domain name, WSIS & governance news - Apr 26

domain name, WSIS & governance news - Apr 26

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EU to launch its own web domain
The European Commission has said that the new internet
domain name ".eu" will be up and running by the end of

EC warns on .eu scammers
Companies should be wary of unscrupulous scammers
offering bogus pre-registration services for the new
pan-European domain,39020330,39196211,00.htm

za: Evicting Cyber Squatters
The Bowman Gilfillan law firm is drafting a .za
dispute resolution regulation (ZADRR) for domains in
the .za domain space, in a bid to curb cyber

za: New Rules to Help Arbitrate in Domain-Name
NEW rules to crack down on the hijacking of internet
domain names have been drafted by the communications

eu: A 'lapsed Catholic' owns
An American who registered the Internet domain name before the new pope was chosen said on
Wednesday he had not worked out what to do with it but
was pretty sure it would be a sin to sell it to a
pornographer. owner promises no porn
An American who registered the Internet name before the new Pope was chosen said on
Wednesday he had not worked out what to do with it but
was pretty sure it would be a sin to sell it to a

Web server attacks 'growing fast'
Hackers successfully attacked more than 400,000
websites and servers in 2004, finds a report.

ICANN: Update – .NET RFP Process
On 28 March 2005, ICANN published the "ICANN .net RFP
Evaluation Final Report" prepared by Telcordia. The
report indicated that VeriSign was the top-ranked

ICANN GNSO: Combined Whois Task Force Preliminary
Report -- Public Comment Forum
Final task force report on Recommendations for
improving notification and consent for the use of
contact data in the Whois system

New Instance of RIPE NCC Operated K-root Server
Deployed in Tokyo, Japan
The RIPE NCC (Réseaux IP Européens Network
Coordination Centre) has deployed a new mirror
instance of the K-root Internet root name server in
Tokyo, Japan. This mirror server is the first global
node outside Europe and should help stabilise the
Internet infrastructure in the Asia-Pacific region.

ACPA Applies to Noncommercial Use of Domain Name
A recent decision by the Ninth Circuit confirms that
"commercial use" by the defendant is required for a
Lanham Act trademark or dilution claim, but is not
required in a cybersquatting claim under the
Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA).

Poisoning the Internet
Thanks to a new loophole, computer criminals are
recycling an old trick - and subverting the very
infrastructure of the internet. The trick uses bogus
data to "poison" the domain name system (DNS) that
routes all net traffic. By doing this, they redirect
internet users to convincing but fake websites where
they could have their credit card or bank details
stolen. Companies can protect themselves by using
specialised DNS software, but that may not be the end
of the problem.

au: ISPs team to fight DNS attack
TELSTRA is co-operating with international service
providers to combat ongoing denial of service attacks
which have been referred to the national high-tech
crime squad.,7204,15018980%5E15331%5E%5Enbv%5E15306-15319,00.html

au: Enum trial nears
THE Federal Government will soon start a trial of a
new telephone numbering system to accelerate the
uptake voice over IP technology by consumers.,7204,15044655%5e15306%5e%5enbv%5e,00.html

APTLD welcomes Two New Members
The APTLD Board welcomes two new members of APTLD. The
two organisations are: MONIC - representing the .MO
ccTLD and .MN Domain Registry - representing the .MN

ca: CIRA 2004 Annual Report
CIRA is pleased to present its Annual Report covering
activities for the period January to December 2004,
and objectives for 2005-2008.

us/va: Papal site owner is no sinner
AN American who registered the Internet name before the new Pope was chosen said he
had not worked out what to do with it but was pretty
sure it would be a sin to sell it to a pornographer.

European Commissioner for Health and Consumer
Speech at the OECD Workshop on Consumer Dispute
Resolution and redress in the Global Marketplace; OECD
Workshop on Consumer Dispute Resolution and redress in
the Global Marketplace

WIPO Seminar on Copyright and Internet Intermediaries
The Seminar: The WIPO Copyright and Related Rights
Sector held a Seminar on Copyright and Internet
Intermediaries in Geneva on April 18, 2005, to help
obtain a better understanding of these issues. The
Seminar was designed to provide a forum for discussion
among international experts and business leaders,
academics, government delegates and policy makers. Key
speakers, with audience participation, addressed
various ways to approach issues relating to copyright
liability of those who act as online intermediaries:
which may include Internet service providers (ISPs),
providers of file-sharing services, auction sites and
portals. Seminar presentations and background papers
are available for download via links on the program.

WIPO seminar on ISP liability
On 18 April WIPO hosted a seminar in Geneva on
copyright and ISP liability. Dominated by
representatives of the entertainment industry and
international government officials, the highly
politicised seminar ended with the conclusion that
more legislation was indeed necessary. The main issue
however remained unsolved; whether this legislation
should provide stronger protection for the fundamental
rights and freedoms of all internet users, or whether
this legislation should further facilitate the
entertainment industry in hunting down individual
internet users.

Third meeting of Working Group on Internet Governance
focuses on Internet use, spam, other key public policy
issues (news release)
The third meeting of the Working Group on Internet
Governance, which met at the United Nations Office in
Geneva 18 to 20 April 2005, made headway on assessing
the adequacy of present governance arrangements and
started looking at possible recommendations for future
action. Discussions focused on key public policy
issues related to the use of the Internet, such as
spam, network security and cybercrime, as well as on
issues related to the administration of Internet names
and addresses and the root-server system.

Command Lines: The Emergence of Governance in Global
Cyberspace, 29-30 April, Milwaukee
This working conference will examine the diverse ways
in which governance is both implemented and emerging
within cyberspace and the effects of such approaches
to governance in the off-line world. Sessions will
cover the entire range of types of governance
mechanisms, from the formal laws of government through
the formal and informal governance mechanisms of both
state and non-state actors to the cultural practices
of governmentality that sustain and enable both
governance and government.

Internet Governance Debate Moving to Next Stage
The Working Group on Internet Governance has had its
third meeting on the last three days in Geneva. The
discussion is now moving from mapping the internet
governance landscape of institutions and stakeholders
towards assessments and recommendations. Monday’s
session was conducted as an open consultation,
yesterday and today the group was meeting in private.
Expectedly, a few conflicts surfaced again, which
mainly circled around the role of different
stakeholders, the question of a new organisational
framework, and the Multilateralization of the core
Internet resources. But progress can be observed.

Response to the Working Group on Internet Governance
This response paper is an effort to provide the WGIG
with APTLD's perspective of the ccTLD-related issues
being discussed in this forum.


Sources include Quicklinks <> and
BNA Internet Law News <>.


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