domain name news - May 02

domain name news - May 02

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Thu, 5 May 2005 21:52:23 +1000 (EST)
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au: auDA and Capital Networks settle disputes 
auDA and Capital Networks Pty Ltd (trading as
TotalNIC) have settled all outstanding disputes
between them. As part of the settlement terms, Capital
Networks has withdrawn its application to the High
Court for special leave to appeal, auDA has withdrawn
its application for winding up and Capital Networks’
registrar accreditation has been terminated by

au: auDA reduces its .au domain name fee* by 25
Effective from 1st May 2005, .au Domain Administration
(auDA), the administrator of .au domain names, will
reduce the fee it charges registrars for .au domains
by 25 percent from $7.50 to $5.50.

Africa: Goodwill and Optimism for the Future of the
Internet in Africa
Internet professionals from all parts of the world
have come to Maputo, Mozambique bringing good wishes
and encouragement to the first meeting of AfriNIC as a
fully fledged Regional Internet Registry (RIR). The
other four RIRs were all keen to express their
goodwill for the success of AfriNIC as the internet
numbers registry for Africa.

New Internet Addresses Mean New Opportunities for
A new system for assigning internet addresses will
provide entrepreneurs with opportunities for
innovation. This is the view of Jordi Palet Martinez,
an internet consultant who made a presentation on the
new IPv6 system to the AfriNIC policy making meeting
in Maputo, Mozambique.

AfriNIC prices slashed to attract new members
AfriNIC, the internet numbers registry for Africa, has
slashed the minimum cost of joining the organisation
from $400 to $100 per year. This fee applies to
individual members and organisations who do not
require number allocations from the registry.,2172,103133,00.html

za: Cybersquatters Face Eviction
PRESSURE from international companies that have fallen
prey to cybersquatters in SA is prompting the creation
of a quick and cheap internet arbitration process.

Transfer of Authority to AfriNIC and Joinder to NRO
The NRO is pleased to note AfriNIC's continued
progress since it received ICANN recognition as the
fifth Regional Internet Registry (RIR) on on April 8,

Bahrain site registration sparks protests
All Web sites operating in Bahrain must register with
the country's Information Ministry under a new
government mandate that has provoked protests from an
international watchdog for press freedom.

Web domains’ price plunge raises demand
Not everyone wants to maintain a Web site. It can, of
course, be fun to do so. You can put photos of your
dog on the Web for the world to see. You can dedicate
a site to your favorite hobby or rock band. You can
even start a blog and share your thoughts on the
issues of the day.

us: Wal-Mart on the Domain Name War Path
Wal-Mart seems to have been particularly vigilant
lately about protecting itself from third parties
setting up websites critiquing Wal-Mart and its
practices. See, for example, recent blog postings by
Eric Goldman, Kevin Heller, and an article from

IP Address Allocation vs. Internet Production I:
Understanding the Relationship, and the Differences
It is sometimes said that: 'IP addresses are hoarded
by "developed nations" - if only "underdeveloped"
nations were given more IP addresses, the Internet
would grow more/better...' Assertions like this
mistakenly conflate the administrative process of
requesting and receiving public IP addresses with the
economic or commercial act of routing IP addresses -
of engaging in what is sometimes called "Internet
production." The former, administrative process
involves relatively little in the way of overhead, and
confers nothing more than the potential to develop
public Internet resources -- i.e., to create new
Internet users (provide access) and/or Internet uses
(provide content and other online services).

ICANN Nominating Committee Issues Formal Call for
Recommendations and Statements of Interest
ICANN's Nominating Committee invites Recommendations
and Statements of Interest from the Internet community
as it seeks qualified candidates for positions to
assist in its technical coordination role.
Recommendations and Statements of Interest for the
positions on the ICANN Board of Directors, GNSO, ccNSO
and ALAC can be submitted through
More information regarding the Nominating Committee
and its role can be found through

ie: Domain registry ‘financially stable’
The IE Domain Registry (IEDR) has reversed its
precarious financial position of three years ago when
it has losses of €1.2m and today reported an operating
profit of €880k on a turnover of €2.2m for the year
ended 31 December, 2004. New registrations of .ie
domains increased 33pc during the year.

cn: Supreme people's court affirms 29 well-known
The Supreme people's court has affirmed a total of 29
well-known trademarks since they began to affirm
well-known trademarks in trial of disputes over
trademark and domain name in 2001. The 29 well-known
trademarks include "Sinochem", "Rolex", "Honghe",
"Safeguard", "Wal-Mart", "Dupont", "Nippon", "Gome
Electronics", and "Ping'an".

How the new Pope sparked a bidding war
People across the world watched with interest as it
was announced that Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger would
take the papal name Pope Benedict XVI. Owner Donates Address to N.Y. Charity
The Florida man who registered weeks
before Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger became the Catholic
Church's new pope has donated the Internet address to
a New York charity, at least until the Vatican comes

Italians seek to close Web site showing pope as Nazi
Rome authorities seek temporary injunction against
site with doctored photographs of Pope Benedict.

Scheme preys on people who mistype ''
Security researchers have discovered an attack aimed
at would-be visitors to, one that attempts
to download malicious programs onto the computers of
people who simply mistype the search giant's Web

May 2005 Web Server Survey
In the May 2005 survey we received responses from
63,532,742 sites, an increase of 1.24 million sites
from last month. The gain continues the strong growth
of the Web, which has added an average 1.2 million
sites per month thus far in 2005.

RIPE NCC Regional Meeting Kazan 2005
The RIPE NCC is pleased to announce the RIPE NCC
Regional Meeting in Kazan, to be held Friday, 17 June

us: Hushmail DNS Attack Blamed on Network Solutions
Secure e-mail service provider Hushmail Communications
plans to pursue a criminal investigation into a
hacking attack that redirected users to a defaced Web
site. The company pinned the blame for the breach
squarely on the shoulders of domain name registrar
Network Solutions.

The Planet Receives ICANN Accreditation to Provide
Domain Name Services
ICANN recently accredited The Planet as an official
domain name registrar, authorizing the company to
provide a full range of domain name services.

us: The 3rd Biggest "Dot Com' Domain Sale in History
The 3rd Biggest 'dot com' domain sale in history
starts today at Get your referral
commission of $74,850 just for referring one buyer to
the domain name sale.

us: BitTorrent as friend, not foe
BitTorrent has been described as Hollywood's Napster
-- a sinister software that makes it easy to steal
movies off the Internet. And just like the recording
industry response to the Napster scourge years ago,
movie studios today are determined to stamp out
BitTorrent. Vinton Cerf, one of the co-creators of the
Internet, thinks Hollywood is making a big mistake and
that BitTorrent or another technology like it can't be
stopped. His advice to Hollywood: If you can't beat
'em, join 'em.


Sources include Quicklinks <> and
BNA Internet Law News <>.


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