Re: [DNS] Why have a policy?

Re: [DNS] Why have a policy?

From: Kim Davies <kim§>
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 16:06:20 +0800

Quoting Bill on Thursday March 31, 2005:
| Does self governance work? Well apparently not.
| How can a company register so many domains which
| obviously fall out of policy. The Australian domain
| space is becoming a mockery. Who is responsible? auDa,
| registrars or registrant. 

It all comes down to a warranty based system is useless if there is not
adequate follow-up on infractions. Then again, based on the last few
weeks of conversation, apparently these kinds of registrations quite
possibly _do_ fall within policy the way it is being adjudicated.

It would be nice to get some hard data on things like number of
complaints, how they are handled, methods of resolution etc. to make
an informed evaluation of the current system. Something like a case
database, as you can do with UDRP requests, would provide relevant
history to both determine the future course of policy, and find relevant
precedent on how policy is being interpreted.

| The Australian domain space is becoming a mockery.

I would say throwing out unqualified remarks like that only serves to
undermine whatever you're saying.

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