domain name news - Apr 14

domain name news - Apr 14

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Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 21:10:02 +1000 (EST)
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au: Administrator suspends TotalNIC accreditation
auDA has suspended the registrar accreditation of
Capital Networks--trading as TotalNIC.,2000061791,39187959,00.htm

auDA suspends Capital Networks' registrar
accreditation (news release)

au: Nielsen wins domain dispute
INTERNET analyst firm Nielsen//NetRatings is claiming
victory in a tussle with a local internet analyst over
a domain name.,7204,12824905%5e15306%5e%5enbv%5e15306,00.html

Users put squeeze on internet address space
ONE of the fathers of the internet has warned that a
surge in demand for new online addresses from devices
such as mobile phones could stress the capacity of the
world's computer communications system.,5744,12827547%255E601,00.html

Name registry after more money
THE global domain registration industry's peak
governing body will ask its immediate internet name
registry operators for more money in face of an
expected $US10 million ($12.9 million) shortfall in
its budget next financial year.,7204,12825576%5e16123%5e%5enbv%5e,00.html

nz: Government will police its own net addresses
The State Services Commission hopes to save the
government tens of thousands of dollars a year in
domain registration fees and transaction costs by
setting up its own registry.

uk: 'Trick' election website blasted
An election row has broken out after a Conservative
candidate used a web address naming his Lib Dem rival.

AfriNIC Now a Regional Internet Registry
ICANN has approved the African Network Information
Centre's (AfriNIC's) application to become the fifth
regional Internet registry.

Loophole found in Internet domain name
A company has found a loophole for selling Internet
names ending in ".pro" without the usual credentialing
requirements, prompting complaints from the Internet's
key oversight agency.

Briton is defying Apple over iTunes Web site   	
A minor difference over the Web page for Apple's
popular iTunes service in Britain has led to a court
showdown between Apple Computer and a British
entrepreneur who became known as a teenage millionaire
in the dot-com boom. The entrepreneur, Benjamin Cohen,
now 22, is the founder of CyberBritain, an Internet
company that registered in November
2000, two months before Apple introduced its iTunes
music store.

us: Schafer defends domain name purchase
Saying that his one crime was being “overzealous,”
Scott Schafer came to the Littleton Board of Education
meeting last Monday to explain why he purchased the
domain name of the Littleton School District Web site.

Story Behind .ASIA
After releasing .travel and .jobs (hey, up
for bidding!), ICANN said they will look at .xxx and
.asia next. (via Chiao) "Vint Cerf: ...of those, we
have had fairly extensive discussion about .asia and
.xxx. We continue to evaluate those. The others will
be attended to as we can get to them. But i want to
say for the record that we will attempt within the
next 30 days to come to a conclusion one way or the
other about .asia and .xxx so these will be on a board
call sometime within that period." Chiao called .ASIA
"more or less like a joint venture among APxx
organizations". I say nonsense! Don't let appearance
fool you. ›››

In Pursuit of IDN Perfection?
Many of the problems of IDNs come from trying to do
multiple languages at the same time or languages one
can't read. The biggest difficulty is implementing
them in gTLDs like .com or .org. I think that if we
focus on helping the country level TLDs (ccTLDs) get
going with IDNs in their own native languages, we
would be solving the problem for 80% or so of the
people. My concern is holding up the ability for these
people to use IDNs because we can find the perfect
solution for the edge cases. ›››

Creating a National Cybersecurity Framework: Need For
New Regulation?
The Congressional Research Service (CRS) recently
released a major new study examining cybersecurity.
The report, "Creating a National Framework for
Cybersecurity: An Analysis of Issues and Options"
discusses a variety of significant public and private
cybersecurity concerns. The CRS analysis lists several
broad options for addressing cybersecurity weaknesses
ranging from adopting standards and certification to
promulgating best practices and guidelines and use of
audits among other measures.

VeriSign will install in Brazil new root server for
.COM and .NET
VeriSign logoVeriSign announced that it will place a
new Internet server for .COM and .NET in Sao Paulo,
Brazil this year to provide Internet users throughout
Latin America with enhanced Internet connections,
greater security and increased reliability for .COM
and .NET commerce and communications.

COM NET Registry: COM and NET EPP Integration
VeriSign is moving towards becoming an EPP Registry
for all the domains we manage.  Tv, .cc and .bz are
now available via EPP, and on June 25th, 2005 .com and
.net will be able to be provisioned using EPP. The
integration is being split into two Phases. 
Throughout both phases of the integration project
Registrars can look forward to the following:

Mars and back in 40 minutes (reg req'd)
"The speed of light is far too slow for the internet
of the future," says Vinton Cerf, the man often called
one of the fathers of the global communications system
on which most of the world now depends.

ICANN adds .jobs and .travel to Internet names
Travel companies, employers and recruitment agencies
get their own little slice of the Net,39020330,39194574,00.htm,7204,12815436%5e16123%5e%5enbv%5e,00.html,0,2834501.story,2172,101838,00.html

Sources include Quicklinks <> and
BNA Internet Law News <>.


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