RE: [DNS] ANSearch Deletes Domains

RE: [DNS] ANSearch Deletes Domains

From: Marty Drill - Domain Candy <marty§>
Date: Sat, 4 Jun 2005 13:02:11 +1000
auDa approached the company involved and requested that it identifies how it
intends to provides services for each of the domains registered. 

It appears that the company involved was not able to satisfy the intent of
the policy reason that they specified.

As for Empius, rest assured auDA and registrars are focused on ensuring that
a large amount of names registered by a single company are checked for their
validity against the policy. If they are the warranty that they have
provided is not inline with the policy, then auDA will contact the
Registrant and Registrar.



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Subject: [DNS] ANSearch Deletes Domains

I notice that ansearch dropped about a hundred of their disputed domains
last week some of which were generics. Was this due to auda enforcing its
policies or because ansearch has changed its marketing strategies.

I see that several of the domains were snatched up by emerging company
Empius Interactive Pty Ltd ( ). who obviously have
a diverse range of services 

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