domain name, WSIS & governance news - 13 June

domain name, WSIS & governance news - 13 June

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Domain names near 77M
Be it a dot-com, a dot-net or a dot something, the
number of Internet domain names is speeding toward 77
million, according to a report from Verisign Inc., the
Mountain View-based domain name registration company.

Domain Registrations On The Rise
Global top-level domain registrations have climbed
past 50-million, an increase of more than 30% from
this time last year. The domains business is on the
move, and
( ) has bulk
registration rates few other registrars can or will
offer. “Businesses understand that not having a domain
name is like not having a phone number, and an
Internet address may be even more important,” said
Beau Garcia, VP of Business Development at “It’s especially critical as more
people begin working for themselves and the Web is a
tremendous equalizer, particularly for small

au: auDA confiscates dodgy Ansearch domains
Australia's domain name regulator has seized more than
1,000 domains from Ansearch, saying the search engine
company's intended use did not comply with its

au: ENUM trial goes live
Mapping telephone numbers to Internet addresses today
became a reality in Australia, as a trial for ENUM
technology went live.,2000061791,39195439,00.htm

nz: Domain regulator ‘power hungry'
A website developer hit by sanctions from the Domain
Name Commissioner’s office says the regulator is a
"power-hungry bureaucracy gone mad."

nz: Labour grabs lobby group's web address
Tension is rising between Auckland business groups and
the Government over roading projects and Labour's
hijacking of a website which was apparently to have
been used in one group's proposed election-time
campaign on roading.

uk/au: Nominet claims scammer victory
Nominet, the British internet registry, has won an
Australian Federal Court order to freeze the assets of
two men who attacked its database,,9075-1644420,00.html

uk: Nominet consults on international domain names
Should we be able to register domain names with
non-standard characters, such as café,39020369,39202151,00.htm,39024667,39131061,00.htm

uk: Cohen tried to sell to Napster
UK domain name regulator Nominet has today published
its assessment of complaints made regarding its
handling of the case.

uk: ITV apologises after fictional web address leads
Emmerdale viewer to racy site
ITV has apologised after a supposedly fictional
website address used in the Yorkshire farming soap
'Emmerdale' led a viewer to an adult website by

fr: Air France wins 'sucks' domain name
The domain name will be transferred
to Air France. But the airline's victory at
arbitration was not without controversy: panellists
disagreed about what the word 'sucks' really means to
internet users.

us: Appeals court in Virginia hears arguments over
Falwell Web domain name
A Web site critical of the Rev. Jerry Falwell's views
on gays contains constitutionally protected,
noncommercial speech and should be allowed to keep its
name -- a common misspelling for the conservative
evangelist, a lawyer for the site owner argued

ccNSO Issue Report regarding Changes to Bylaws, Policy
Development Process, and Scope of ccNSO
Issues Report: At the ICANN meeting in Mar del Plata,
ICANN’s Vice (Mr. Paul Verhoef) relayed a letter from
CENTR, ccNSO Council and requested the Council to
consider number of issues in relation to the ccNSO
bylaws number of CENTR members joining the ccNSO.

ICANN Vice President to head up major European Project
'Galileo' unit
ICANN's Vice President for Policy Support, Paul
Verhoef, currently on secondment to the ICANN Brussels
office, has today been appointed by the European
Commission to the post of head of unit for Project
'Galileo' and Intelligent Transport in the Directorate
General for Energy and Transport.

The politics of .xxx
Commentary--Now that pornographers have a domain name
suffix reserved exclusively for them, look for
politicians to become more eager than ever before to
target sexually explicit Web sites.

us: CWA Says ICANN'S XXX Domain Should Be Canned
Concerned Women for America (CWA) says the plan by the
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
(ICANN) to create a XXX domain for Internet porn sites
is an idea that should be canned because it creates
more problems than it can possibly solve.

Do Not Enter -- It's XXX
Only properly structured and clearly legit and
globally strong trademark holders would be able to
protect themselves; the rest with generic business
names based on dictionary words, geographic names or
general type surnames would have little protection.

Internet's New 'xxx' District Won't Protect Kids and
May Exacerbate Other Pornography Related Problems
Last week, ICANN approved a plan to create "xxx"
domains for websites that peddle pornography. Stuart
Lawley, chairman of the ICM Registry, said in an
interview last year that the xxx domain names will
come with no restrictions except that any sexually
explicit content feature only adults.

New Internet porn domain draws fire   
Within hours of the organization responsible for
Internet addresses approving a .xxx domain for porn
sites, objections began piling up.

Why .xxx When ICANN Continues TLD Scarcity?Email This
EntryPrint This Entry has posted a defense of ICANN's
approval of the ".xxx" top-level domain (.xxx Approval
a Positive Sign). However, I agree with the dissenting
comments from Michael Froomkin:

Go-ahead for adult TLD
The .xxx sponsored top-level domain came a step closer
last week after ICANN started negotiations with ICM
Registry, which will manage the domain,39024667,39130895,00.htm

Why Not a Politically Incorrect Top Level Domain
Brad Templeton reports that ICANN will soon launch a
new top level domain, ".polinc", for politically
incorrect websites

Computer group fetes Internet pioneer
A California scientist who created the domain name
system for the Internet has won a lifetime achievement
award from a computer networking group.

New domains must protect trade marks, says WIPO
A uniform intellectual property protection mechanism
should be established to protect trade marks whenever
new gTLDs are introduced, according to WIPO.

WIPO proposes uniform domain name protection
The introduction of a single protection system
covering all new generic top-level domain names would
be the best way to protect IP owners and avoid a rise
in cybersquatting, the World Intellectual Property
Organization said in a report

Wipo Raccomanda Maggiore Protezione Per i Marchi Con
Nuovi Domini
Per tutelare i marchi commerciali quando sono
introdotti nuovi top level domain generici (gTld)
serve un meccanismo di protezione uniforme della
proprieta' intellettuale, secondo l'Organizzazione
mondiale per la proprieta' intellettuale.

ca: Claiming Your ".ca" Domain
With the millions upon millions of domain names
registered for the Internet, getting the unique domain
name you want can be quite the challenge as you can

eNom, Inc. Wins Three Top Name Intelligence
Awards-More Than Any Other Registrar (news release)
eNom, Inc. announced that it has been awarded three of
the prestigious Name Intelligence Awards for 2004.
eNom was honored as the Best ICANN Registrar with a
Reseller Business, the Best Drop Catcher, and the
Users' Choice Registrar, at a ceremony held in
Seattle, WA, on Thursday, May 26th. eNom has won the
award for Best Reseller Registrar the last four years

Name Intelligence Domain Industry Awards Announced
(news release)
Name Intelligence — the premier source for semantic
domain name suggestion technology — recognizes
industry leaders in an awards ceremony at the 2005
Domain Roundtable Conference.

UNDP Asia-Pacific Development Information Programme
(UNDP-APDIP) Releases ORDIG Policy Brief and Input
Paper on Internet Governance
UNDP-APDIP's Open Regional Dialogue on Internet
Governance (ORDIG) has produced a two-part report
entitled, "Voices from Asia-Pacific: Internet
Governance Priorities and Recommendations" -
consisting of 1) the ORDIG Policy Brief and Executive
Summary, and 2) the ORDIG Input Paper for the UN
Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG) and the
World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS).
For all documents, please go to:
 * ORDIG Policy Brief
 * ORDIG Input Paper
 * ORDIG Survey Report
 * ORDIG Forum Summary

eu: Commission outlines EU negotiation principles for
the World Summit on the Information Society in Tunis
Preparations for the second World Summit on the
Information Society (WSIS) in Tunis (16-18 November
2005) have entered a crucial phase. This summit should
reach an international consensus on two key unresolved
issues from the first phase: Internet governance and
financial mechanisms for bridging the digital divide
between developed and developing countries. The
European Commission has now adopted a communication
outlining the EU’s priorities for the Tunis meeting.
To promote an Information Society for all, respectful
of human rights and of freedom of expression and
cultural and linguistic diversity, the EU wishes to
preserve and strengthen the sound foundations laid
during the first summit in Geneva.

Time for Icann to let the world look after the net?
With the EU gearing up for the WSIS, it seems top of
the agenda is who runs the internet - and whether
current internet guardian, US-based Icann, should get
the chop in favour of a more international grouping.,39024677,39131071,00.htm

European Commission mulls who should govern the
The European Commission yesterday set out its
priorities for a forthcoming international summit on
developing the information society. Top of the agenda
is the question of internet governance, currently in
the control of US-based ICANN.

A battle for the soul of the Internet
With little fanfare, there is a battle going on for
the soul of the Internet. The United Nations and the
ITU are trying to wrest control of domain names, the
DNS and IP addresses from ICANN. This battle manifests
itself through the U.N.-created World Summit on
Information Society (WSIS) and the ITU-lead WGIG.

Can the Internet be governed?
The Internet remains the world’s biggest open source
application. The protocols are open, free, and
available to all. The Internet is governed based on
the end-to-end principle, which is in big trouble
these days. Countries like China routinely violate it.
So do companies like Verizon.

EU says how it will negotiate on internet governance
at World Summit
Preparations for the second WSIS in Tunis have entered
a crucial phase. This summit should reach an
international consensus on two key unresolved issues
from the first phase: Internet governance and
financial mechanisms for bridging the digital divide
between developed and developing countries. The
European Commission has now adopted a communication
outlining the EU’s priorities for the Tunis meeting.

WIPO Recommends Uniform Mechanism to Regulate Domain
Name Registrations
WIPO has recommended the introduction of a uniform IP
protection mechanism designed to further curb
unauthorized registration of domain names in all new
gTLDs. This came in a report by WIPO’s Arbitration and
Mediation Center (WIPO Center) on the IP implications
of introducing additional new gTLDs. The report, "New
Generic Top-Level Domains: Intellectual Property
Considerations", which is available at,
said that such a preventive mechanism would complement
the curative relief provided by the existing UDRP.


Sources include Quicklinks <> and
BNA Internet Law News <>.


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