Re: [DNS] Re: NETREGISTRY - Re your fax regarding

Re: [DNS] Re: NETREGISTRY - Re your fax regarding

From: Jason Allen <jallen§>
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 08:31:27 +1000
brett fenton wrote:

> My original posting last evening stated that the domain had not been
> updated. This was not correct and I apologize for the inaccuracy.
> NetRegistry spoke to the current Registrant contact of the domain and at
> their request updated the Registrant details of the domain. This was
> done not as a change of Registrant but an update to existing Registrant
> details.
> Regards,
> Brett Fenton

How does changing a registrant from "Netriders Australia" to "LS1 Owners 
Club of Australia" on a domain account constitute an 
update to existing Registrant details?

Section F, subsection 2A & 2B of the auDA policy on at clearly outlines that "LS1 
Owners Club of Australia" would be an invalid registrant for this 
domain. Does NetRegistry not follow auDA policy when changing registrant?

Please explain also why a change to the registrant on a domain record 
does not update the Last Modified date on the record? How long has this 
been a problem at NetRegistry and how many other domain leasee's could 
have been affected?

Further NetRegistry did this registrant change/update after being 
officially notified of an issue around the domain ... I find this 
questionable business conduct at best.

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