domain name news - Apr 21

domain name news - Apr 21

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Could IP Addressing Benefit from the Introduction of
Competitive Suppliers? by Paul Wilson, Director
General of Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
(APNIC), and Geoff Huston, Senior Internet Research
Scientist at APNIC.
"In recent months proposals have been made for the
introduction of competition into the system of
allocation of IP addresses. In particular, calls have
been made for new IP address registries to be
established which would compete with the existing
Regional Internet address Registries (RIRs). Specific
proposals have been made by Houlin Zhao of the ITU-T
and by Milton Mueller of the Internet Governance
Project, both of which propose that the ITU itself
could establish such a registry group, operating as a
collection of national registries." ...It would appear
that part of the rationale for these proposals lies in
the expectation that the introduction of competition
would naturally lead to outcomes of "better" or "more
efficient" services the address distribution function.
This article is a commentary on this expectation,
looking at the relationship between a competitive
supply framework and the role of address distribution,
and offering some perspective on the potential
outcomes that may be associated with such a scenario
for IP addresses, or indeed for network addresses in

The Geography of Internet Addressing by Paul Wilson,
Director General, APNIC
The ITU-T has proposed a new system of country-based
IP address allocations which aims to satisfy a natural
demand for self-determination by countries; however,
the proposal also stands to realign the Internet's
frontiers onto national boundaries, with consequences
which are explored here.

us: Florida Man Registers Name
A St. Augustine, Fla., man, Rogers Cadenhead,
registered the address on April 1,
hoping that would be the name of John Paul II's
successor. To cover his bases, Cadenhead, 38, also
registered,,, and,1284,67278,00.html

us: Google sues
Google has sued, charging the rival
shopping search engine with trademark infringement.

us: Montpelier man accused of 'cybersquatting'
The Vermont Country Store has gone to court to prevent
a Las Vegas “cybersquatter” who used to live in
Montpelier from operating Web sites with names similar
to its own.

Imminent Domain (about .jobs)
Millions of people use the Internet each day to find
jobs. Those who have tried it know that it can be a
frustrating experience. How do you know if you posted
your resume at all the right sites? Is it enough to
just use What about
What about your local newspaper's Web site? What about
professional societies' Web sites? Wouldn't it be nice
if there were a centralized resource?

Security Concerns Boosted VeriSign's Dot-Net Bid
When the nonprofit organization that oversees the
Internet's domain name system announced last month
that the world's fourth largest domain would remain in
the hands of VeriSign Inc., technology workers and
Internet policy wonks around the world were
incredulous, wondering aloud how the company had
managed to navigate a process that was, in many ways,
designed to reduce its hold on key pieces of Internet
real estate.

Some Say ICANN Too Heavy-Handed
Domain approval has been an issue since at least 2002.
Of the 191 domain names proposed that year -- when
.com, .org and .net had been the only domain suffixes
on the block -- ICANN approved a mere seven, rejecting
bids for .mobile by Nokia, .health by the World Health
Organization, and .travel by the International Air
Transport Association.

How vulnerable is the 'Net?
The unusual activity began two weeks before the
attack. Officials from the Cooperative Association for
Internet Data Analysis, which had begun monitoring
Internet nameserver behavior at the start of 2002,
noticed varying levels of performance degradation in
early October of that year. Little did they realize
that on Oct. 21 they would witness a flood of ping
messages on the Internet's 13 DNS root nameservers
that would cause the most notorious denial-of-service
attack on the Internet to this date.

Brits pay through nose for domain names
WEB HOSTING COMPANY 1&1 charges UK residents 10.45 to
register a .com Internet domain name, while customers
in the USA or Canada are charged just $5.99 (3.15)
for the same service. Helps Business Owners To Drive
Traffic To Their Sites (news release), a free expired domain name search
engine allows business owners to search for expired
domain names.

Mediating domain name disputes
CASES of domain name abuse or cyber-squatting are
expected to rise in Malaysia, particularly in the .com
top-level domain (TLD), with the increased usage of
the Internet as a channel of trade and communications.

EV1Servers Becomes ICANN Registrar
EV1Servers has been approved as an ICANN_accredited
domain name registrar, the company said today. The
Houston provider was approved for top level domains
(TLDs) including .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info and
.us. The ICANN approval follows a similar move by The


Sources include Quicklinks <> and
BNA Internet Law News <>.


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