Re: [DNS] Why have a policy?

Re: [DNS] Why have a policy?

From: Bill <ansearchwatch§>
Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2005 07:10:58 +0100 (BST)
You must be happy that your staff can provide such a
fast service 24/7.

> I would not want to see a situation where domains
> required extra 
> checking by auDA etc before being approved, but I'd
> have no problem with 
> auDA allocating a person to investigate such domains
> after they were 
> registered. It would be a tiny cost in a $3mil/year
> budget, but as I 
> have already outlined, there simply are not that
> many domains that can 
> be shown to be registered without basis.

Perhaps you could bring this up at the next board
meeting. It would be beneficial to all to have some
sort of pre-auDRP complaints policy in place for
situations like this. As there will no longer be
requirements to give "reasons" for "close &
substantial" I can see no reason why auDa cannot
follow up where a complaint about misrepresentation
has been made. A simple letter asking the registrant
to qualify their C&S application would not be
difficult to apply. Benefits would come for both the
australian community and registrars.


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