Re: [DNS] Whois & Privacy

Re: [DNS] Whois & Privacy

From: Deus Ex Machina <vicc§>
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2005 11:24:25 +1000
Mike [mjr&#167;] wrote:

> >privacy is not a perticularly fundamental right.  In fact I cant think of
> >any rights that are inferior to it, can you?
> Not in Australia, thats for sure!

see below.

> >privacy is also the most important tool that crooks, criminals and 
> >fraudsters use
> >to shield their activities.

> Now thats funny, auDA even have a rep from EFA on the the 
> link if you need any help working out what the EFA do..
> They PROTECT /*your*/ "rights" on the internet in Australia. One of the 
> most important rights you DO have is PRIVACY.
> Here's a link to some of the stuff you take for granted, that you can 
> feel free to thank them for if you like..
> I certainly do.

I think you are somewhat confused. firstly you might note that EFA is sponsored
by Host1 which I own. secondly you might want to think about the above
question a little more closely. given you seem to be implying that things are
bad in Australia, let me rephrase the question for you.

which rights do you personally think should be inferior to privacy?

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