domain name news - 13 June

domain name news - 13 June

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 22:26:05 +1000 (EST)
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ICANN Board Designates VeriSign to Retain Control of
.NET Registry (news release)
ICANN’s Board has named VeriSign as the designated
.NET successor registry. ICANN has also approved
entering into a new agreement with VeriSign for their
continued management of the .NET registry for six
additional years. This announcement is the culmination
of the .NET RFP and successor registry process that
began on 6 March 2004 and included an independent
evaluation of VeriSign and four other applicants.

VeriSign to manage .net Web registry 6 more yrs
VeriSign will keep control of Internet addresses that
end in .net for six more years, ICANN said on

Pornography on the internet
The .xxx web domain raises questions about internet

ICANN Creating Virtual Red-Light District
A red-light district tentatively cleared for
construction on the Internet - the ".xxx" domain - is
being billed by backers as giving the $12 billion
online porn industry a great opportunity to clean up
its act.,1284,67829,00.html

au: auDA clampdown deemed unfair
The Australian domain name regulator has been accused
of indiscriminately deleting domains belonging to
Empius Interactive, a claim the administrator denies.,2000061791,39195908,00.htm

eu: Registrar Accreditation News
EURid has announced details of registrar accreditation
procedures and the registrar agreement.

ca: Pickton judge imposes unique media ban
The judge at Robert Pickton's first-degree-murder
trial has imposed an innovative media ban, prohibiting
publication of Internet addresses that include
information from the pretrial hearings.

uk/us: Motel owner bites back as Sandwich war
THE Earl of Sandwich wants to use the Sandwich name on
the internet, but a Cape Cod hotelier has beaten him
to it. Brian Clifford, innkeeper of The Earl of
Sandwich Motel on route 6A, claims that he is fighting
for America’s pride in a second war of independence
and won’t give it up. Lawyers for the 11th Earl, for
their part, say that they are protecting the family
name and accuse Mr Clifford of “cybersquatting”.,,2-1648513,00.html

uk: Welsh web war on radio
WAR has broken out between one of Wales' top radio
presenters and the young pretender to his crown. Cult
Radio Wales DJ Chris Needs was furious to find someone
had snapped up his internet domain name and set up a
site claiming to be him.

us: Trademark holders continue to dominate domain
Many people think that by simply registering domain
names they have ownership rights to those domains, and
can fend off anyone else asserting rights.

UAEnic to give domain names for 50 years
The United Arab Emirates Network Information Centre
(UAEnic) has launched a 50-year registration of .ae
domain names to encourage companies and individuals in
the country to register their specific address on the

us: Investor makes play for
After agreeing in 2003 not to pursue control of Inc. for two years, investor James
Mitarotonda is offering to buy the domain name
services provider for $174 million.

ICANN call for public comments on updated Proposed
Review Procedure for ASO Policy Proposals
ICANN has called for a second round of public comments
on the "Review Procedure to Handle Policy Proposals
Submitted by the ASO Address Council in Line with the

uk/au: Nominet wins again in data mining case
Nominet UK, the national registry for all .uk domain
names, has obtained an Australian court order freezing
the assets and bank accounts of two men behind a scam
that targeted thousands of Nominet registrants with
misleading domain name notices.

Overall Domain Name Registrations at 76.9M Names
(VeriSign Quarterly Domain Name Industry Brief)
Global Registrations Rise Eight Percent Over Q4 2004;
Growth Driven by Strong Global Economy, Growing Base
of Internet Users, and online Advertising; China,
Japan and South Korea Among Leaders in Worldwide
Domain Registrations

Web to put all its pornography in one basket
The internet is to get a new domain devoted entirely
to pornography. Adult sites will be encouraged to move
from their current .com or sites to new
addresses ending with .xxx.,,20411-1637919,00.html

A Plan for when Changing your Domain Name
Whether you're launching a new site design, changing
your directory structure, or - gasp - changing your
domain name, your site traffic and search engine
rankings will, in one way or other, be affected.
Proposed methodology for composite "digital
opportunity index" released
There are lots different indices which rank the
world's countries according to their level of
penetration of ICTs, or their e-readiness. But until
now there has been no agreement on what indicators to
include, or what methodology to use. Now, in the
framework of the implementation of the WSIS Plan of
Action, a new methodology, prepared by Michael Minges
of TMG Inc on behalf of ITU, has been released for
developing a composite "Digital Opportunity Index".
This new methodology is based on the core list of
indicators agreed by the "Partnership for Measuring
ICT for Development" of UN agencies at their meeting
on 7-9 February 2005.

WSIS Regional Conference for Latin America and the
Caribbean, 8 - 10 June 2005, Brazil (news release)
The High Level Regional Conference in preparation for
the Tunis phase of the WSIS will be held in Rio de
Janeiro, Brazil, from 8-10 June 2005.
First International Conference on Information and
Communication Technologies and Development (ICTD) -
call for papers
The goal of the ICTD conference is to provide a forum
for academic researchers working with ICT applied to
development. The conference will be scientifically
rigorous and multi-disciplinary – papers reporting
high-quality original research are solicited.
Submitted papers will be subjected to double-blind
peer review, and a full proceedings will be published
at the time of the conference. The conference will
bring together researchers in both the social and
technical sciences, with anticipated representation
from anthropology, sociology, economics, political
science, computer science, electrical engineering,
industrial design, and so on. We expect this to be the
first of an ongoing series of conferences to occur
every one or two years, and moving from country to


Sources include Quicklinks <> and
BNA Internet Law News <>.


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