Section F, subsection 2A & 2B of the auDA policy on at
> clearly outlines that "LS1
> Owners Club of Australia" would be an invalid registrant for this
> domain. Does NetRegistry not follow auDA policy when changing registrant?
> Please explain also why a change to the registrant on a domain record
> does not update the Last Modified date on the record? How long has this
> been a problem at NetRegistry and how many other domain leasee's could
> have been affected?
> Further NetRegistry did this registrant change/update after being
> officially notified of an issue around the domain ... I find this
> questionable business conduct at best.
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