domain name news - Apr 19

domain name news - Apr 19

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Securing Inter-Domain Routing by Geoff Huston
While a network administrator can do a relatively
robust job in protecting their local routing
infrastructure by taking reasonable measures in terms
of protecting routers and protecting the integrity of
the operation of routing protocols within their local
network, the task of protecting the integrity and
accuracy of the information being carried by the
routing protocols is a far more challenging task. The
current level of activity, while well-intentioned, is
not proving to be resilient against even such benign
forms of routing information corruption as operation
misconfiguration, let alone being resilient against
determined and creative attack vectors.

The Geography of Internet Addressing by Paul Wilson,
Director General, APNIC
The ITU-T has proposed a new system of country-based
IP address allocations which aims to satisfy a natural
demand for self-determination by countries; however,
the proposal also stands to realign the Internet's
frontiers onto national boundaries, with consequences
which are explored here.

A domain-name controversy: An online power struggle
(sub req'd)
IT IS not easy running the internet's address system.
Since it was founded in 1998 ICANN has been under
constant fire from critics on all sides. As it held a
public board meeting last week in Argentina, it found
itself grappling controversially with two new

China Has 1.85 Million Domain Names
CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center)
released the results of the Fourth China Internet
Network Information Resource Survey, which was mainly
focused on the current registered websites around the

cn: Study finds Chinese Internet filters sophisticated
The Chinese government has become increasingly
sophisticated at controlling the Internet, taking a
multilayered approach that contributes to precision in
blocking political dissent, a report released Thursday

eu: Czech Arbitration Court to provide ADR for .eu
Czech Arbitration Court to provide Alternative Dispute
Resolution for .eu domain names in the 20 official
languages of the European Union.

EURid News Letter 6 April 2005
The contractual issues required by the European
Commission have now been concluded and the final
preparations are underway for the launch of .eu,
hopefully later this year. We will now provide regular
progress reports through these newsletters. See the
link below for the latest newsletter.

AfriNIC Given Final Recognition from ICANN as the
Fifth Regional Internet Registry Serving the African
Today in Mar del Plata, Argentina, during the ICANN
Board meeting, the Board voted to recognise AfriNIC as
the new Regional Internet Registry (RIR) to serve
Africa and the Indian Ocean.

ICANN moves to equip AfriNIC for its new mission
AfriNIC, Africa's own Regional Internet number
Registry (RIR) has just received its first allocation
of numbering resources, including IP addresses and
Autonomous System Numbers for the Africa region.

uk: Tory backs down in political cybersquatting row
Election 2005 The cybersquatting jiggery pokery that
has thrust Winchester to the forefront of political
dirty trickery appears to have been resolved.

uk: Political cybersquatting rears ugly head
Election 2005 Political shenanigans have spilled over
onto the web after the Tory candidate for Winchester
hijacked a domain for Lib Dem MP Mark Oaten.

uk: Developers hijack protest website
DEVELOPERS planning to build a massive housing estate
have "e-jacked" an internet campaign by opponents to
the scheme.

New domains cause wrangles
Two more top-level domain names - .travel and .jobs -
have been approved by the oversight body for the
internet's addressing system, but industry figures
warned that many firms will find little business value
in the new names, though they may have to register
them defensively.

Go-ahead for dot travel domain name
THE generic travel industry domain name dot travel is
to be launched this year after being given the
go-ahead by online governing body ICANN.

jp: JPRS, jointly with ccTLDs in Asia, Sent an Open
Letter to Microsoft Requesting Implementation of IDN
in the Next Internet Explorer
On April 4, 2005, JPRS, with the other members of
Joint Engineering Team (JET), sent an open letter to
Microsoft Corporation,making a request for
implementation of Internationalized Domain Name (IDN)
in the next version of the Internet Explorer.

us: Governor's Campaign Site Unseen 
Minnesota's Republican governor has Democrats up in
arms after he redirected personal internet domains to
the state's official gubernatorial website. He says
it's not a problem, but some experts say the tactic
crosses the line between official work and political

cn: Gome Has Domain Name Problems
Beijing Gome Home Appliance Company, one of the
largest home electronics chain stores in the capital
city, has sued Hao Peng in Beijing because Hao
registered a domain name similar to Gome's name.

Adoption of a global policy on IANA Allocation of IPv4
address space to the Regional Internet Registries.
On 8 April 2005, during the ICANN Board meeting in Mar
del Plata, Argentina, the ICANN Board formally
approved the adoption of a global policy on IANA
Allocation of IPv4 address space to the Regional
Internet Registries developed by the Address
Supporting Oganisation (ASO) and the Number Resource
Organisation (NRO).

au: ICANN powerless in net disputes
THE internet's peak technical governance body has
appealed to Australia's consumer watchdog for help to
tackle a flood of consumer complaints over domain

ICANN lays down the law
ICANN is calling a domain name registrar and a
registry operator on the carpet in a dispute over the
distribution of .pro domain names.

ICANN bosses slam VoIP regulation
Legislators must not make the mistake of subjecting
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) offerings to the
same rules as telephony services, the heads of the
global Internet regulator said.,2000061791,39188317,00.htm

Cerf: Hollywood interested in BitTorrent
Hollywood is anxious to embrace BitTorrent as a method
of movie distribution, according to Vint Cerf, one of
the fathers of the Internet.,39024667,39129616,00.htm

ICANN takes measures to prevent phishing
ICANN approved two new top-level internet domains, but
chairman Vint Cerf expressed that he is not completely
satisfied that the experiment in adding domains to the
internet has been proven.

nz: Internet society plans full Enum trial
A coalition led by non-profit internet society
InternetNZ plans to create a steering group to manage
a full commercial trial of phone and Internet
numbering system Enum following a limited trial
announced last month.,2106,3251308a28,00.html

More on Story Behind .ASIA
Rambling story behind .asia - personal opinions

Fitting .JOBS Into the Marketplace
There have been several posts over the last 48 hours
in response to the new dot jobs domain on both sides
of the argument.

Comments to WGIG on Draft Working Paper on IP Numbers
(April 2005)
Submitted by the Number Resource Organization

us: Loophole found in Internet domain name
A company has found a loophole for selling Internet
names ending in ".pro" without the usual credentialing
requirements, prompting complaints from the Internet's
key oversight agency.

us: Are cult apologists buying up domain names on the
Internet to mislead the public?, a domain name once devoted to
archiving critical information about the so-called
“Children of God” now known as “The Family,” seems to
have been co-opted by cult apologists.

Why you should disable DNS caching on workstations
Would-be attackers are now setting their sights on the
domain name system (DNS), an integral part of the
Internet, in hopes of making it more difficult to
determine the authenticity of Web sites. Jonathan
Yarden offers some suggestions your organization can
take to mitigate its risks.

Mediating domain name disputes
CASES of domain name abuse or cyber-squatting are
expected to rise in Malaysia, particularly in the .com
top-level domain (TLD), with the increased usage of
the Internet as a channel of trade and communications.

za: Sites for Sale
Web hosting and Internet marketing company Compuzone
Internet Technologies (CIT) is selling 30 of its top
user domains and several secondary domain names and
Web sites to the general public and small and medium
enterprises (SMEs).

us: Domain Name on the Bidding Block; URL
``Perfect Name for Reality Dating Show'' Now for Sale
In a move reminiscent of the late 1990s, a Silicon
Valley-based serial entrepreneur announced today he is
putting the domain name up for sale in an
effort he believes could generate offers of more than
$1 million.*A1113130800000*B1113509458000*DgroupByDate*J2*N1001811&newsLang=en&beanID=1153550781&viewID=news_view

us: VeriSign Celebrates Tenth Anniversary (news
VeriSign celebrated its tenth year in business.


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BNA Internet Law News <>.


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