domain name news - May 05

domain name news - May 05

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Ian Peter's History of the Internet
The beginnings of the Internet are shrouded in myth
and misunderstandings that have led to some claims of
proprietary ownership of the Internet. Where and when
did the Internet begin? The only thing
Internethistorians seem to agree on is that it was not
1969, or the Pentagon, (or for that matter Al Gore).
From there on, there is a wide divergence of views as
to when, where, and by whom the Internet may have been
invented. For Ian Peter's version of the History of
the Internet, see:

au: ENUM trial gets go-ahead
THE communications regulator has confirmed the
kick-off of an Australian trial of so-called ENUM
services, which allow the use of a single phone number
as an address for a range of services including email,
instant messaging and voice over IP telephony.,7204,15187695%5e16123%5e%5enbv%5e,00.html

au: Cautious approval for ENUM privacy
PRIVACY groups have given the Australian trial of 'one
stop' ENUM phone numbers cautious approval, saying
regulators have shown concern for the numerous privacy
and security issues involved in the technology.,7204,15188703%5e15306%5e%5enbv%5e,00.html

nz: Panel favoured for sorting out domain disputes
InternetNZ, the non-profit society that sets policy
for ".nz" Web addresses, is close to picking a way to
resolve domain name squabbles.,2106,3265792a28,00.html

nz: Keeping domain disputes out of court
Plans to introduce an alternative dispute resolution
system for internet domain names are approaching a
crucial stage and a recommendation to adopt a new
process will be considered in a fortnight.

nz: Government will police its own net addresses
The State Services Commission hopes to save the
government tens of thousands of dollars a year in
domain registration fees and transaction costs by
setting up its own registry.

Italians seek to close Web site showing pope as Nazi
Rome judicial authorities sought a temporary
injunction on Friday against an Internet site which
carried doctored photographs of Pope Benedict dressed
in a Nazi uniform.

Verisign and .net: a winner all the way
Analysis ICANN skewed the process to select a new
owner for the .net registry in favour of incumbent
owner VeriSign. Our in-depth investigation into the
process, which has proved highly controversial since a
final report gave the six-year contract to VeriSign,
has revealed that ICANN:

Global poker game for the internet goes on
A new front has opened up in the global battle for
control of the internet, with a heated exchange of
letters between two of the main players. The chairman
of Centr - an organisation representing the needs and
wishes of a large part of the world's internet
registries - has fired a broadside at internet
overseeing organisation ICANN following a letter from
ICANN that dismissed his organisation's complaints.

uk: Nominet acts over Firevision debacle
UK registry operator Nominet has at last acted against
domain name registrar Firevision, which has left
thousands of customers in limbo and unable to access
their domain names.

ICANN Posts Telcordia Review of Findings
Telcordia published a review of their evaluation
report in light of letters received from .NET
applicants and responded to the questions raised.

Do We Really Need IDN?
James Seng has quoted that Korea, China and Japan must
have IDN (Internationalized Domain Name) service. His
statement may appear as above mentioned countries
desperately need for IDN services because there are no
alternative. However, there have already been well
established local Internet address providers since
quite some time.

us: Gore to Get Lifetime Award for Internet
Al Gore may have been lampooned for taking credit in
the Internet's development, but organizers of the
Webby Awards for online achievements don't find it
funny at all.

us: Wal-Mart’s Domain Name Battles
A recent decision by the WIPO Arbitration Center took
the domain name away from Jeff
Milchen, a self-described Wal-Mart critic.  The panel
found that Milchen had "registered the name in bad
faith," a term that has specific meaning under ICANN’s

Hushmail DNS Attack Blamed on Network Solutions
Secure e-mail service provider Hushmail Communications
plans to pursue a criminal investigation into a
hacking attack that redirected users to a defaced Web
site. The company pinned the blame for the breach
squarely on the shoulders of domain name registrar
Network Solutions.,1759,1791152,00.asp


Sources include Quicklinks <> and
BNA Internet Law News <>.


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